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The Phoenix Seminar is about experiencing meditation, practice and prayer, self-knowledge, spiritual healing, freedom, joy and deep inner peace. The first step is to free the soul from all obstacles, to heal everything that presses the soul, because then the light can come to light again. In this meditation on kindness, the light is exposed in the soul and the human being can see the radiant, bright light inwardly, feel it The soul can remember the light again. Man becomes aware of him again. If a person begins to feel the light deep inside, then a longing is awakened to that light, and then he also finds healing and consolation in this light. Through prayer and devotion, the mystical, sacred fire is kindled in the soul more and more. The self-healing powers are thereby increased enormously and the vitality increases steadily. The life force becomes really dynamic. The light shines ever brighter and here are already visions, insights, inner messages are possible. Here are are a lot if things possible. In this deep experience of life force and self-healing powers of extended awareness of prayer and devotion then open doors and gates through the old soul wounds come to the surface Old injuries, disabilities, fears, so everything that depresses the heart and soul oppressed is flushed up and can then be much easier forgiven in this power. Can find comfort there and that is the goal more and more to forgive and forgive. The power, the living fire, the Spirit of God becomes more and more powerful and dynamic and then spreads throughout the body. In other cultures in Indian she has other names there called this force Kundalini. It then comes with great heat and the body begins to vibrate more and more, basically it is alive, the life force comes back stronger and stronger. This is perceived as very healing, relieving and liberating and the participant is wide awake and responsive, completely clear and aware. The power can be so great that an extreme joy arises in standing in the fire. It’s like a bath of joy and love a dance in the heart. Thereby a lot of light is released. The light radiates far beyond your own body. To the golden light, then are experiences of God, visions and wholesome states, that is almost inevitable. The soul experiences deep divine peace. This makes the person more resilient, more patient he can forgive easier he has more success can radiate more love. If someone stands in the fire in the light and finds courage and trust in surrendering everything, then the prayer of forgiveness works directly and the soul finds immediate comfort, help and grace The living light is also independent of religions. And is also known to mystics in many cultures or in most cultures. In these seminars healing takes place exclusively through prayer, and thus always and through God’s will. This kind of experience and healing are always related to the pure grace of God. The natural mediality is awakened, inner messages, visibility and visions can be experienced. It’s all about trusting, trusting the Light, trusting in God. Because if all this happens and the trust in the light is there then peace will be felt again Deep spiritual peace is experienced. Freedom to gain, joy in life, courage and confidence in yourself, to win over God and live a meaningful life are the goals of the seminar.


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