Binaural ASMR Turkish sleep meditation
(Türkçe Uyku telkini) Hello my friends Today We’re in a nice sleep meditation video This video will be different from others As you can imagine The difference is that it is completely close to the camera I mean close up whispering If you do not use headphones Please just wear them And be ready to this sleep meditation video In this video I can use my famous teabag occasionally But now If everything is ready If you are ready I am ready too Let’s start right now First of all I want you to take a deep breath We must be in a peaceful and calm environment Your mind must be free and stress-free In this way we can enjoy this session Do you understand? I mean this session should be so special for us This must be so relaxing This is the same as the patient and doctor relationship You must first accept your illness Free your mind And be ready to sleep meditation Now, take a deep breath and exhale take a breath and exhale We completed the first level Now Yes Let’s start to sleep orders Repeat to yourself! Repeat after me My body and my muscles are all ready for a great night’s sleep I’m going to get this sleep after I close my eyes I’ll do this myself Just repeat it! I’m going to make these sounds Your whole body is completely ready to sleep right now I’m gonna take the sleep I deserve Keep going Tonight I’m gonna get the sleep I want I’ll fall asleep in a very peaceful way Nobody’s gonna bother me I’ll fall asleep so nice And I’ll wake up so nice And I will remember again how happy I am in the past We’re gonna do this together We’re gonna make this happen together Yes A very nice and relaxing sleep is waiting for us All you have to do is close your eyes And falling asleep You can do this! You know what you can do when you ask Now you must be completely in this state of mind You can take the sleep you deserve It’s completely in your mind! It all depends on you! Do you understand? You have to understand Come on Get some sleep A little rest I’m not talking about just sleep Or sleep for hours Sleeping happy I’m talking about falling asleep with a peaceful mind Be sure! Your body and your soul need it Your soul desires this I’m not tricking you. You deserve the most beautiful of all Because you are so precious I am too… Everyone who listens to me is very valuable in itself And they’re a part of life With the good and the bad sides Kindness is within us But wickedness is a choice Don’t choose to be bad Return to your essence! I think the key word must be this! Return to your essence! Because I believe that there is goodness in the essence of humanity I believe that wickedness is a choice as I said If you notice again the purity in you and your childhood You can sleep happy You can wake up happy Your day will be in happiness Your view of life changes Don’t forget it! First of all! We’ll take a deep breath one last time And We’ll sleep now Here we go! Three Two One Take a breath And exhale


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  1. juliazwei

    October 14, 2018 10:38 pm

    Ahhh i love Turkish! Guzel! (I learnt this from assassins creed revelations, is it correct?😂)
    Thanks and hugs from Poland!

  2. Efe Ünal

    October 17, 2018 3:23 pm

    abi sesi nasıl bu kadar iyi verebiliyosun hiç bir asmrde (yabancılarda dahil)bu kadar iyi ses duymadım.ses çok kaliteli fazla yüksek dip ses yok dış etkenlerin sesi yok valla tebrik ediyorum seni

  3. Cihan Kerem

    November 11, 2018 12:54 am

    Tam uyuyordum kafam buraya takildi uykuyu bir zorunluluk olarak degil bir luks olarak dusun … Luks biseyse her zaman olmaz al basina belayi…tam tersi olmasi lazim simdi bunu dusunup uyuyamiyorum.. Fazla lüks olur diye….


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