Law of Attraction & the Kleem Mantra: How the Mantra Kleem Attracts Love & Material Wealth

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Someone has asked me some time ago to speak about this mantra Kleem (Klim). And today, I had a session with Markandeya
and he has been meditating with this sound Kleem and he started attracting women. And this is the occasion for me to do something
on Kleem. Does Kleem only attract women? It does. Regardless whether a man uses it or a woman
uses it. But here woman is understood by the yogis
in terms of material wealth. A woman often stands for matter and material
prosperity. So, what that means is when you use Kleem,
not only would you attract female company, but also all material things. That’s why Kleem is a very, very important
mantra. With kleem you can attract a home, a car,
a business, and all things that are material. It’s not just only a mantra to attract women. It is a mantra to attract women as well as
a lot of material things. Love one another unconditionally and you will
be Enlightened.


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