Learn to Meditate: Part 5 – The Benefits of Meditation


rather humble meditation help me
excellent question and I think something every one of us when we begin our
thinking about beginning to meditate naturally it will tend to want wonder
how or can this help me I think the benefits we get from meditation can
start helping us right away very quickly sometimes because we begin to contact a
part of ourself that is beyond our normal ego consciousness we begin to
contact a little bit of that soul consciousness and that is a lot of power
and strength in soul that we may not find in our ego so we begin to feel like
we’re being upheld by something that is more powerful than what we are that we
are not alone that we are not facing this world and all of our problems that
the world are we may be going through by ourselves in other words basically what
it does it teaches us how to cope with life how to handle life the average
individual is often overwhelmed by the tests one may face may fall completely
apart and not be able to deal with it just collapsing a massive tears or
feelings of hopelessness or helplessness but if you are meditating you begin to
realize at all there’s a greater power in this that I can call upon that can
help me and I’m a part of that we begin to eventually as we go on meditating
more and more and getting deeper to realize that basically we are a wave of
that vast ocean of God’s presence and as a wave we are sustained we are not alone
the wave is sustained by that vast ocean beneath it we begin to realize that
there’s power in meditation that there’s power in us and that is the power of God
and that that power therefore is capable overcoming anything yes the ability to
accomplish rather I have fun a happiness that years ago and I started on this
path I could not even imagine I could not even imagine in God is all happiness
things can give us only a limited happiness and it doesn’t last happiness
is dependent only incidentally and somewhat upon outer accumulations or
achievements it’s dependent mostly on what we are our state of being and there
is a state as one more and more connects with our soul nature instead of our cue
human or ego nature which is subject to all of these unhappy situations and we
often find ourselves almost feeling like we’re buffeted from one end to the other
as we connect more and more with soul and feel that underlying thing with that
comes happiness becomes a an inner happiness isn’t really the right word
even it’s really joy joy is intense happiness
it’s what the Saints call bliss words really
I don’t think and describe that we can only say yes I have seen how much I
couldn’t I can’t believe I don’t think I ever thought I could have this kind of
happiness and it doesn’t mean because you are feeling an inner happiness that
you become hard or distant or unfeeling about others no in fact you feel more
compassion more understanding for others and that’s a very useful quality to have
to be able to feel for others as we would feel for ourselves to be able to
serve others to be able to think of others courtesy put it very interesting
he said if you will think of others and serve them without a thought of self
just trying to make them happy you will find that your own cup of happiness is


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