Life Time Yoga On Demand – FLOW Yoga

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Hi, Life Time members. Welcome to your
30-minute flow class. We’ll get started by
lying on your backs. Once you arrive, feel free
to take up as much space as you’d like. Allow your eyes
to soften, and use this time, this sacred
space, simply to notice. From the moment that we wake up,
we are in a state of meditation where we’re constantly
coming to our breath. And we’re not reacting to what’s
going on either internally, or externally. Allow this breath
in this class to be your anchor, to settle you in. Go ahead and take a full
breath in through your nose and fill out. Exhale out your
mouth and let it go. Repeat that again. Inhale, fill up. Exhale, let the breath go. Yeah, listen to
yourself breathe. Inhale, fill. And then exhale,
empty out your mouth. Now seal your lips as you
take your next inhalation. Keep the lips sealed as
you exhale out the nose. Again, inhale fill. Exhale, empty. Listen to yourself breathe. Let it fill the room
and be your soundtrack. Next inhale, pull your
knees toward your chest and squeeze them
close to your heart. Exhale, drop your knees over
to the right as your arms open up nice and wide. Send your gaze towards the left. With each inhale, and each
exhale, let it open your heart, and then soften your bones. Knees come back to
center on your inhale, and exhale twist to the left. Again, fill and then empty. Breathe in, and out. When you’re ready, bring your
knees back to your chest, and begin to rock and
roll on your spine. 3, 4, 5, rocks,
however much you need. Eventually, you’ll
cross your ankles. You’ll plant your hands and
come to a High Plank Pose. Once you arrived, pull
the crown of your head forward, push your heels back. Squeeze your bathroom
muscles up and in, your belly button tuck it up
and underneath your spine. Three more full breaths here. Breathe. Exhale, push back,
Downward Facing Dog. Right hand grabs your
left ankle as you twist. Inhale come forward,
High Plank Pose. Exhale, other side. Opposite hand, opposite elbow. Come forward, High Plank Pose. Bend your elbows lower down
to a chat around the push up. Inhale, thread
your chest through. Exhale push back
Downward Facing Dog. Take three full breaths. Breathe in through your
nose, out through your nose. Keep pushing your chest
towards your thighs. It’s about three breaths. So inhale rise up
onto your toes, hop your feet to
the top of the mat. Inhale, fill up
halfway, exhale empty. Touch your toes. Inhale, rise to stand. Arms above your head. And then exhale,
hands to heart center, and forward fold back down. Inhale lengthen halfway. Plant the hands and go through
your high to low push up. We call it a vinyasa. When you come to Downward
Facing Dog, twist right away. Right hand to left ankle. Inhale come forward,
High Plank, and twist in the opposite direction. Come forward, High Plank Pose. Vinyasa through,
high to low push up. When you come to
Downward Facing Dog here, come up onto your tippy toes. Hop your feet to
the top of the mat. You’ll lengthen halfway,
and then you fold. You’ll rise all the way up to
stand, arms above your head. And then exhale right
back down into a vinyasa. Lengthen, plant the hands. When you come to Downward
Facing Dog, twist to the right and to the left. Go through your vinyasa, you’ll
come to Downward Facing Dog. Take three full breaths
here, and then you’ll begin again as your feet
come to the top of the mat. [MUSIC PLAYING] Use this breath now
to move your body. Twist your spine. This is just a template. [MUSIC PLAYING] You can add in an extra
Chaturanga push up. Even hanging out in your
twist a little longer. The importance here is to move
your breath with your postures. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) The future
starts right now. I made a reservation, but you
never came so I’m checking out. A firestorm away. I know one day would
come back around. The future is now. The future is now. Every time you come to
this Downward Facing Dog, allow it to be
your check in spot. Come to the top of your mat. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale, fold and hang out here. Let the body sway
back and forth. You can shake the head, yes. And shake their head no,
but then shake it yes again. Feel your breath swear you
from your toes to your heels. Let the head hang heavy. When you’re ready, inhale,
come halfway up and lengthen. Exhale forward fold. Place a big bend in your knees,
and your arms will go high. You could toss in a chair pose. Shift the weight
into your heels. Your toes just lift
off, off the mat. Bring your hands to your heart. Twist your body
over to the right. Hook your left elbow
outside your knee. Send your gaze, we
called our drishti, up towards the ceiling. With each exhale, just
twist a little more. Inhale, arms sweep
back up nice and high. And exhale twist to
the opposite side. Hook your left elbow,
nose towards ceiling. Inhale crown of the
head comes forward. Exhale, twist. That’s it. When you’re ready,
inhale center. Exhale forward fold. Lengthen up halfway. Breathe in. Exhale, plant your hands
and go through your vinyasa. When you come to
Downward Facing Dog, automatically lift
the right leg high. Inhale, lift. Exhale, squeeze your
knee and your nose. Inhale, lift your
right leg high. Exhale step between your thumbs. Rise up over your wand as
your left heel pushes down, arms lift. Exhale, hands
behind your back and come down to Humble Warrior. Inhale, open your body up. Triangle Pose, right hand
down, left arm lifts. Exhale seated twist, bring your
back leg behind your standing leg, and twist your spine
to the back of the house. Inhale rise up,
it’s a big movement. Sky Archer, open and
pull your right wrist. Exhale to the back of the room. Dragonfly, plant your hand. Lift your arm up. Full breath here, you can
rotate your wrist one way, then rotate another. Hand down to the mat as
you rise all the way up, one leg toehold. Extend it out in front of you. Exhale, Figure 4. Cross your ankle over your knee. Bring your hands to
your heart center. The same right hand
grabs your foot and you rise up
into Dancer Pose. Kick into the front
half of your body, to open up your hip flexor. Awesome, take it back through
a vinyasa, high to low push up. When you come to Downward Facing
Dog, the left leg will go high, and you’ll start by
squeezing engaging your bond as knee to nose. Lift your leg back up
high, and step through in between your thumbs. Rise up to Warrior
One, full breath in. Exhale, clasp the
hands behind your tush and drop your shoulder low. Inhale, open up triangle, all
your limbs get nice and long. Exhale, come to the ground
and ground yourself here. Find your breath. Inhale, reach and
pull, Sky Archer, opening up the opposite side. Exhale, Dragonfly Twist, open
up your left arm nice and wide. Hand comes down as you ground
yourself and rise all the way up in big toe Letter
A. Exhale, cross your ankle over your
knee, and sit down. Rise up and open
up the front half of your left side of your body. Left hand grabs your foot,
kick into Dancer Pose. Exhale, take your vinyasa,
high to low push up. Keep using your breath
with each posture. When you come to Downward Facing
Dog, the right leg goes high, and you squeeze. Inhale lift, exhale step
between your thumbs. Inhale Warrior One,
full breath in. Exhale, clasp your hands and
drop your shoulder in between. Inhale, Triangle Pose. Exhale, sit and ground
yourself and move your spine. Full breath in, reach and
pull, open the right half of your body. Exhale, ground
your hand an open. Hand down to the mat. Rise all the way up. Grab your knee or your toe. It doesn’t matter. Cross your ankle over your knee. Sit down low. Right hand grabs your right foot
as you open up the front half, and take it through
your vinyasa. Now this flow is
meant to be a dance. It’s a dance where you use
your breath, left leg lifts, with each posture. Keep moving to this rhythm. Your breath is your
ultimate soundtrack. [MUSIC PLAYING] Keep noticing how each of
our inhales will lengthen us. They’ll rise us
up, nice and tall. The lift our hearts. And every exhale helps
squeeze a portion of your body to push all the stale air out. This portion of
class is aerobics. You’re going to
notice your breath cycles get deeper and richer. Allow this process to happen. Allow it to open you
up, from the inside out. [MUSIC PLAYING] Remember, your lips are sealed. So breathe through your nose. [MUSIC PLAYING] Keep to the breath,
the teacher here is here just as your
guide, to make sure that you’re still breathing. Still keeping the
breath is as rich as it was when you
started this class. [MUSIC PLAYING] After you finish this left
side, go through your vinyasa. High to low push
up, and pause here. [MUSIC PLAYING] Awesome. Wherever you are
in your flow, start to make your way to
the front of the mat once you arrive come
to High Plank Pose. Your breath is rich right now. Listen to it. Allow it to calm
down the reactions that you may be feeling. This whole entire class
is a moving meditation that no matter how challenging
things get on your mat, you can you come to your breath. And the key is to
practice this on your mat, so when you get off of
your mat, you can still use this power of this breath. Drop to your forearms. Keep pushing your feedback,
the crown of your head forward. Your bandhas, your bathroom
muscles are squeezed in, your belly button up and
underneath your rib cage are intact. They’re strong to
help protect and keep the body nice and
strong with this breath. Your breath right
now is getting rich. You can almost hear every
exhale bounce off of your walls. Begin to notice this breath. Our bodies are these
amazing, amazing, machines. Get in the habit of listening
to yourself breathe. Said even the shakes,
they’re helping you work through things. Even the pauses are
helping us grow stronger. It’s OK if you fall
out, come back in. Begin again, no
matter where you are. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Dream big– Come back in for three
more full breaths. Three more full breaths. Squeeze your inner
thighs together. Keep lengthening
through your spine. That’s it. This is where the growth begins. This is where all
the magic happens. Last three breaths
start right and how. Actually helps at
this period of class to take the two
corners of your lips, and maybe even turn them
up towards your years. Life doesn’t have to
be so serious and hard. Learn how to soften. Drop to your knees. Drop your chest
towards the ground. Inhale, peel your
chest off of earth. Right hand comes to
your right ankle. Left hand to your left ankle. If you can’t reach,
you can always curl your toes under, just
bring your hands to your hips. But open the front
half of your body. We can feel in the
back half gets tight. We forget how tight the front
half of our body becomes. Open your chin up
towards the ceiling. This is the big back band. Our chins are always
tucked towards our chest. Breathe in. Breathe out. When you’re ready, come down. Back to Child’s Pose. Push the hips back. Reset your body here. Breathe in, breathe out. Come forward, forearm plank. Curl the toes under. Your body has already
figured this posture out. It’s already done
all the wiring. Now it’s up to you
to keep this engine, this breath, this pranayama,
allow it to build. Allow it to grow,
feel the breath. All the way from your
temples, down into your toes. Let the breath hit you. Feel your back breathe. (SINGING) Am I on my own? Am I on my own? Can you help me out? Am I on my own? Am I on my own? Are you speaking out? Are you speaking out? Breathe back. The work is almost done. Allow this practice
almost to crack you open. Allow this practice to grab
you open from the inside out. That’s where the growth comes,
these tiny little cracks. Crown of the head, pull
it closer to the front. Heels to the back. Root town, root down. Root down. Push your hips back. Child’s Pose. Watch your breath here. Pay attention to it,
be a witness to it. As it slowly comes back
down to its natural state. Without doing any
work, it’s amazing how the breath knows what to do. Begin to slither on your belly. Open up your arms nice and wide. Bring your right knee
towards your right armpit. And then take your right
hand and push up to open up and peel your chest
away from the earth. And your right leg will come
behind your long straight left knee. And stay right here. Allowing the shoulder
joint to open, putting some compression on it. If you need a little bit more
compression, a little bit more weight on your shoulder,
you can take your right hand and wrap it around your back. If you need more opening
in the hip joint, you can continue to
walk the right foot back a little more to open. [MUSIC PLAYING] Our bodies have this
amazing life within us. We need to crack it open to
allow the light to come out. (SINGING) I miss your warm
kisses on a late October sky. I missed you driving me around. This portion of class, you
need no muscle engagement. All you need is the power
of the breath and gravity to sink you deeper, to crack
you open a little more. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) I miss the
arrows alive in your eyes. I miss your long brown
hair hanging low. I miss your naked body
in the morning light. Slowly begin to unwind and
come back to the belly. Go slow. Your nervous system is coming
out of this electrifying state. Left knee will come
toward your left armpit. Your body is still vibrating. Still figuring things out. When you’re ready, you can open
up the left half of your body. Left leg will come
behind the right glute. And the arm will wrap
behind your back, cracking open your heart. (SINGING) I’d like you to stay. Notice how you can breathe
just a little more. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Even though
you’re forever on my mind. I missed your lightning soul
and your glow in the dark. Even though you’re
forever on my heart. I miss you so. So much is happening
right now in this posture. We’re compressing the
joints of our body, so that when we release,
there’s this flush. There’s this growth of
new oxygenated blood that comes into these
heavy parts of our body. Our shoulders and
our hips hold so much of our worry and anxiety. Give yourself as much
time that you need here, in any one of these postures. So the posture and the
breath can work together. Slowly come on to
your belly once more. Place your hands
underneath your shoulders, and push back into
a Child’s Pose. Walk your fingers as far to the
front of the mat as you can. Sink your heart low. Eventually, you’ll shift your
hips to the right or the left. Come towards a seat and extend
your legs out in front of you. Mindfully and slowly, come
down to lay onto your back. Once you arrive, settle in. [MUSIC PLAYING] Feel free to stay in this final
Shavasana, as long as you need. The minimum of five minutes. [MUSIC PLAYING] When you’re ready,
begin to wiggle your fingers and your toes. Your knees will come
to heart center. You can rock forward
and back one more time, massaging your spine. Eventually, you’ll come
to a comfortable seat at the top of your mat. Place the pads of your
hands onto your heart. [MUSIC PLAYING] We end this practice in a
form of metta meditation. First, give yourself love,
compassion, gratitude, and joy. Takes a lot to show
up, and to hold space. [MUSIC PLAYING] And now spread that out
to someone or something else that needs it, too. Take a full breath
in again, fill up. Exhale, empty out. Thanks for coming to play. Namaste. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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