Kundalini Awakening Guided Meditation, Greater Intuition & Empath Skills, Empath Meditation


Welcome to this guided meditation to
awaken your Kundalini by becoming a better you by Skeed. I hope you are
wearing comfortable, loose clothes. You’re relaxed, lying down, sitting,
possibly even standing. Make sure all distractions are turned off for the next
little while so you won’t be awoken by any telephones alarms no people aren’t
gonna knock at your door okay close your eyes focus your attention to your body is your breath how it is notice your
mind as you breathe gently in and out let all your stresses and
Strife’s and strains fade away to your body
let all your stresses and strains aches and pains fade away with every exhale gently bring
yourself to present moment with a calm slow breathing in and out
coming to the here and now you focus your attention on your fingers and your hands feel a
cool soothing flow over the skin of your fingers and hands slowly seeping in penetrating muscles
the bones the tendons every cell in your fingers in there now bring your attention to your toes
new feet wear the same thing is starting to happen gentle relaxed sensation
penetrating every cell of your toes in your feet and now become aware these sensations arising up but from
your hands in your feet your wrists and your ankles moving up
your forearm moving up your lower legs relaxing every muscle three fiber every cell up to your knees up to your knees up to your elbows moving up your legs you’ll biceps your triceps moving up to
your hips joints now feel the core of your body from your
pelvis up to your shoulders filling up with this cool relaxing soothing
sensation you
is it penetrates every cell of your body your internal organs your ribs your diaphragm your chest your heart
your lungs the blades your spine your chest all of
it being overcome by this cool flowing relaxing sensation
you and keeps flowing up into your neck your
throat up your spine up it curves into your head overflowing filling your jaw your teeth
your tongue the roof of your mouth your cheeks your nose your ears your eyes all the muscles around your
eyes relax your eyebrows relax your forehead you’ll burn in your scalp no way here calm and relaxed we’re going
to go deeper more deeply ruler we’re going to count from five down to
one and each time we’re going to become calmer more relaxed more concentrated
more open Effects of the meditation five down we
go calmly deeply we’re open concentrated for deeper still down we go three
times deeper and more concentrated now to you know having followed the
instructions to these videos you’ve done the first meditation on great intuition and empath abilities if you haven’t now is the time to count
to three come up find those videos first this is important for those of you who have done this
meditation already bring your attention to that well-known by new magnetic
energy flowing from your feet up the back of your legs the backs of
your knees all the way up and burying
tension to the electrical energy moving down
through the top of your head through your face down through your Dan tears in
this meditation we are now going to take that magnetic energy and we are going to place its focus
point right now where it is you
to your root chakra your root chakra can be found at the base of your spine in
your Cox’s so focus all the magnetic energy to that point building growing in your
root chakra now focus your attention on the
electrical energy coming in the top of your head through your upper middle until your
lowered and here then T you’re going to focus this
electrical energy into your root chakra the base of your spine
you here
these two energies are going to come by and they’re going to form
an electromagnetic energy the yangji in the yangji are forming
together in your root chakra building becoming powerful more powerful more bow powerful
you that we need to start to release that
energy we’re going to release it up through us by forcing the channel the
a channel in our spy you to open in flows the energy through your feet
the magnetic through the face in your head through your dandy ins the
electrical eating in the root chakra building building building you up it goes up your spine
you ah
post your second chakra your lower Dan Tien up to the third chakra found behind your
solar plexus in your spine you up it goes to the fourth chakra found in
your spine behind your heart your middle Dan Tien up it goes up past your throat chakra at the base
of your head in your spine you goes up your spine you may feel some funny tingling
sensations or other sensations welcomed all the way to the top of the spine go ahead keep it focused all the way let it come out the crown of your head out flowing out the top of your head
keep it flowing concentrate keep it flowing if you got
stuck at a point that’s absolutely fine just keep building the pressure keep
pushing it out all the way until it’s flowing out the
top of your head once you can
filled two energies the magnetic and the electric to that electromagnetic energy in your
root chakra being free all the way up your spine aleni and helped the top of your head congrat
Asians if you can feel it that is your Kundalini being awakened if you get
stuck at any point that’s absolutely fine this time that’s as high as it goes
repeat the meditation every day till it’s flowing all the way through your spine out the
top of your head keep practicing once you can get it flow freely
you continue to practice this every day to increase the flow the power
the pressure opening the channel wider and wider and wider in your spy if you have some side-effects whether it
being mind blowing effect whether it be breaking out into sweats
no that’s absolutely fine they may happen now they may happen later all these are is a sign of your success practice this everyday you can do it on command anywhere and you will have your Kundalini awakened spend a few moments now
get all the way there just keep building and pushing and building and pushing if it’s all the way through
congratulations keep building and pushing building and
pushing clearing the channel opening your Kundalini wider making it
more powerful you take a few minutes to do this nail and
in a few minutes you’ll hear my voice again you congratulations on this guided
meditation success this concentration exercise it’s now time to finish the exercise
wherever you have got to is wherever you need to be today so now I’m going to
count from 1 2 3 to be held to come out calmly in gently Sonia will let go this hello
if it’s your first time doing it when you feel comfortable you can allow
this flow to stay slightly open and with time each day you can allow more energy
to be flowing freely so your Kundalini can be open all the
time for increased connectivity and power you’ve closed it to the point where it
needs to be closed and bring your attention back to your
body back to the hair back to now to knowing
you’ve been successful however far you got today
you’re aware we will the room you’re in your body three wiggle your toes wiggle
your feet and when you’re ready open your eyes I know you’ve been successful
enjoy the rest of your day week month and year when you have time please remember to
comment your experiences in the comment section like the video and share it with
as many people as you think well enjoy this experience namaste you


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  1. Midori Uchida

    August 26, 2018 1:27 am

    Excelente. Al terminar esta meditación, me quedé muy relajada y no puede moverme por un rato. Es la primera vez que siento así con meditación guiada. Me gusta mucho su voz. Muchas gracias


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