Learning meditation: Can I meditate all my life with a single meditation technique?

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I sometimes hear from people that they were meditating 20 years with the same technique can this be? Does it make any sense? That’s an interesting question. There have been several examples in history where people reached great heights into their consciousness with even one single technique, I would not go into examples but just in the concept of a meditation technique, it is so powerful that if it works for you one technique is enough and you can meditate 20 years, you can meditate 40 years you can meditate your entire life with one technique. It just has to resonate with your life very naturally. For example you know I won’t name the conscious gurus or leaders but one person he meditated with this technique where he he considered everything to be him so he said I am all, I’m everybody and entire world is him and with that one single technique he lived his entire life and he experienced meditation and the truth and the reality associated with it so just this only one single technique I’m all; and just think about it if you put yourself in that into that mental state into that constant mindfulness that I’m all. I am and this body this mind the soul whatever i’m also the trees, i’m also the sky, i’m also this earth, the stars everything if you live in that sort of a, first of all mindset but then your entire life in with that notion how beautiful first of all it becomes for you and secondly I mean you have to do it then you start seeing what space it creates for you and what kind of experiences will bring to you. Eventually it takes you into meditation, it takes you into that very truth and very reality and let me give you another example. Very contrary to this technique there is another technique called neti neti which was used by another conscious leader and the technique is entirely opposite that I am, I’m not this I’m not that I’m you know I’m nothing ,so just imagine for one person the technique I’m all is something that worked for him and for the another person i’m nothing is the technique that worked and these both of these people they preached these two different kind of techniques to their disciples to their followers in their own ways and what I have to recommend to you is to actually try out both because once you meditate with both these angles’ I am all and I’m nothing’ you will realize you know first of all you will not create one sided one minded picture of what meditation is and secondly you will start to see the essence of it, start to see the core of it what it is and it’s like you know there is a saying that don’t look at my finger but look at the finger pointing to the moon so you would stop looking at all these fingers, all these techniques you would rather look at the moon the you know in this case what’s meditation really is what the state really is. So ultimately after my whole life meditating maybe with the same technique or with a few techniques would I still need to follow a technique or how would that be? It depends on you, if you are comfortable or if you enjoy a particular technique you can continue doing that as long as you want. My suggestion to you would be to at some point of time even leave that so you know better no matter which technique you begin with at a certain stage in my opinion you should be able to leave that and be entirely without any system, without any technique, without any support and just be able to move into pure silence on your own.


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