Learn to Meditate: Part 4 – Prayer and Meditation


this prayer have a place in meditation
and if so what’s the best way to pray yes prayer definitely has a part in
meditation for her is always helpful no matter what we were doing and it
certainly is a part of our meditational practices we often will start with a
prayer and with a prayer but beyond that we can be praying during the meditation
there are times during the meditation when we may stop practicing a technique
and become involved in prayer which in that sense would be talking to God
conversing with God that would not normally be a formal prayer but a prayer
from our heart and talking to God depending on our personal preference we
might think of God as father mother friend beloved we might think of a
particular saint or master that we want to address our prayer to or if our
worship takes a more impersonal form we might even think of God as light or love
or sound that is the ohm or almond vibration that’s the primal vibration
the first vibration God sent forth from which all creation has manifested from
that beginning vibration certainly he comes to devotees in all these ways or
even peace and address you can talk to that divine light to that sound if that
appeals to 1.so prayer can be done in many different ways the important thing
in praying and this is important in anything we do in life
is really very simple be sincere if you are talking to God be sincere we all
know that when we’re talking to someone we want to feel we’re connecting don’t
we I like to think in meditation when we are perhaps at the start or it can be at
any time we’re trying to make that connection and we’re putting out a soul
call a yearning we’re letting God know I want you to respond I want to connect
with you I want you to come to me I want to know the reality of your presence I’m
not I’m not content to hear about you to read about you to your stories about you
I want to know you I want to experience you or to put it in another frame
I want to commune with you if we want an answer from God in meditation or in
prayer we have to mean business with God which basically means we have to be very
sincere with what we want and we have to let him know that we want it and so
putting the inner attention here as if we were looking through the spiritual
eye don’t try to focus the physical eyes here so not trying to make people
cross-eyed but rather just put the inner attention and gaze here and then just
start talking to God what you want to get here you want to make that call from
the soul call from your entire being a yearning for God you’re trying to call
God you’re trying to get his attention you want him to answer you so you have
to put your heart and feeling into it you know that God reveal thyself reveal
thyself come come come you must come come to me you must come until thy self
reveal thyself and really let him know you want him if we can get our entire
being absorbed in that prayer to God in that way that is a type of prayer that
God will respond to sooner or later he will respond
and usually the first response of God that comes as you feel this great peace
beginning to spread over your entire being the East begins to come and that
is no small thing there are millions of people in this world just longing to
have a little peace in their lives these comes don’t be satisfied with that piece
alone go deeper still behind that great peace of God is the great light of God
the great sound of God the great love of God and many other aspects but be
sincere make the prayer come from the heart that is the kind of prayer God
responds to


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