Law of Attraction Morning Meditation that Works Like MAGIC (LISTEN TO EVERY MORNING)


this video I’m gonna be sharing with you a daily meditation for the morning for manifesting your day I believe if you listen to this meditation for the next 21 days it will radically change your life and you’ll find that you start to consciously create what you want welcome back to another video my name is Erin I hope people expand their consciousness now in this video I’m gonna be sharing with you my personal guided meditation that I do every single morning right when I wake up and how this has radically transformed my life over the last about year eight months to a year that I’ve been doing this specific meditation I’m gonna be sharing with you now the purpose of this video is to give you something that’s easy to apply it’s something that you literally just put headphones in you’ll hear some binary old beats underneath that of the music with some music with that of the meditation itself and what the meditation will do is do a couple different things now as with a lot of my videos that I’ve been doing lately what I share is in the beginning of the videos I explain the understanding of everything then we move into the meditation if you’re trying to go straight to the meditation you’ll see a timestamp in that of the description box that goes straight there and then every day from that day going forward you’re getting to click there and go straight to the time that you want now for this process there’s three main parts of it that are very powerful that when we begin to apply changes our whole entire life and really that’s what happened when I learned how to do each of these different aspects in my life everything began to change and the first one the first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take a couple minutes to simply observe our own thoughts now the reason this is is every day that we wake up and we go straight to our phone what we do is we go straight into reaction mode we go straight into reacting to the stimulus of what’s going on to life events and the thing is is when we do that especially when we do it consistently we get into the pattern of just always being at the mercy of what is happening but when we learn how to observe our thoughts from a neutral place we can just simply see them as they’re they even just doing this for five minutes or just a couple minutes that we’re gonna be doing it in the meditation what that does is that affects the rest of our day I remember when I first started doing this I realized that at the time when I first learned this meditation I was working the sales commission job at Nordstrom’s and I remember doing it and then doing it just for five minutes in the morning I would go into work and someone would say something that would maybe normally trigger me or normally get me to react and I was able to observe that thought I was able to observe what was happening and I wasn’t feeding into it I didn’t feel like I was giving away my power and from that moment on I decided I was gonna do it every day because it’s so changed my outlook on everything you will literally start to relate to life in a completely new way because you’ll see that there are things that happen and that’s what they can stay they can just stay as things that happen not things that happen to me or some stories that the mind will develop from the reaction mode it’s about learning to observe so that’s the first part the first couple minutes of the meditation I’m gonna guide you along the process so I made it very easy guide you along observing the thoughts and then letting them go observing them allowing them to be there and then letting them go this seems counterintuitive but it’s powerful now the purpose of this meditation as well is to show you the power of intention because when you simply start to set more intentions your life begins to change in a very powerful way because the thing is is what intention is is intention is the direction of our life and a lot of people simply aren’t setting enough intentions they have a general intention for maybe if one thing they want to happen throughout the day but they’re not setting the conscious intentions that can really allow momentum to build think of intention as a focus of direction and an intention is a declaration of something that we want to happen we could say be intend think about it I intended dot dot dot what do you intend to happen today do you intend to have a safe drive to work do you intend that could be on the micro level but in general what are three main things that you would like to happen today you know I used to work a sales commission job so back in the day I’d be like you know I intend to sell this amount i certain maybe it was like $4,000 worth of shoes I intend to feel connected to the people that I’m talking to I intend to eat something healthy for lunch and to feel very present to the moment on my lunch break the little things like that is what I would intend for and amazingly enough those intentions would come to fruition because I was given it focused I was given it awareness wherever attention goes is where energy goes and as we learned to set intentions like I’ll show you in this meditation you just got to listen to it and set your own intentions you’ll see you start to experience more of what you want I do this still to this day I am tend to feel amazing when I am filming my videos I intend to enjoy editing even though editing is not a part I normally would enjoy I intended to enjoy it for it to go very smoothly I intend to go to the gym and have a great workout I use intention in so many different ways and what happens is as we use it we start to give our life more direction and we start to find that things start to happen for us in a new way because we are consciously moving it in that way so that is the power of intention that’s another main aspect of what we’re going to be doing in this meditation you’re going to I’m going to ask you to pick three main intentions that you have for the day it could be as simple as like I said to have a certain type of day at work to feel connected to other people to have a great morning jog or to spend time with your family whatever it is set the intention and then set the intention for what you want to achieve through that so for example you want to spend time with your family well what do you want to achieve with that maybe it’s like well I just want to spend time with my family but it could be I want to feel connected to my family members and I want them to feel like I really care for them you see we can add little nuances to it and in the meditation I’m gonna ask you to imagine different scenarios happening and it’s going to increase the probability of them happening for you now the third part of it is understanding the power of the heart the electromagnetic power of the heart the energy of the heart is thousands of times more powerful than that of the head a lot of people and most people when it comes to the secret or the law of attraction are trying to create from the head when we create from the head we create duality think about it the head is left brain right brain it has both sides and it creates the more that we want something we also create the potential that it doesn’t that we don’t get it the key to this is creating from the heart the heart is a singular point of focus so when it comes to creating from the heart things happen in a much more magnetic way because an important part of the process is the emotion we have it’s the energy we have when we increase the electromagnetic energy around our heart we increase our energy field we increase our vibration and are more likely to achieve that which we want so this is something that the heart math Institute is proven this isn’t just some kind of cool theory this is sometimes actually even proven and what I’ve done is I’ve used one of their techniques it’s called the freeze frame technique and in a way what I’ve done is I’ve implemented it into this morning routine so everything that you’re about to listen to in this morning routine and all you got to do is put on the headphones listen to it and guide yourself along the process is gonna set you up to have an amazing day what it will do is it will bring you through layers of raising your vibration and then setting powerful intentions that will end up influencing what you experience in your life so for this what I recommend is every single day whatever time you see this video out right now around this time skip to this time and then listen to this video every single day for the next 21 days the best benefit you will get out of this whole process is through consistency that’s what I found I remember the first day I meditated I learned how to observe my thoughts got certain amount of results second day third day fourth day was around the fifth or sixth day I started to really feel into it so I encourage you to make a choice that you are going to master your morning in the morning is when your subconscious mind is the most influenceable when we can influence it in a powerful way now the reason this is is because we’re in mainly a theta alpha state when we wake up in the morning for the first half an hour and in the conscious states that’s more alpha beta alpha beta it’s harder to influence the subconscious mind if we learn to observe our thoughts we learn how to feel this emotion and the set of tensions right when we wake up in the morning that will influence most of our day because like science it’s proven over 90% of our life is ran by our subconscious mind so this is a way that you can powerfully influenced your life by leveraging your morning in a way to where things happen for you through the guided process I’m about to share with you so what I encourage you to do right now is I’m going to begin to cue the music what I encourage you to do is to think of three intentions you have for the day we need direct general intentions and see what those could be just think of them in your mind because then we’re gonna go into meditation right now and those scenarios think of specific scenarios that you would be in with those come to fruition so for example it could be me I imagine myself filming an amazing video feeling great feeling in front of the camera seeing looking into the lens I could see I can feel it even if I wasn’t doing it right now I could imagine it and the visualization in the meditation like I did this morning so here we go this is what I’m gonna ask you to do take a deep breath in deep breath out and relax let’s take a deep breath in breathe it out with every breath you take you can feel your body relaxing born more let’s take another deep breath in deep breath out as you breathe out you feel your body relaxed more and more now what I like to encourage you to do is to close your eyes if you like and to know with every breath you take you can feel more relaxed more present to the moment what I’d like to ask you to do is to observe the thoughts that come into your mind observe them from a neutral place because thoughts are neither good nor bad they simply are they are thoughts and observe the thoughts that come into your mind and then let them go you may be hearing my voice right now hearing the silence in between the words when you are listening to the silence in between the words that space it is bringing you into more presence and do more of the present moment now observe the space in between the words if thoughts come up it’s okay allow them to be there the key is to allow the thoughts to be there because by you allowing them to be there there is no resistance and paradoxically enough then they come in and they go out and thoughts are okay let them come in and let them go out imagine those thoughts coming in and going out it’s okay these thoughts are neutral the thoughts are just content that we can observe but the way that we relate to those thoughts is where the magic happens if you allow the thoughts to be there you can then easily let them go allow the thoughts to be there it’s okay now let them go now what I’m gonna ask you to do is to simply know that throughout the rest of the day today you are going to be able to observe your thoughts in a very powerful way that when things happen is that the intention right now that you catch yourself now you’re able to get to this neutral place where you realize thoughts are simply thoughts they are neutral they have no built-in meaning other than the meaning you give them imagine right now maybe something happening today and imagine you catching yourself when you start to follow the mind and identify with something someone says there’s something that happens imagine yourself catching yourself just observing what is happening from a neutral place no labels simply is you will easily be able to observe things throughout your day from this powerful place I’m gonna ask you to put your hands over your heart and as you put your hands over your heart feel the sensation over your heart center maybe you feel your hands the warmth or the temperature of your hands allow yourself to feel that I’ve been feel the warmth your hands beginning to warm up and you could feel the energy go from your hands into your heart and know that the more attention you put inside your heart center the more you are growing that electromagnetic energy around your body now feel this energy inside of your heart the more you put attention there the more this grows if you don’t feel it very powerfully right now that’s okay this grows the more that you do it this becomes easier and easier for you to feel this energy inside of your heart now imagine that there’s a ball of energy inside of your heart any color that you like and imagine that this energy is spinning in a clockwise position and imagine that the faster it spins the more you can feel this warm energy increase in your heart and imagine it spinning faster and faster and the faster it spins the more you feel this love you can feel it growing now you can feel it growing now I’m gonna count down from five to one by the time I reach one you’re gonna feel an immense amount of energy inside of your heart you’re gonna feel love you’re gonna feel connected to this part of you five feel yourself imagine that ball of energy spinning faster and faster four imagine with every number you feel a double the amount of love in your heart three feeling it double with speed now double read the relaxation double with love to feeling this increased energy in your heart now and 1.soak in this energy in your heart this energy is who you really are now this emotion that you feel right now is going to influence the rest of your day today in a very powerful type way allow yourself to soak in the vibration of your heart and know right now that anytime you put the awareness in your heart throughout your day it brings you back to this feeling now imagine right now an intention that you have or something you want to happen today something you want to happen and imagine as if you’re looking through your own eyes and imagine that you’re able to see what you would see in this specific scenario imagine a specific scenario of you accomplishing whatever your intention is now what do you see in this scenario as you look around imagine it as if you’re looking through your own eyes pay attention to how it feels pay attention to what your body language is if you were to look in a mirror right now how do you carry yourself how confident do you feel how do other people respond to you now imagine this scenario and think to yourself I intend dot dot dot what do you intend for think it in your mind and feel it in your heart I intend now imagine whatever you see right now imagine it becoming more vivid imagine the colors becoming more and more vibrant what do you hear in the scenario imagine those sounds becoming louder and louder and how do you feel in this experience that you will feel this intention come into fruition today you will see signs of it you will feel the emotion of what it feels like to accomplish whatever intention you set simply know that and feel the gratitude for it coming to fruition now what would that gratitude feel like what are you grateful for feel that now I feel the certainty in knowing that this came to fruition today at the end of the day today you’ll be able to acknowledge and say I’m grateful for that specific scenario now imagine the second intention you have what do you intend for think I intend dot dot dot what do you intend to happen now imagine as if you’re looking through your own eyes and experiencing that right now what do you see imagine those colors and imagine what you can see becoming much more vivid becoming brighter and brighter what do you hear in this specific scenario imagine those sounds becoming louder and louder I feel the gratitude in your heart for this coming to fruition but the awareness in your heart feel that energy increase and simply know that by the end of the day today may be able to look back say I am so grateful that that happened and you will feel that energy and know it will come to fruition now imagine the third intention that you have imagined yourself accomplishing it it coming to fruition notice how you carry yourself what is your body language like how do people respond to you imagine whatever your intention is imagining you accomplishing it effortlessly easily what does it feel like in your heart to accomplish this and what do you see through your own eyes as you accomplish this intention imagine those colors as in the picture becoming brighter and brighter what do you hear in this scenario imagine the sounds becoming louder and louder how do you feel but the awareness in your heart no you will easily accomplish this today is that the intention by the end of the day today you’re able to look at these three things and be like I’m so grateful that they happen feel that in your heart now I’m gonna count down one more time from five to one with every number I count you’re gonna feel your body fill it alive into with energy you’re gonna feel vital energy go through your body you’re gonna feel amazing ready to go motivate it knowing you’re gonna have the most amazing day today things are gonna happen for you you’re always in the right place at the right time you’re going to simply know this and that is your reality five through yourself now with that certainty begin to flow through your body certainty that you’re able to observe whatever happens today you’re able to feel this awareness in your heart for feel it double the amount of relaxation double the amount of certainty three feeling this flow through your body more and more to feeling an increase of energy now feeling very present to the moment knowing you’re gonna have the amazing day today and one you can open up your eyes now knowing you will have an amazing day today this is a part of your intention as you set these intentions you will see your life transform in a powerful way I recommend you listen to this meditation for at least 21 days in a row that’s when you will get the best benefit out of it that’s when you will notice things happening easier and easier for you because you will develop momentum so listen to this every single morning I highly encourage you just to make this a part of your morning routine you see this timestamp in the description box below so you know exactly what time to come to I want you to know that you are powerful when you start to align yourself to this intention to the ability to focus in this way and to feel the energy inside of your heart so much can change in your life so with that being said I hope you enjoyed this video feel free to like it if you’d like to subscribe if you haven’t already I’ll see you on the next video peace namaste


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  1. Aaron Doughty

    September 5, 2018 6:00 pm

    How many meditation videos should I do going forward? a few a week? do what i was doing before with teaching in the first half and then a meditation at the end to wire it in? lmk and lmk topics too! much love!


    September 5, 2019 4:00 pm

    Aaron! For some reason a vision of you dressed as a wizard came through in the beginning of the meditation 🧙‍♂️ ✨ I think you’re ac actual wizard🌟🌟🌟🌟

  3. Leanne Davies

    September 26, 2019 4:47 pm

    I've gotta get back into it !!!! I was ill last week didn't mediate much things didn't run as smoothly It went well but not as well as it could have done xxx

  4. Crystal '

    October 3, 2019 5:48 am

    Today is going to be the first day of the rest of my life. I'll use this each morning. It's my first day at my new job today. I attend that my colleagues will welcome me with open arms. I attend that I'll know how to use the cash register. I attend I'll sign my contract by today or Saturday.

    I'll keep updating my attendings each day. And at the end of the day how my day went!!

    Peace and Love.


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