Learn Reiki #3: Laying Down Reiki Spiritual Self Healing Treatment Session Techniques & Demo


Hello friends As Reiki 1 students,
we are taught to do self-healing We are meant to do it every single day But it doesn’t get done every day
by some of us, we have busy lives so… So, Reiki 1 students
are taught and learn to experience… …the healing energies that come from the
universal life force energies or from God Whichever you prefer,
they both work equally as well I’ve tried both,
they do work equally as well I welcome my spirit guide Su Ling,
my master guide Who is also my spirit
wife from a past life Or another guide sometimes,
maybe So, as Reiki 1 students,
you learn to apply the healing to yourself That helps to develop it in you And so you’ve had the
attunement to link into those energies And you experience the healing yourself And you know, this is teaching you for If you go on to Reiki 2,
which is the practitioners qualification… …and attunement, to then go on
and tap into those healing sources To then apply to your patient,
or healee I call them Or client So… yeah, Reiki 1,
self-healing Reiki 2, linking in to those
energies to channel to others And as myself, Reiki Master,
you become those energies You’re permanently linked to them,
they’re a part of you And you’re more free to channel them,
and each attunement I had I did get more powerful with my healing And also I had quite an emotional
release after each one as well so… The attunements are put into your chakra
system, through your crown And into your hands,
the different reiki symbols… …to help you use those The symbols are of no use to anybody
unless they’ve been attuned to them But you can do spiritual healing And anybody can tune into that, and you can
link into the universal healing energies And channel to yourself Or you can pray
to God for them You know,
you don’t have to find your spirit guide You can call your spirit
guide in if you want to To help you,
your healing guide But you don’t need to do those things,
in fact, you can heal without even asking So I’m just going to go through
the process of a self-heal And what I do,
just to show you quickly So… I do the Gassho meditation Palms together, loosely Fingers a bit apart Slight pressure
on your middle fingers Pushing against each other First breath in Opening the mind Attuning the mind Second breath in Aligning the heart Third breath in Welcoming the spirit of reiki Or the healing forces
within your being And just apply a little bit more pressure
on your inner fingers, just focusing on them And just open yourself to that spirit
of healing, that spirit of reiki The healing forces and energies And you just let your
mind still and go quiet And relaxed And if you have thoughts that
drift and go on a tangent… …you just acknowledge that
and then brush it to one side Just to find that tranquility
and stillness of mind You can do this
self-healing in a chair Or I prefer just to lay
down on my bed and do it So last thing at night
is quite a good time Just allow yourself to centre And we just acknowledge Thumbs to forehead Reiki spirit Now I just rest my hands on my chest,
over my heart chakra And I see a light of
protection come down from above And it surrounds my
whole body in white light And within me Just to protect from any negative
emanations or spiritual things And we go through opening the chakras… …because it’s good to open your spirit,
if you’re going to do healing Adjusting the earth chakra below my feet,
expanding And getting brighter Then, in my pelvis at
the bottom of my spine I see my red earth chakra Which is called the
root or base chakra Opening and expanding that red chakra Then the sacral… …three inches, three fingers
below your belly button, inside you I just see that orange ball of energy,
expanding. Which is your creativity Your root chakra,
is your link to the earthly things Then your creative chakra… …in your solar plexus,
opening and expanding Then all the colours going
out into your aura space Then, the solar plexus chakra,
very intuitive gut feeling… …the centre of yourself,
which is yellow Very psychic chakra, just expanding Brightening those yellow energies Just going out into your aura space,
mixing and merging with the other energies Then your heart chakra, which is green But some see it as green and pink,
just expanding That’s your emotional side Just going out into that aura space Your throat chakra,
which is blue… …opening Power of speech The brow chakra, which is indigo,
or some see as purple, expanding That’s your inner eye And then your crown chakra for your connection to
the spirit higher self You know? Awareness of spirit opening And that’s violet So now you’ve just opened
yourself completely and… I just allow my spirit to brighten,
as a being of light and energy I let it brighten and open And allow the chakras in
the palms of my hands, which quite often are blue,
to open and power up To pass the healing channel for healing Now we just ground ourselves,
we see ourselves either… …with roots growing out
of our shoulders and feet Growing into the ground Or I see myself as a big
tree outside on the grass My roots deep into the earth Just forming that connection with the earth To centre ourselves,
ground, balance and harmonise Bring ourselves into the here and now So just ground, allow the positive energies
of the earth to rise up and harmonise you Allow your daily cares, worries and negative
energies to just ground out into the earth To make you well grounded Now you link into those
universal healing energies… …just reach up with your mind To link into those healing energies Or link to God, say a prayer Please Father God,
if it’s possible may I receive… …the healing rays for
whatever my needs might be… …or healing energies and powers for
whatever my needs might be Thank you Father God
for hearing my prayer I like to pray to God But I allow universal healing energies
to come through if they wish to I now call in my spirit healing guide to
work with me, which you don’t have to do So Su Ling if you help me
give myself a self-healing… …and please, feel free to
join in and help heal me too And that’s it, we’re ready to start So I just rest my hands over my heart chakra I just allow those energies to
start building up inside of me You’re like a teapot Allow the energies to build up inside of me,
inside of yourself You can feel quite often warmness The warmth of these energies inside you Like the teapot, once it’s there,
the energies have built up It’s like tipping the teapot and allowing
those energies to begin to flow down… …your arms Into your palms and through the chakra,
in your palms Allow these energies to begin to flow From your hands into your body You’re not just healing the surface This will heal you physically,
mentally, emotionally and spiritually But your passing these energies through
the spirit to heal the physical life So I can feel the warmth
penetrating into my body now And you don’t limit,
you just let it flow, sometimes you might… …see colours, or feel tingling
on your hands, warmth and coolness So just let that flow into you That’s just got the energies flowing now,
so I’m going to move to the head… …in Reiki you put the
hands over your face like this And just let those energies
flow into your mind… …eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, everywhere… All around your scalp,
within your aura So just two or three minutes This is the Reiki way of doing it You can do it this way, you know? If you want to, but this is the Reiki way I usually do my own method on just showing
you the Reiki way of doing it tonight So you can just move your palms up,
it will flow down your fingers But you can move your
palms up if you want to This is not Reiki, Reiki is just on the face But if you want to move your palms up
over your brow chakra and forehead… …to let it flow into your chakra
within your brow and within your mind… …to take any stresses and strains,
or anything you are suffering with mentally And it’s a flow of energy
that flows most freely With your love for yourself,
or the person you’re healing Just allow your compassion for your
own needs or that person’s needs Just with love, let it flow You don’t have to force it, it just flows So I can feel my hands
really getting hot now Now in the Reiki method,
it’s hands behind the head now Palms facing up Just healing the brain
and the back of the head Just try to let yourself relax… And just allow those energies to flow… And find yourself in a peaceful state Feel your spirit channel and opening up I usually spend about 15 minutes doing this,
but you could spend longer if you wish to Now this hand goes this
way behind the back of your head And this one goes this way behind your neck Carry on healing the
back of the head and the neck now And just relax, I usually put Reiki music on,
but not on the video because it’s copyright So some nice gentle music Just to relax to and drift off to You don’t have to concentrate too much,
just allow the energies to naturally flow Now we do the sides of the neck And then up over your ears I’m not going to spend quite as
long as I normally would do The heat coming from my
hands is quite immense You can feel the flow of energy So now what we do… is go to the throat now One hand on the chest,
one hand on the throat You’re healing that chakra in the throat
and anything you’ve got any need for there Obviously if you heal somebody else, just gently
have your hand resting on the bottom of their chin You know? Don’t grip them around the throat The energies will pass quite
happily through the aura Off the body I can just feel my whole self really
becoming peaceful and relaxed now Now the Reiki way You could put your hands
over the shoulders here And on to the top of the chest If you’re healing other people
and you’re healing a woman It’s hand off,
through the aura over the chest But it’s fine to put your hands on men But this is just really doing yourself And you know?
My hands are quite burning hot now Sometimes I will go over my heart For additional healing, I will put
both hands over the top of each other Over the heart chakra, both hands So once you’ve done
this position it’s down And you know?
You are healing the heart You’re healing the
lungs and the organs Anything on the surface of the body,
skin, muscles… And it’s going in through the spirit and it’s
dispersing over a wide area of you as you’re healing If you do heal through the aura,
it disperses over a very wide area So hands on healing to… …to be in the location of where
you want to heal, is much better Where you can put your hands on but
it’s still dispersing over a wider area And because I’m laying down I’m actually allowing these healing energies
to flow all the way through to my back And let them go where they need to go,
they find their own way where they need to go So the lower rib cage, you want to be on Then down over your solar plexus Sometimes you can feel, like a darkness You know? In the solar plexus… …and in all the chakras, you
might have a heart ache Or you’re unhappy about something or sad So you can heal the chakra and the heart For those things, emotional needs But sometimes you can feel
like a knot in your chakras Quite often in the solar plexus If you’re stressed or have anxiety, you feel
a knot of like darkness almost, in there So you can heal that like this But you can also put both hands on top of
each other and give it more direct healing Right over the top of it So you’re just taking any darkness or impurities
away and that’s taken back through the spirit Through your guide, back to the universe,
back to God, where it’s reused and purified It’s not taking any of
your spirit away from you It’s just taking dark negativity away,
or anything that needs healing So you’ve got healing rays going in and
darknesses or depletions being taken away Now sometimes you might feel like there’s
a bit of darkness coming out of you And you can pull it out of you and get it in your
hands, or cup your hands and draw it up into your hands Because you’ve got it in your hands, you
don’t want to keep it, you want to throw it away And just brush your hands or flick it off Throw it off Then we go down over the sacral chakra So we’re quite often healing
over the chakra centres Because it goes into that
chakra and we heal that chakra And disperses out into the spirit
and it heals the spirit depletions Then passes onto your physical life,
mind, emotions So it’s spiritual healing, Reiki You should find yourself coming
into quite a peaceful state You will find the first time you try it,
you might not feel much But keep trying it regularly And you’ll find the energies will build up and
you’ll start to notice it more after a short time And then just over the pelvis, allow that to flow down When you’re doing all this,
it’s healing through the chakra But all your stomach, intestines, back,
everything’s receiving healing Don’t limit it to go to one place,
let it flow everywhere So over the sacral, it’s healing
all your intestines and everything Then over your crotch,
it’s flowing down everywhere, over your hips And wherever you’ve got a need And all the way to your
bottom and everything as well So the spine as well, it’s going to You can do chakra cleansings as well,
you just heal each chakra To cleanse out any impurities or imbalances Then what I do to let it go down my legs,
I just put my hands Top of my legs, on the hips And just let it flow
all the way down my legs To my feet So once you think you’re done You’ve got something else you find, “Oh I’ve
still got heart ache”, go back to your heart So this is additional healing
for what your needs are That’s the Reiki way of doing it,
more or less You can do behind your back with
Reiki as well, if you want to Wherever you can reach,
if you want to sit in the lotus position You can do the whole of your legs,
feet and everywhere So any additional needs,
you just go back there and heal that Your saying “Oh my head’s still hurting”
you know what I mean? So you can put both hands on your head Or on your temples On top If you’re healing the chakra above your head In your aura The crown chakra, you can put your hands
above that and just heal that chakra And cleanse and balance And Reiki healing, spiritual healing has colours
in it. So you might see the colours sometimes So just scan yourself for any hot spots If you go through the aura gently, and you feel sudden
heat or wind like sensations, or tingling on your hands That’s where you’ve got
additional healing needed So with women you don’t
heal with hands on the chest You’re healing the heart and everything,
but it’s hands off healing You can heal men on the chest but you
don’t heal men or women on the pelvis It’s the top of the trousers you want to go down
to then hands off healing over the crotch area Do not heal the inner thighs,
go down the outer side of the leg Do not heal the bottom with your hands on,
again through the aura do that So that’s it, that’s a quick healing You just look for those hot spots So we just smooth the aura now Just smooth the aura You can heal the aura too,
taking any depletions out of it Now we just close ourselves down We see the crown chakra above our head, dimming
and going to a normal state and never fully close We close the brow chakra and our inner eye We close the throat chakra We close the heart chakra to a normal state,
all of these We close the I can’t remember what I’m talking about now We close the solar plexus chakra,
spleen chakra and root chakra Just see them all dimming
and going to a normal state Just close your spirit down as a
being of light, just seeing it dimming To it’s normal state And your hand chakras closing Now we just ground ourselves again Resting our hands on our chest Just see ourselves like a
tree or growing roots again Just to ground ourself, because you
go into all sorts of spiritual states When you’re healing Much more perceptive to spirits,
so you need to close yourself down afterwards And then ground So just see yourself with those
roots in the ground or the tree Because it brings you back from that spiritual
state, into the present and into the here and now And it harmonises you Now we just thank our spirit guide And thank God, for the healing,
in a prayer if we wish to We’re all closed now, ready to go And you might want to just
brush yourself off because You get these tingling energies so So you might want to heal because you’ve got a bad
shoulder, heal that or heal your arms if you want to So that’s the way we go about doing a
self-healing, just for fifteen minutes maybe So yeah Anyway! Hope you enjoyed that,
thanks for watching, see you shortly!
(Subtitles by A. Starkie)


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    Thanks. Quite amazing. when my palms were over my ears, my head twitched a bit. I did receive healing in my throat. I felt the darkness in my core before you said it, and was glad you instructed us to get rid of it. I struggled with that and my wrists and fingers started to hurt, but then we moved on and I refocused. I think that with practice, this will be very beneficial for me. <3

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