Learn meditation: How to choose a guided meditation?

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When it comes to learning meditation, nowadays you can choose from a buffet of guided meditations in the internet or on diverse apps there is so much content around the topic out there and I’m wondering if I have not much clue about meditation and I’m a beginner, I want to learn it, I want to choose the guided meditation what are the key points I should be checking I should be knowing before choosing a guided meditation in order to ensure that it is really you know a good one and I should be meditating with it? You need to of course critically evaluate what you’re listening to as guided meditation. First of all you need to differentiate that it’s not a song, its not entertainment, it’s not something that you play on and you will just relax and that’s you know that’s your guided meditation, if that’s the goal to have relaxation while playing something in the background you could listen to classical music, you could listen to some inspirational talks by people but that’s not meditation. So that’s the first thing you should evaluate whether what you’re listening to is based on a particular meditation technique, is it reflecting a structured logical technique or is it just some words put together which are pleasing and softly spoken. In this area there are several concepts out there some are actually based on hypnosis there, some are based on self hypnosis, some are based on this neuro linguistic programming but meditation is not, none of those and you need to start differentiating. So it’s actually to choose your guided meditation or your way is more you need to be more careful than choosing you know choosing anything else in your life and it’s like what you put in as food, you need to choose rightly and the same goes for meditation. Yeah it makes total sense but still how do I know? what are the indicators? can you maybe give some tips, some advice on aspects or which I should be checking before is there something like this? Yes there are a couple of points which actually i have written an entire blog about it so you can go into detail with that blog we can put the link down and otherwise for now what I can tell you is this first point is to judge whether it’s based on a technique or not.


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