Beach Guided Meditation for Sleep and Insomnia, Adult and Kid Friendly

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Welcome to this guided meditation, my name is Angela and I will be taking you on a journey of deep relaxation Today we’re going to be traveling to the beach It’s a warm sunny day and it’s a perfect day to be heading to the beach And so before we leave we’re gonna grab our bag we’re gonna put some sunblock in there we’re gonna open up that sunblock and smell the coconut lime mixture since I’m just closing it up putting it in the bag. We’re gonna grab our flip-flops We’re gonna put on our swimsuits And put our shorts and tank tops on on top so we’re ready to go And throwing in our blanket and our towel, it may be a good book And putting that in our beach bag Grabbing some snacks and some water throwing that in there, too This would get ready to go to the beach get in the car we make sure that we have the beach umbrella in the back We start driving along we’re going along Topanga Canyon We’re heading down there and we just rolled the windows down just a little bit so we can feel the warm air As we’re letting ourselves get ready to go to the ocean. Just relaxing We turn on some nice relaxing beach music and put some Jack Johnson on And get us in that mood to be ready to be sitting by the ocean So we’re listening to his guitar sounds and his voice says he’s just carrying us along the road We’re heading through the canyon We’re letting our hair just flow as we feel the wind just running through our hair up against our skin as we’re heading Towards the ocean As we’re going down that windy road through the canyon Making our way over to the beach We pass by the little cafes we pass by some people walking on the side of the road We pass by the guy who’s riding his bicycle We passed by the lumber store The post office I continue to go further and further And when we see that flying pig on the side of the road We know that we’re halfway there and we get very excited that we’re almost at the beach We continue along and we roll the windows down even further so we can really feel that warm air Just pressing against our skin We just feel that calm and excitement all at the same time As we continue to want to go down the windy road through the canyon see the mountains We see the Sun We allow ourselves to just be in this space in this moment as we’re going along the road towards the beach And finally, we get to PCH and we’re sitting at that light And we can see this beautiful ocean. It looks like a painting As we look at that horizon Where the sky meets the ocean It’s just magnificent It’s so beautiful with the light blues and dark blues They just shine along the ocean water We see in the sky where the clouds are that there’s these swirls of Purples and pinks and oranges and blues and it’s just gorgeous And then the light turns green and then we go along on the road on the highway And we start slowing down as we’re driving because we know we have to look for the perfect spot As we slow down We find the exact spot that we love. It’s right in front of the area that we want to set our towels at so we pull over let me park the car and We get out and we grab our beach bag and we get the umbrella the beach umbrella from the back and We Walk down the hill we make sure to walk carefully And just watching every single step And we look out and the beach is pretty crowded today people to our left and so we’re right Some people are laying down listening to some music Some people are walking along on the water holding hands There are a couple people swimming out in the water. Just floating out there. Just relaxing and soaking up the Sun And we see a couple kids scooping up sand with their sand toys and making a sandcastle over on the side And then we find the perfect spot It’s this cozy spot that’s close enough to the water but just far enough so we’re not gonna get wet and we settle in and lay down our blanket and we Take off our shoes. We just put our toes in the sand And we take off our tank top and our shorts so we have our swimsuit on and Then we want to head over to the water. It just looks so refreshing on this warm day So we put our stuff down and we let ourselves just run over to the water And feeling the cold water against our skin It feels cold at first but then it feels so refreshing and soothing and We notice that we want to go in even further. So we just let ourselves Step into the water just a little bit further. We feel our feet sinking into the sand a bit It feels pretty nice to just be feeling the water against our legs right at our ankles and then Towards our shins and up to our knees as we continue to go a little bit further further in the waves with the tide comes splashing against us And the rise and fall of the waves just pull our bodies a little bit But it feels great. It feels like we’re being carried So we’re in that ocean. We’re just connected connected to the water Connected to the earth underneath us connected to the air against our skin on this warm sunny day And then we let our hands just graze the top of the water-ice we’re just feeling it and playing With the top of the water landing our hands just get wet and cool Whee splash our bodies with this refreshing water Keeping the water at our knees length now at our thighs Feeling the waves just carrying us a little bit Not too tough, but just a little gentle pool And then feeling our fingertips just have that water and cupping the water in our hands and then pulling it to our bodies we’re just Refreshing ourselves with this water and it feels amazing the salt water So, let me lay back in just let our bodies be carried by the water a bit So letting ourselves label back against the water and it feels incredible That calm soothing water. Just carrying us It’s cool that’s relaxing And noticing the sensations against our head our hair flowing Feels amazing against our skin holding the back of our neck and our shoulders Just carrying us and letting our hands just rest along the water just laying there as if we’re just being held by a blanket just Floating there just a little bit As we just notice the rise and fall I’m lifting our legs. So now we’re completely floating in this water Feeling the sensations of the rise and fall of the ocean waves just carrying us through this space In this present moment This warm sunny day With the feeling of the warmth of the Sun against our skin on top of our body and Feeling the cool contrast of the water underneath us Just being held in this space And feeling the rise and fall of the ocean waves in the same rhythm with our breath as we breathe in relaxation And exhaling tension And noticing what that sensation is like to just let go for a little bit Just for this moment to release all worry all judgement all responsibility all stress all pressure And just taking in the space of being present Taking in the elements around us of nature and breathing that in Letting ourselves just sit in this moment and lay in the space and calm So letting yourself just Release your feet onto the ground Right now you can feel their deep in the water And you can feel the sand against your toes The ground holding you up as you continue to release your body from that position Now you let yourself come slowly up to a standing position again As you’re standing there in the water With the water just at your knees and feeling the ocean carrying you a bit You look around and you take in every single thing around you You notice the laughter of that child next to you You notice the sounds of the seagulls going across the sky You see that boat all the way far out in the water out there just floating You notice that as the Sun light is hitting the water It’s the most beautiful thing, but it’s sparkling like diamonds It’s amazing And you can’t believe that it’s happening The water is actually Sparkling so beautifully And you just take that in and then you close your eyes and you take in this moment Deep relaxation here at the beach on this sunny day Full of calm Just letting yourself just take this mini vacation And then breathing in that relaxation And exhaling tension Returning your attention back towards the shore As you turn around And you make your way Back towards your blanket. So you’re lifting your feet So you notice the sand pulling you a little bit but you continue to walk towards The shore and the water is going lower and lower against your legs now it’s down to your ankles and Now it’s just at the bottom of your feet and at your toes and it still feels cool and refreshing Now you notice the sensations of warmth as a sand is drier and Warmer as you make your way towards that blanket And you get to the blankets and you grab the beach umbrella Open it up And you set it in the perfect spot so you get the right amount of shade that will cover you and protect you And you put it into the sand firmly And you let yourself just see that it’s secure and it’s set in there and then you get your sunglasses on protect your eyes You get your sunblock And you open it up and you bring it up to your nose because you just love that smell The coconut and lime mixture. It’s delicious And you just let yourself breathe in that sense And exhale And you just squeeze a little bit of that lotion into the palm of your hand And then you spread it along your skin Slowly along your arms making sure to put it along your shoulders Along your chest Along your face your neck Make sure to cover every inch of your body As you’re just massaging your skin and you’re protecting it with This delicious smelling lotion Coconut and lime you can just feel it and you make sure to put some on your legs All the way down to your feet and your toes you reach to your back and you put some on your back your upper back your lower back just protecting yourself and Then you close up that lotion bottle then you put it away in your beach bag And then you take out your book You just settle in you lay down on that beach blanket And hold your book for a second And you’re on you’re against your chest Just relaxing there for a little bit and taking them this moment as your eyes are closed and Your face is covered in shade from your beach umbrella And your feet you put them just low enough so that your feet are actually in the sand They’re so comfortable, it feels like a little massage As you wiggle your toes in the sand and you get comfortable in that space You let yourself settle in Allow yourself to relax feeling the rise and fall of the ocean waves And your breathing in relaxation And your exhaling tension Letting yourself just take this time to be so grateful for this moment And you pick up that book And you open it up to the middle of the pages And you just read a few words. You read a few sentences You read a paragraph or two You just let yourself relax into that story and into that space and Then you’ve set it down you close the book and you set it to the side You let yourself just be here in this moment as you give yourself permission to do whatever you want to do in this space you Can close your eyes you can relax? Can lay here They have every right to just be So as we close this journey and deep relaxation Let ourselves fall into a deep sleep here at the beach Closing our eyes Letting ourselves drift into the space And just allowing yourselves to be in this rise and fall of our inhale and exhale as we drift off into deep sleep Thank you for listening


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