Luka Lesnik – Meditation, coming to the inner silence

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There is a lot of talk about meditation today,
but it may have become something that is not quite well understood, what meditation really is and
what it is intended for. Integrity can only be attained in this moment
and that is what meditation teaches us. To be in the moment, without the future and
past, without something that we are supposed to need to be able to achieve happiness. We cannot define meditation only in the way
it is commonly understood today, sitting in a lotus position, with our hands on our knees
and repeating the word peace or something like that… Meditation is limitless, there are many different
types and we cannot even say which position is right. It is only important that you are comfortable
and that we come to inner silence. Just a few minutes a day is enough for a start. A few minutes in deep inner silence tells
us more about our true nature than years of thinking and reading about what our true nature
is. The very contact and experience of consciousness
teaches us and there is nothing to say about consciousness itself. In a similar way you can describe the river
as long and wide but if you do not experience the river you still know nothing about it. When you meditate, surrender yourself completely,
dare to let go of everything, fears, desires, people, even the idea you have of yourself. Meditation is not something we can really
learn or do, it just leads us to the realization of I AM. We are not the body nor the material goods
we own. We are not the emotions nor the thoughts. We are what lies behind all of this. Only an observer, eternal silence, the eye
of a hurricane. We are deeply relaxed. There is nothing to do. Even to think is doing and trying to do nothing
is doing. Just be here, in your body, observing it from
within, observing your breath. Being in your center and doing absolutely
nothing is meditation and is when we are in our natural state of being. Meditation teaches us a new way of living,
how to work from peace and silence within. We do not need to deny life. Meditation shows us a way to be peaceful inside,
regardless of the situations outside of us. It teaches us who we really are and what we
are not, how to devote ourselves to each moment and to make the most of it.


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