Kundalini Manifestation Meditation & Mantra: Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad


Hey guys, welcome back to P.S. I’m Ella, your channel for everything
spirituality, manifestation, mindset, and aligned business. In today’s video I’m sharing with you a
secret Kundalini Meditation and Mantra called the magic mantra that is going to
help you revert negative thoughts back to positive and manifest what you desired
effortlessly in just three minutes. So if you want in on this,
then just keep on watching. I love incorporating Kundalini meditations
and mantras into my daily spiritual practice to really connect
deep to soul and rewire. My subconscious mantra is essentially
a word created by the power of sound. Vibration and mantra is,
especially Kundalini mantras, have that ability to penetrate your
subconscious brain and to create lasting change there. It can rewire your thought patterns and
help you create lasting transformations in the way that you think. Kundalini mantra stimulate different
points in your body and in particular your tongue and the upper palate of your mouth
when you are pronouncing the different words, these stimulations send signals up to
your subconscious brain to create those lasting changes and also to put you into
states of deep peace and positivity. These mantras have such high vibrations
that they even have the power to heal. So the magic mantra that I’m sharing with
you today is pronounced Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad. And in the full chatting meditation we
chat this first part and then we reverse it so it becomes Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur
Prasad, Sat Gur Prasad Ek Ong Kar. So this mantra is called the magic mantra
because it’s one of the most powerful Kundalini mantras there is. In fact, it’s the only one that comes with a
warning because of its profound effects in helping you manifests after you chant. So it’s very important that after you do
this chanting meditation that you keep your thoughts positive because anything
that you think of will quickly manifest into existence. So what are some of the
amazing benefits of this mantra? Well, first of all, it stops anything
negative going on in your mind. And it removes all obstacles in your path. It literally reverts anything
negative into the positive. It connects you deeply to your
intuition and your inner knowing. It allows you to transcend duality
and really connect you to spirit. And most importantly, it puts you into a powerful state for
manifestation where all of your thoughts and feelings are amplified. And the things that you
desire will quickly manifest. It is important that as
you chant this mantra, you do so with deep respect
because as warned by Yogi Bhajan, this is one of the only mantras that can
have ill effect if you’re not doing it properly and with respect. So making sure that you’re really
putting yourself in a sacred space and connecting to deep intention
as you chant this mantra. So now I’m going to show you how to
chant this magic mantra in meditation to manifest what you desire and
as little as three minutes, start out by getting yourself in a
quiet and comfortable environment and preferably some form of a secret
space for you to practice it. Next, set clear intentions for how you
want this mantra to help you. Whether it’s replacing some negative
thoughts with positive manifesting, something in particular, or even just
connecting even deeper to your intuition. Make it very clear what you
want this mantra to do for you. So for the posture of this meditation, you want to get yourself
nice and comfortable and
sitting upright in easy pose, which is essentially just
crossing her legs together. Then you want to firmly grasp onto your
knee, straightening out your elbows, lightly lifting your chest, and then drawing your Chin in at the
same time so that you can really create that length from the back of your
neck all the way down to your spine. Now for your eyes, you can simply just allow your eyes to
close and then draw your mental focus towards your brow point. So before I show you guys how to chant
along with music and this meditation, I’m just going to share with you some
specific indications on the contraction of your naval point and your abdomen as you
are chanting through with this mantra. So when you chant Ek, you want to be
drawing in from your naval points. So kind of like a slight tug. And on Kar, You want to be releasing
everything. Then on Sat Gur, you want to be drawing in
your entire abdomen region. Really drawing in and lifting,
especially in the diaphragm, drawing everything back and
towards the spine. Then on precise, you want to be releasing and letting
everything go throughout this entire meditation. You want to be continuing this contraction
of the naval point and also of your abdomen. If it’s getting really
uncomfortable in the beginning, it’s totally fine to also just chat
through with long and deep breathing and then work yourself into
doing these contractions. So for the time of this
practice, as I mentioned, all it takes is three minutes to get
started and to activate the power of this mantra. As you progress
with your practice, you can gradually build it
up to 22 minutes. All right, so now let’s get the music
rolling and begin to chant along. So I personally recommend listening
to the song version of this mantra by Jai-Jagdeesh, which is so
beautiful to chant along with. So that’s how you chant along in this
meditation for up to three minutes. And even just for me, I’m already feeling all the positive
vibrations going through my and at the end of the three minutes to end the
practice, just take a deep inhale in, suspending your breath,
holding your breath up top, and then exhaling out through
your nose, letting it all go. So practice is mantra meditation for
40 days and remember to always practice with deep respect and clear intentions
in order to maximize all of the benefits. Drop me a comment below to let me know
how this practice goes for you and to share with me what you’re manifesting. If you want to check out another Kundalini
meditation to help you manifest money and wealth, then be sure to check out my video
right up here for the prosperity HUD meditation people have
reported back manifesting
thousands of dollars just doing this simple three minute
meditation. So don’t miss out. Also, if you want to deeply rewire your
subconscious to help you manifest, then head on over to the link in my
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you reprogram your subconscious to manifest whatever it is that you desire. So I hope that this video was helpful
for you. If you enjoyed this meditation, then be sure to give me a thumbs up
and I cannot wait to see you in my next video until then, stay light
and shine bright my friends.


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  1. P.S. I'm Ella

    September 8, 2019 1:02 am

    Thanks so much for watching! Hope you enjoyed this Kundalini manifestation meditation <3 Let me know how it goes below!

  2. Kinu Kaur

    September 8, 2019 11:30 am

    Besure to cover your head and join your hands because it's a mantra in sikh religion and we can't pronounce those words (words of gurbani) with bare head according to rules otherwise it will not gonna work efficiently
    "Ek On kar Satgur Prasad"
    I am amazed how you get to know this i Mean you are not at all Indian
    It's not how are you doing this but it's ok because you are not sikh
    M requesting you to focus on my words
    You can google sikh religion and those words ours
    It's religional topic
    Hope you not gonna in troble in doing these
    Waheguru mher kre (God save you)….


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