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We live in a stressful world. One that often demands too much of us and allows us too little time for ourselves. Pressure builds up, and no one teaches us how to decompress and return to a state of calm. Imagine if you had a simple, easily accessible app that could help you find the space you need to cope with the complexities and insecurities of modern life. One that you can carry with you anywhere, use any time, and on any device. One that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Welcome to Aire Fresco, the app that puts inner peace in your pocket. We are the first science based interactive, guided meditation app designed specifically for the needs of the Spanish-speaking world. A world we fully understand with its unique demands and challenges. Our founders, Victor and Carlos Coutin, were born in Latin America. They have first hand experience of the Latin world. They know exactly why creating this app this app is so important for their community and why it deserves our passion and dedication. Our meditations have been sensitively scripted by our in house meditation expert, Ewelina Bielawska. Our visual style and illustrations have been brought to life by award-winning Colombian illustrator Leo Espinosa who captures the fears, anxieties and opportunities most relevant to us with sensitivity and flair. Our beautiful website and app have been created by our talented design team, Alejandro and Valeria with simplicity and convenience at their very core. And our marketing is led by international PR and communications expert Steve O’Brien, who’ll make sure we stay in the news. Aire Fresco is not only a meditation app, but a revolution of thought and emotional intelligence. We want this amazing product to benefit the largest number of people possible and to do that, we need to create a free initial offering. But, we also know that for us to continue sharing these benefits with millions of people in the Spanish-speaking world, we need a sound and sustainable financial model. That’s why you’ll find 8 completely FREE meditations and a paid subscription model that focuses on deeper insight for those who want to improve their knowledge and support our cause. So, join us in building and belonging to an engaged community, who’ll enjoy higher levels of resilience, emotional intelligence, happiness, calm and clarity in their lives. All of which will be reflected in more passionate and productive communities with higher levels of physical and mental health and emotional intelligence. We have a passionate and committed team of experts, a real hunger for success and an unwavering belief in our product. We’re a team ready for lift off, but we need your support to build this community. We’re looking to raise 10,000 euros in the next 40 days to tackle the finishing touches of our app and get this show on the road. We know that with every little risk comes the expectation of a reward, so we’ll be incentivising your support in a number of ways full details are available on our indiegogo crowdfunding campaign page. And what does success look like? We’ll know we’ve left our mark on the universe when meditation is an integral part of all our lives, like brushing our teeth, washing our hands, or exercising regularly. So, join us as we start our journey and be part of the quiet revolution that will bring meditation to the masses across the Spanish-speaking world and beyond. What could be more worthwhile than that? A small price to pay for inner peace.


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    Puedes apoyar nuestra causa en Sé parte de la revolución silenciosa en meditación mindfulness e inteligencia emocional


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