Kundalini Segmented Breathing Technique for Calmness to Manifest


Hey guys, welcome back to P.S. I’m Ella, Your channel for everything
spirituality and manifestation, mindset and align business. In today’s video I’m sharing with
you a breathing technique to help you experience more calming and centered
energy so that you can experience more calmness for manifestation and
just for a better day to day. So if you want to end all this,
then just keep on watching. Breath is a fundamental tool when it
comes to Kundalini yoga and technology. And honestly, just for your day to day when you actively
become aware and manage your breath, you can experience a wider
range of your emotions. You can become more concentrated,
develop more calmness, and ultimately experience more
connectedness. Within Kundalini yoga. We talk a lot about Pranayam. So Prana means breath and Pranayam
is the science of breath control. By controlling how our breath, we naturally control our minds
because our minds follow our breath. And that’s why in Kundalini yoga we talk
a lot about Prana and Pranayam and we use a lot of different
breathing techniques in order
to learn how to control our breath. So the breathing technique that
I’m sharing with you today is called the segmented breathing technique,
the segmented breath. And that’s basically what
we are doing to breath. So instead of taking one smooth
inhale in and one smooth exhale out, we are going to be breaking up each of
the inhale and exhale into equal parts with a small suspension
of the breath. In between. This technique helps to stimulate your
central braid and also your glandular system. So your glandular system is essentially
the system that is responsible for sending up the hormones and regulating
your important body functions. So as we do this breath, it’s about focusing on a relaxed breath
in your nostrils and directing your attention to the movement
of your diaphragm. So for this specific segment
of breathing technique, we are going to be doing an eight
part inhale and an eight part XL. And I’ll show you guys how to
do that in just a little bit. I just want to let you know
that with segmented breathing, there are different
ratios. So for example, there’s one where it’s for
in health in and one XL out. Before the purpose of this one segment
and breathing technique for generating and stimulating the calming
and centering energy. We are going to follow the eight part.
Inhale on the eight part. Exhale. It’s really important that you follow
along with these ratios and don’t go on to create your own. So to begin find
yourself in a nice and comfortable, cross-legged seated position. Also
known as easy pose in Kundalini yoga. And here you want to make sure that your
spine is nice and long and straight. Your shoulders are back and down. Really broadening out from collarbone
to collarbone longer tend to be leveled and just feeling about
openness in your chest. Bring your index finger and your thumb
to touch and guide and moved around. Just allow your hands to fall down
gently on the tops of your thighs. Now here you can close your eyes and
just turn your attention to your brow point. And then we are going to
begin by breathing in eight
little sniffs in through our nose and we are going to be
exhaling out in eight equal parts [inaudible]. So basically you can continue doing
this breath for as long as you like. I personally recommend starting off with
three minutes so that you can really begin to feel that shift in your state, shift in your energy and allow the
calmness to come through. However, on days when you feel like
you want additional calmness, feel free to do an even longer time
just really listening into your body and tuning into what you need on a
particular day. So as you give it a try, be sure to let me know how your
experience is like. Do you feel more calm? Do you feel more centered?
Drop it in the comments below. So what you are going to find is that
as you do the segmented breathing exercise, your mind is going
to come to a calm state. You are going to be brought back to the
present moment and you are going to be circulating the Pronto throughout your
entire body so that you can really begin to neutralize the mind and quiet
down any chatter, any anxiety, any fears and worries. And this is extremely powerful when it
comes to manifestation because as you guys know, your state of being directly
affects your energetic vibration. So if you are constantly in a state of
stress, worry, fear, lack, you name it, on your day to day when
it comes to manifesting, it’s going to be very difficult for you
to be at an energetic match level to your desires. And that’s why being calm is not only
just going to make your day to day more amazing and carefree, but overall it’s going to help you
raise your energetic vibration. It’s going to help you release
attachments to what you desire. So the next time you feel any low vibes
kicking in when it comes to thinking about what you want to manifest or
just going about your day to day, just calm yourself down.
Just take a deep breath in, deep breath out and try out the
segmented breathing technique, I can guarantee you it will immediately
bring you back to a state of calmness. And another thing that you can try is
to start every morning off with two or three minutes of the segmented breathing
techniques so that you can really invite in that calmness right
at the beginning of your day. So I hope you are now feeling a lot
more call and also feeling a lot more excited that you now have
this new breathing tool
under your belt that you can use whenever you want to feel more
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today. I hope this was helpful for you. Thank you so much again for tuning in
and I can’t wait to catch you in my next video.


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