“Lead Them Lord”(original prayer song) for those affected by Taal Volcano Eruption w/lyrics


“LEAD THEM LORD” Give them Lord your Love lead them Lord and keep them safe from danger Let the Sunshine upon them oh Lord Give them strength and courage to live Lead them Lord so they can face tomorrow Give them Lord your love and mercy Lord Love them all with all your heart Lead them oh Lord Amen


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  1. rockingphil58

    January 26, 2020 2:22 pm

    That was beautiful Dear Zen beautifully sung prayers God bless you always Dear Zen I to pray that all those affected by the Taal Volcano Eruption will all be safe much love to you your friend Phil .

  2. Moa

    January 26, 2020 2:31 pm

    Dear Zen, a wonderful idea to perform a prayer song for all the people living near the volcano!! ❤️ Greetings, Moa

  3. Yuri Serov

    January 26, 2020 2:34 pm

    Замечательная молитва для пострадавших от извержения вулкана. Красива спета. Я буду молиться за всех.

  4. Monica Sings

    January 26, 2020 2:43 pm

    Dear Zen!
    You sing beautiful with so much feelings…God Bless Good People And All Animals Always And Forever……Hugs, Monica

  5. Ernest Kwok

    January 26, 2020 2:48 pm

    Hi dear Zen, wonderful singing…pray that all the people affected by the eruption can recover quickly and back to their normal lives.

  6. 솔하G애

    January 26, 2020 3:14 pm

    Hello dear friend Zen
    Great original song
    Your playing is soulful and graceful
    Thanks for sharing
    Thumbs up 👍👍👍
    Warmest regards always from solha <3🌻♥️🙏


    January 26, 2020 3:32 pm

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