Loving Family Meditation | GUIDED AFFIRMATIONS FOR PARENTS | 8 minutes

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In this precious and sacred moment we open
our hearts and our minds to the living spirit. Alive in us right now. I know that there is a wisdom, intelligence,
creativity and joy that is alive in all things right now, that is seeking the highest and
best in all things right now. Its in the beauty of the world around us and
it reminds us of the beauty of the world within us. I know that I am aligned with the power, the
wisdom, the creativity and the joy beyond my wildest dreams, it lives in me now. I let anything that is unlike my highest expression
fall away and I move myself into the realization of the gift of family. What a great joy it is to be part of a family. Perhaps it is the family of origin that we
grew up with. Perhaps it is our family of choice that we
have created. The people that have show up in our lives
at the perfect time to bring their perfect gifts. In this moment now we give thanks for the
amazing power that family brings to our world. I acknowledge the truth that our souls have
come here to learn and grow, and families are where this work gets done. Where our love is shared with each other,
where we find meaning and depth in our relationships. So for each person listening now, take this
moment to bless your family, just as it is. Give thanks for the gift of connection. Supporting each other’s spiritual growth
that we might become more. That more of spirit might show up through
us in the world. I give thanks for the incredible gift of being
a parent, the most difficult and frustrating and important job there is. For it is true that our children are not our
children, they are indeed the sons and daughters of life’s longing for itself. We are here to help them on their way, to
encourage the very best of them to come forward. I give thanks for every child born into this
world for the gift that they bring, for their unique offering to this beautiful fabric of
life. For all the circumstances and trials we face
together as a family, i know that it makes us grow stronger, wiser. I affirm, for each one of us, that we take
good care of ourselves and model that to each other. That our relationships are healthy and strong
and support absolutely the best of us coming into the world. And I give thanks for the divine mother that
holds us all, holds us all in her hands. Who has birthed us into this world to show
up as love, each of us a beautiful child with great work to do. So wherever we are on that spiral of becoming
this day, wherever we are in our family, whatever role we might play; the parent, the child,
the grandparent, the friend. I bless each of us for the difference we make
in other people’s lives. We are the place where God shows up as relationship. The place where God shows up as support, as
unconditional love. We are that place. So I give thanks for this family that we’re
all a part of, that we are all included in. We can never fall outside this family. In this moment I give thanks for the blessings,
so many blessings that live with us now and the blessings we are attracting into our lives,
beyond our wildest dreams. Take that in, know that it is your truth,
that is your reality right now. You are a blessed member of God’s family
and you are always welcome home. I give great thanks for this truth. And so it is. Amen.


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