Love Part B – Spiritual Love – Part B (2019)

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Awakening Your Everyday Wisdom – Love Part B – We’re going to talk about spiritual love – Agape love. This is also called
unconditional love or God’s Divine love. From my viewpoint, this is the kind of
love that has the ability to save our planet and our species. Now, if you’ve
watched any of my other videos you know I’m a little nervous right now. I see a
lot of stuff going on in the world that makes me question if our species is
going to survive or if it’s going to be taken over by a New World Order or
artificial intelligence. Or if climate change is going to rip us apart. Or what
happens if we run out of fossil fuels? That’s been predicted in the very near
future. So with all these things kind of bothering me, I think, “whoa,
how are we going to survive?” And then I think about spiritual love. And that’s the way,
in my opinion. So I’m going to offer a dozen ways to increase your spiritual love. Take
what you like. You know, I’m not really trying to teach
or preach. These are just my ideas and hopefully they might be useful to you. So
the first one is to “Contemplate the Concept that God is Love.” No matter what your religion is, no matter how you’ve been raised, just hold that thought. And see what comes up for you. You might be mad at God. You know, some of us are if we’ve been suffering a lot in life. We can say, there’s no God. Or if there is a
God, he or she is a schmuck. But I’m not going there. I say concentrate on the idea that God is Love. And see what opens up for you. The next one is to “Forgive Anyone who has Ever Hurt You in Any Way.” That could be a tall order. Especially somebody who’s suffered a lot of abuse, mistreatment, neglect. You might need to get some help, some counseling, some
support in work through those issues. Because it’s really trite to say to
somebody who’s suffering, “oh, just forgive them and move on. Forget it. That’s all in
the past.” All that’s true. But forgiveness is huge. Not only if you’ve been hurt but even if you’ve just been slighted or ignored, not
neglected. Or maybe you didn’t get your way with somebody. Forgiveness is across the board. It is the beginning point of love, happiness,
joy. And in my view, survival. So it’s a big one. “Look for the Good in Others. It’s
so easy to see other people’s failings and shortcomings and mistakes. And, oh their ugliness. But if we make a conscious effort to look for the good we’re
opening the door to love. And “Forgive Yourself.” It’s one thing to forgive
everybody else who’s mistreated you. But what about all those nasty things you’ve said
to yourself? What about all the times you’ve neglected your own needs ? Yep.
Forgiveness, self-forgiveness. “Look for the Good in You.” So often we look in the
mirror and all we could see is our blemishes and our crooked teeth. Or
sometimes when we look at ourselves all we can see are shortcomings. So we have to get past that and look for the good in ourselves. It’s there. It is there in
ample supply. Because you are a loving, creative human being. You’ve got so much going for you. So find it. “Ask Yourself or God or Your Concept
of a Higher Power or Authority to Forgive You.” So when we ask for
forgiveness, it’s a very humbling experience. Because we’re putting
ourselves out. We’re saying, “I know I failed. I know it was wrong.” And we have
to admit those things. But when we ask for forgiveness, it’s a way of lifting
the burden of guilt off of our shoulders. And we don’t have to have proof that
we’ve been forgiven. The act of asking is all we need. And you know, there’s a
really (I’ll do a little side note here), there’s a really cool practice called
Ho’oponopono. And I’ll put that up on the screen so you could get the spelling of
it. It’s a ploynesian practice.(’oponopono). It goes something like this: “I love you.” “I’m
sorry.” “Please forgive me.” “Thank you.” When I practice that, I say, “I love you,
God.” “I’m sorry.” “Please forgive me.” “Thank you.” The idea behind this is to repeat it
over and over again until the angst and the issues have resolved themselves. It’s
very powerful, I think. “Raise Your Emotional Vibration.” I’m going to have a
whole video on quantum physics and how to raise your vibration, but raising your
emotional vibration can be as simple as thinking happy thoughts. Like, “The Sound of Music.” You know, that song…whenever I get down I think of rain rain drops on noses and soft little toes…. I don’t know the words,
but you probably do. But I try to think about nice things, fun
things, things I love, when I get down. And that’s a way to raise your emotional
vibration. There are other ways too. “Build Your Heart Energy by Loving Whatever or Whomever is Occurring in Your Life.” Sometimes we think, “I don’t like this. I’m
stuck doing the dishes and the laundry, or whatever. Or, “I can’t get that raise at
work.” Or, “my kids are running wild.” You know. So it’s easy look at those things and go, “life is gloomy. Life is hard.” But if we look at these things with love, and
these events and these people, it changes our perception. And it helps us to build
heart energy. “Notice Every Expression of Love in Life.” Okay, here’s one that I
find very interesting. I heard this and at first I didn’t believe it. Because I’m
kind of a naysayer. But I heard that “If You see Feathers on the Ground or in
Your Car, Wherever, It is a Little Gift from an Angel”, just reminding you of
God’s love. And I’m like, “oh yeah, right.” So one week I was having a very
challenging week. And would you know that I saw five or six feathers in my path!
And it just made me stop and go, “whoa, maybe I’ve got a little help coming from
the other side.” “Maybe I should lighten up here.” So that
was quite fun, actually. But notice every expression of love in life. Even if
it’s just something you see on Facebook, you know. Who knows? And then, “Practice
Behaviors and Habits That Expand Love in Your Life.” So if you
find that you’re enjoying something or you’re bringing joy to others, expand it.
Do more of that . And “Expel Unloving Thoughts.” And we can get down on each
other. We can get down on ourselves. But whenever we have those unloving, negative, maybe even hateful thoughts, cancel them. Erase them. This is what I do: I go, “cancel that thought!”. And I don’t know who I’m speaking to exactly, maybe my own
consciousness. Or you know, some, the ethers or something. But I always lift up
my finger and I go, “cancel that thought!” It works for me, because then I don’t
dwell and bring myself down in a negative spiral. And then, “Practice Acts
of Kindness.” I saw this somewhere, and I think there’s even a website by that
name. You can check it out if you like. But what a great idea to practice
acts of kindness. And anonymously is really cool too. So those are my 12
suggestions for how to increase your spiritual love. Here are a few
affirmations for you: “I am loved.” “I am loving.” “I am lovable.” “I am love.”
Here are a few messages for you: “The key to salvation is love, for individuals and humanity as a whole.” “Self-love is the key to everlasting relationships.” “Through
understanding your own internal capacity for love, you realize that the creation
of love is the work of your own hand.” “Love all that is.” “When you are motivated by love, the highest wisdom can unfold.” “Becoming
vulnerable is sometimes the only way to discover love.” So in closing, I’ll share
with you a little blessing that I give at the end of my yoga classes. It’s from
Ram Dass. It goes like this: “May the longtime sun shine upon you. All love
surround you. And the bright light within, guide your way on.” Namaste. Thank you for listening and participating in this video . If you’d like to chat, here’s my
email address. Feel free to contact me. I’m here to provide support. And please,
Like, Share, Comment, Subscribe. Thank you very much. Blessings


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