Love God, love all! | Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai

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God asks only one question; Whatever we do to please someone,
we must know what makes him happy. Who is a bhakta? The words ‘bhakta’, ‘bhakti’ are derived
from the root of the verb ‘bhaj’, There are many meanings of ‘bhaj’,
of them one is, to be connected. ‘Bhakta’ means one who is connected. What is ‘bhakti’? To remain connected, to be in
communion; but that is not seen much. A traditional Indian lady;
and it’s her husband’s birthday. She wants to organise a party. Why? Since it’s her husband’s birthday
she wants to make him happy. Her first thought will be, ‘Which sari
should I wear to make my husband happy?’ If you want to make a child happy,
you have to ask him, “What theme would you
like for your party?” “A Hawaiian theme?” That is
probably your choice, not his. “Would you like a Spiderman theme?” “Or a Snow White theme?
What is your interest?” You do what he likes the most. Then why are you unable to accomplish
the task of always remaining connected? Because you engage
in many devotional acts, But they are not in accordance
with the One you are worshipping. His wish is for qualities. ‘Cultivate certain virtues,
that will make me happy.’ The extent to which subsidence and
detachment will increase in you, To that extent will your
devotion be steadfast. A college girl was dating a boy, She enjoyed going out for coffee, movies,
chatting with him on the phone and so on… One day the girl gathered courage and
proposed, “I want to get married to you.” “Will you shoulder my responsibility for life?” The boy said, “See, it’s good as far as
coffee and sandwich are concerned.” “Even I like you. But if you want
to get married to me,” “If you wish to stay with me
constantly and for life,” “You will have to take care of
one huge factor,” “Once you get married to me,
if you want to take the status of a wife,” “You will have to love my entire family.” “That includes my parents, their parents,
i.e. grandparents, 3 brothers and 2 sisters.” “Of them, 1 brother is
mentally retarded.” “If you feel hatred towards
even one of them,” “Then you cannot take the status of a wife.”
Such was the condition put forward by him. “And of them 1 is retarded, so you
may do good, but receive bad in return,” “But if you like me then
you have to like everyone.” The girl responded, “Yes.” Similarly, when a devotee says to God,
“I want to become one with You,” God says, “So far as we sang devotional
songs for each other, it was fine,” “But if you wish to be a permanent
devotee and wish for supreme devotion,” “Then you cannot bear any
hatred towards my entire family.” “And my family includes all living beings,
even a mosquito.” “Amongst them, there are certain lunatics
too, who we call mentally challenged,” “There are also those in this world
who challenge my existence,” says God. “You have to love them too.” “You have to love those
who criticise me as well,” “Since I consider them all to be my family.”


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