Maggie Q on Prioritizing, Prayer, and Burnout


– I gravitate towards the
things I love the most. I’ll get them done quick, then I’ll get everything else done. (upbeat music) Whatever I do in my day, there
has to be a part of the day that’s in service. Whether it’s a conversation
or whether it’s a friend, or whether it’s my
animals or whatever it is there has to be something in
that day that’s not about me, my wants, needs and it
contributes to something that’s bigger than me. If you have that in your
mind, it’ll come to you. You’ll find it, it’ll manifest in your day and it’ll come and you’ll go, oh, good. There was something bigger
than me in this day. And for me, that’s actually
the most important part of my day. Every time I finish a film, or if I’ve finished a series
where we had a full season, it’s another level of burnt out. Routines keep me calm,
and they make me feel like a normal person again. So when I can come off of
traveling for three months and doing whatever it is
I’m doing and life gets really crazy, I go back into my routine. I wake up and I do the juice,
and I do the probiotics, and then I stretch and I … I’m able to just look at my day and go, this is what I wanna do
first, second, third, fourth. And enjoy the process. And once I get back into
that routine the stress just sort of starts to fall
away and I start to feel, I start to feel like me again. And I think it’s important to do whatever is true to you, that
makes you feel like you. Three things that I would
love you to try to do to live a sustainable life. One is maybe do a meatless Monday. Or a meatless Wednesday
or Friday, one day a week would be nice. The second thing, carry
a reusable water bottle, which makes a huge impact
because you have no idea how many bottles you’re using within a day if you’re running around. The third thing would
be instead of going into your favorite store that’s you go to in getting that item,
that fast fashion item, go and get something timeless. Like go into a vintage shop
and find something that has character, that’s old,
that’s been around a long time and that didn’t new resources to create.


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  1. talinh1

    December 10, 2019 5:22 pm

    can anybody write for me what is the 3 items she talks about? actually I'm not very well in English so I can't understand it, but I do really want to know about it


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