Manifest What You Want with help of guided AH meditation | Awaken Your Money Power with Dr. Pillai

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>>DR PILLAI: There are two Mohinis there. Is there two Mohinis?>>ELAINE: I’m seeing two Babas. Oh, Jai Radha is there.>>GINA: Hello everyone!>>DR PILLAI: There are two Mohinis there.>>GINA: There is only one Mohini on mine.>>ELAINE:There we go.>>DR PILLAI: Okay.>>GINA: Welcome everyone to the first Google
Plus Hangout with Dr. Pillai. I think my screen is very blurry. It appears that with me.>>DR PILLAI: I think we should get started. We are late, right?>>GINA: Yes.>>DR PILLAI: Yes, we should get started.>>GINA: Yeah. Welcome everyone to the first Google hangout. We have several guests that you can see down
below and I will be introducing them along the way. And my name is Gina. So, it is an honor for me to be here in the
first step in creating Google Abundance consciousness,
that Dr. Pillai is going to be giving us the teachings
to awaken our money power and be able to end financial suffering worldwide. Now that may seem like a very big, outrageous
action. It is financial suffering that scars our humanity. From the child in a third world country
who does not have food and water to simply survive
to the people in the Western world who live paycheck to paycheck
and know the pain of having to make ends meet for their family and themselves. So the good thing is that financial suffering
is 100% curable. And Dr. Pillai has been committed to
ending the financial suffering of the world for many years now. He has brought teachings over from the East,
his southern Indian tradition and has been sharing them with the Western world
for about 30 years. So we are very excited to have him here to
share more. One of the techniques that you may have heard
that he has brought to the West is the Ah meditation,
that he gave to Dr. Wayne Dyer, which Dr. Dyer used in his bestseller –Manifest
your Destiny–. So I’ll turn over to Dr. Pillai now to get
us started on how he plans to create a consciousness
revolution in global abundance. [Pause]
The sound is not good.>>DR PILLAI: Thanks to Google that has made
this opportunity available for everyone. The sound quality is not good here. It’s good? Okay. I have one teaching that I want to share with
you. And I will position this in many ways. And it’s all about the possibility of money. People have a very paradoxical relationship
with money. Everybody loves it and everybody hates it. And even people who have money, they want
to raise more money because if they don’t raise more money, they
cannot [inaudible]. So this happens everywhere. Now the billion-dollar question is when are the poor people going to be rich? How are they going to be rich? And more fundamentally why are they in the
first place, poor? And last question is very hard to answer,
but I will attempt that. But I must say that everybody knows about
the problem and everybody knows the problem some way or
other from their own standpoint. Look at the Wall Street movement, the Occupy
Wall Street. Now two years ago there was this movement
-Occupy Wall Street-. Those of you are not familiar with it
I will briefly explain what that is. It’s a fact that 1% of the people are controlling
[inaudible]. And 99% are not able. So what happened is that a few people joined
together and then, demonstrated and organized a movement called
the occupy the Wall Street movement. Did they succeed? No. Are they going to succeed? I don’t think so because this demonstration
does not address the core issue. So the politicians whether he is a Democrat
or a Republican will be able to solve this problem? Will Obama be able to solve the problem? Will Romney be able to solve the problem? No. So the immediate answer to the question
when the poor people are going to make money? An answer in our mind is never. Nobody wants to talk about it. At least not in the near future. Not in the distant future. So the toughest question is how are they going
to make money. And the most fundamental is:
why are they in the first place poor? Let me explain this first because this is
where I want to start. Because this applies to the philosophy of
money that I have, which I want to offer as a solution
to this global problem of poverty. It is not only that people are poor in India,
China and Africa. People are poor everywhere. Even in America. Only 1% of the people have the chance to rule
the country. So now to go back to the question
why in the first place people are poor. What’s the answer? Why a child is born in Beverly Hills or Bel
Air and at the same time another child is born
in a slum in the same Los Angeles? Why? Is there divine inequality? How are you going to account for it? I have been reflecting on this problem in
all my lifetimes. And in this lifetime,
I have determined that I wanted to do something about it
bring this problem to the awareness of people. Why are people born poor or born rich? And who is responsible for the problem? Now, let’s look at the billionaires. There is research available that says
that the billionaires are born with a strong Mercury. Virgo born. Statistics are available to show that. So there is a connection between the planet
and money. Particularly Mercury. So the planets are able to influence us. So as soon as I said this, some people think,
Oh, my God, he’s getting into astrology. It is a pseudoscience. Believe me astrology is a super science. The Supreme Court of India has upheld it. Thanks to Dr. Robb, who single handedly fought
against the bureaucracy. And took it to the supreme court
and made the Supreme Court to hear his case and the Supreme Court gave a verdict saying
that this is a science, on par with computer science, biology, chemistry. And gave directions to the University Grants
Commission to give grants for universities to start the
Department of Astrology. Because the planets influence your life, your
finances. And I had a revelation this morning. I’m in San Diego. I just woke up and then, went into the library. The sun was shining bright
and I was communicating with the Sun. The Sun was saying that,
–I’m glad you’re doing this. You have a lot to learn from it. I knew of nuclear energy
long before your scientists figured it out. I knew about how to join two hydrogen atoms
and make a helium atom. And then, create abundant energy. And you have to come to me to understand
about energy, and intelligence, and life. Because if the Sun is gone, life is gone. So the solar energy has the wisdom in it. So all the other planets. The planets have a message for us. And that is,
that can explain why a certain person is born poor. Astrology can tell you, very easily. Why a person is born poor? Or why a person is born rich? So it’s a science. So as soon as the Supreme Court gave direction
to the University Grants Commission, to start Departments of Astrology in Indian
universities, the universities found a big problem. The problem is there is nobody to teach the
science. And those who are able to do a good job are
in their late 80s and the bureaucracy would not allow them to
be appointed as professors because they don’t have a PhD. This is our problem. Our problem is the bureaucracy. They don’t look at the value. Okay? We are prejudiced. Completely prejudiced about everything. We have to look at everything. Look at the Sun and learn from the Sun. Look at the sky and learn from them
because they are giving us consciousness. Can anybody deny that the Sun is giving us
consciousness? Just as the Sun is giving us consciousness,
the Moon is giving us consciousness. Mercury is giving us consciousness. Jupiter is giving us consciousness. That has a bearing on our life,
our finances, our relationship. So that is the cause. So in what other way can you explain
why a certain person is born in a slum versus in Bel Air or Beverly Hills. The politicians don’t want to ask this question,
the economists don’t want to ask this question. The scientists don’t want to ask this question
because they cannot answer this question. It’s an irrelevant question. Where are you going to go by asking this question? For me this is a fundamental question. This is what is going to give us a clue
to answer the problem of equality. And then how we can fix it. I’m not only here to raise the question. But also provide an answer. That’s why I started this company Astroved,
which is going to be the research Institute and down the road I want to develop it into
a university, that is going to study the influence of the
planets on human life. So we are already doing some research
on how it affects academic performance. We have collected enough data. Part of it has been published. And we are trying to get more organized and
do some more research. So, why are people poor? We are not getting enough energy,
enough energy from where? From the planets that control your finances. And that applies to other areas. I’m not going to go into that
because this Hangout is going to be exclusively on money. The philosophy of money. I started out, I referred to the relationship
that people have with money. They love money,
but at the same time they hate money. I remember something that happened a few years
ago, I was having a money seminar in San Diego. A doctor came to me and then said,
–You are talking about money all the time. I hate myself for loving money so much. But here I am listening, you know,
listening to the same money and prosperity. I hate it–. But I told him,
–you are the greediest man in the audience–. I said this in another seminar in San Francisco. When some millionaires came and told me,
–why are you talking about money? We just came here because you are a spiritual
teacher. We wanted to hear something, not about money–. But I said, –I’m holding this seminar not
for you. I am holding this seminar for the 99.9% of
the people in the audience who don’t have money. Because I have a solution for this–. And the solution is not going to be a political
solution. The Democrats will not be able to do it. The Republicans won’t be able to do it. Or another form of government like communism
won’t be able to do it. Totalitarianism, dictatorship won’t be able
to do it. No economists will be able to do it. Because when are you going to put money in
everybody’s hands. That is not possible. So what is the solution? This is to think differently. I love Einstein, he said,
–we cannot create a solution for a problem with
the same kind of thinking which we created the problem–. So we have to get into another kind of thinking. And what kind of thinking is that? That thinking is getting out of the box. Thinking out-of-the-box,
we cannot think out-of-the-box because a person who has no money always thinks,
they have no skills, there’s no way I can make money. I have no capital. I’m black or I’m Hispanic. So how am I going to make money? It’s all about money. Even if you run for Congress,
you’re going to need a couple of million dollars to run for Congress and then fail. These days even the primary candidates,
even the primary elections, people spend $1 million and lose. So this is the world. How am I going to survive in this world? This is all ruled by money. True. But then, you don’t want to be entrenched
in this thinking. You have to get out of this thinking pattern. You have to know how to think. How to think out-of-the-box. And that’s all that you need to know. So there is a mechanism,
by which we can change our thought patterns. Once you begin to think differently, you have
solved the problem. Centuries ago, the Vedic seers, the yogis
figured it out. They said everything is about thinking. They have a saying called:
[Sanskrit] which means, –you become as you think. If you keep on thinking you are poor, you
are poor, there is no way you can make money. Then, you will never be able to make money. And my question is, why do you think the way
you are thinking? What makes you to think? Again it relates to the first solution I gave,
there is a planet, there is a frequency. It’s all about being more precise. It’s between 400 to 600 nanometers of wavelengths. That’s the thinking range for people. They represent the planets too. So we have to change that thinking pattern. So we cannot find the solution with the same
kind of thinking that we created the problem with. So we have to have a different model. A different model is you become as you think. You should never ever allow
a thought of poverty into your consciousness. You should keep on thinking who you are. Who you are is not a poor person. Because thought creates the reality. This is what we need. This is the solution. The primary solution is that thought creates
the reality. So you become responsible for the poverty
or prosperity because you are thinking the poverty thought
or the prosperity thought. So go and look at environments,
like different environments, by which I mean neighborhoods. Go to a rich neighborhood versus a poor neighborhood. When I go there, I can see not only the, you
know, energy, but also the thought patterns in those
neighborhoods. So what creates this energy is the thoughts
that are put out by people who are living there. So I always wanted to vacuum that space of
the bad neighborhood. We don’t have the technology,
but we could create the technology because space work together. Space and your brain work together. That’s one of the findings of the yogis. So the space you occupy also carry the thought
patterns. So that we can easily by many manipulating
our space, we can manipulate the thinking pattern of
the people. This is one of my researches that I want to
do later on. So two things that I have put forth for you
to consider: ONe is: why people are born in Beverly Hills
versus in a slum. And that’s because of the planets. Then, we can look at the planets and fix it. Because it’s a matter of fixing the wavelength
of the brain of this person. The second one is thinking out-of-the-box,
which is going to be creating prosperity thoughts versus poverty thoughts. I have two more points that I will explain
to you when I come back. And in the meantime, I want you to hear from
people who have been studying with me for some time,
and who are part of this global movement to create global prosperity. Because I believe that poverty is hundred
percent curable. Because it’s a state of mind. The politicians can’t do it. The economists can’t do it. Nobody can do it. But who can do it? Every individual can do it. So we need the participation of every individual. To make this global change from poverty to
prosperity. Jaya, you can… Jaya you can invite the other guests to join. She’s not hearing me? I think we are novices in this. We are not properly organized
>>GINA: The connection is not good. I can’t hear.>>ANN-MARIE: We can hear. I can hear you Jaya.>>DR PILLAI: So I just said that we can invite
the guests. Okay.
[inaudible]>>GINA:So I’m having trouble hearing anyone. I think Dr. Pillai wants me to introduce the
other guests. So, that’s what I’m going to do. Thank you so much Dr. Pillai for your change
in shedding light for your dream of creating global abundance. We have with us several guests that I’m going
to introduce separately. And you can see them all. We have Elaine Kueper who is the vice president
of the Tripura Foundation, who has been with Dr. Pillai
for almost 20 years now. We also Michael Mulloy and Ann Marie Mulloy
together, brother and sister duo. And they will be discussing their [inaudible]. I apologize. I’m not sure what’s happening. And we also have Yadeesh coming to us from
India. He is the deputy director of an international
company. What I’ll do is start with Elaine. You are unmuted and ready to go.>>ELAINE: Great! It’s really great to be hanging out with all
you today in our first ever Google hangout. I just want to share my own personal transformation
through Dr. Pillai’s teachings. I grew up poor. My parents didn’t have much. They worked really hard. [inaudible]
>>DR PILLAI: I think there’s a problem on her side. She’s not able to…>>GINA: It looks like we just lost Elaine. So I’m going to’Oh! She just joined us back.>>ELAINE: Sorry! Thanks for your patience as we work through
our growing pains for this. Ah, okay. Elaine is back.>>ELAINE: I’m not sure where I left off. I was just sharing my story about how I grew
up poor. And how we didn’t have any beautiful things
in our family. Money was hard to come by. And this pattern really continued in my adult
life. Basically, my bank account was always hovering
around zero. I lived in junky apartments. And I drove a junky car. In fact when I met Dr. Pillai, this particular
junky car that I had was so bad that one door didn’t
even open. It was jammed in a car accident and I didn’t
have the money to fix it. When I met Dr. Pillai, it was revolutionary
for me to hear him talk about his teachings on a 200% life, 100%
spiritual and 100% material. And for the first time I realized that to
be a master I had to both gain material comforts as well as spiritual
evolution. So I began working with Dr. Pillai’s teachings. And in one year I manifested a beautiful Mercedes-Benz. I was living in a beautiful waterfront home. I had a nose job, which was fantastic to experience
changing my body karma. But after I changed all these things,
I really felt empty because it was just for me. So I made a decision that I was going to bring
these teachings to people like me who didn’t have anything. And much more to the truly poor people of
the world. So I had an opportunity to go to India and
open up a center for Dr. Pillai there. And in India Dr. Pillai encouraged me to start
our charitable activities for Tripura foundation and I found the love
of my life. It was really a magical journey of bringing
Dr. Pillai’s teachings to the boys. We sponsored a boys’ town, watched their miraculous
transformations. And now some of those boys have got on to
be engineers. At they are making a great salary. They’re able to help support their families. And be a great role model for their community. Then, we launched our girls’ town. And we witnessed many more miracles with the
girls. And happy news is that most of our girls that
have graduated from Girls’ Town And they are actually going to college, which
is a miracle for their family. And some of them are going to engineering
school and they’ll have a much better life. All this success inspired us to start our
latest initiative which is Hope Centers
where we bring Dr. Pillai’s teachings to the most remote rural areas,
and work with the poorest, most disadvantaged children. And it has been fantastic to witness the incredible
transformation that happened so rapidly
in the lives of these children. They’ve become focused and disciplined. They have confidence. They are dreaming about a good career. And most importantly, they want to give to
their community as they lift themselves up. So truly it’s been a real blessing for me
to serve the poor every day. I really feel that because of all the blessings
coming my way. It’s brought me a lot more beautiful things
in my life. I now live in that multibillion dollar home
in Singapore. It’s decorated like a five-star hotel
and every day it feels magical to live in such beautiful surroundings. So I’m truly grateful to Dr. Pillai for his
teachings that have changed my life so dramatically
and for so many more people I’m grateful for having
this opportunity to join this hangout today. So back to you Gina.>>GINA: Thank you very much. Actually, I can’t hear anyone. So, I’m doing the best I can moderating with
no sound. So, I will now turn it over to our dynamic
brother and sister duo coming to us live from India. We have Michael Mulloy and Anne-Marie Mulloy. They have both been in the financial industry
working in Wall Street themselves and technology. Anne-Marie is a former vice president of
and has many other financial background. They are working together now in India. Please go ahead and introduce yourselves some
more and tell us your story.>>ANN-MARIE: I think Raja will start here.>>MICHAEL: Hello. This is Michael. When I first met Dr. Pillai,
he started a program to manifest a Mercedes. During the program, the hardest part actually
was just getting the concept that I have a Mercedes. And he gave, gave the meditation to go through. I started to visualize it. Because I grew up in a middle class family. And the concept to having a Mercedes was actually’
I just thought that couldn’t be more me. I wasn’t even aware I was thinking that thought. Until the program came and then,
I saw that I had a lot of poverty thoughts deep inside. And it allowed me to work through those. And when it came time to get the Mercedes,
it was actually really simple. And it’s a very nice car. And it was very good to get, to have. So that was nice. But at the same time,
I found more fascinating not driving the Mercedes, because once you have the car then,–okay,
it’s a car–. It doesn’t really bring happiness. It’s nice to have, but it was the awareness
of, –oh I have poverty thoughts that I’m not
aware of–. And only by going for something that I thought
was outside of my… Outside of my means or outside of my…I,
I … What was allowed for me to come into my world
was I able to see that there was that thought constraint in my mind. And so, being here in India,
I’ve been able to go to these hope, learning centers,
and see the children doing the sounds. The same sounds that we worked with years
ago when getting the Mercedes. And I want to tell you that the children do
these practices, if I could do it with 10% of the dedication
that they do it with, it would be a new life. The children do it with utter positivity. There’s no doubt. I’ve learned so much just watching them do
these practices. It’s beautiful to watch them. And it re-ignited and reshowed me again what
positivity is. Anyways: so, these programs allow you to get
rid of any… Become aware of negative states of mind that
you might have in your own head, that are causing limitations. And this allows me to see, to get rid of it. So, I’m very grateful to have this. It gives you a new life. And I’ll give this to Meena now.>>ANN-MARIE: Hi. So, I’ve worked with,
in…some of the some of the largest financial institutes:
Credit Suisse, as vice president and senior vice president with Office Tiger,
and all of the companies that I’ve worked for were the top Wall Street companies. So, I’ve seen some of the wealthiest people
in the world. And the one thing, that I really like from
JP Morgan is that astrology is for billionaires not millionaires. And that’s so true. They follow these teachings that now I see
Dr. Pillai making available, that really have been almost a hush-hush place. Where they understand the way the mind works,
and how to keep that thought of wealth consciousness always in their mind. And it has just been fascinating for me
to have that experience of watching, of understanding the teachings,
adopting them and to see how it is used. And the people who have that the money are
maybe unconsciously doing it, but they’re holding those thoughts. And they have that astrology too, that supports
it. And for Dr. Pillai to open this up for others,
who really don’t know these secrets, it just fascinates me. And I feel really fortunate to be part of
the program and to share it with others. So on to you Jaya. Gina. Now Yadeesh.>>GINA: Now I’d like to introduce Yadeesh.>>YADEESH: Hello.>>GINA: He comes to us from very humble beginnings. And through the grace of Dr. Pillai’s teachings
has worked his way up to be the Deputy Gen. manager of a global company
coordinating all of our, a lot of services that are performed on behalf
of people around the world. So Yadeesh, please tell us about yourself,
and your story.>>YADEESH: Thank you Gina. I’m really honored to be here and fortunate. I started when I was 33 with Dr. Pillai
when I came and it was at that time when everyone was mentioning
that you can be rich or you have to have a different thinking. I would like to give my background. My parents were rich,
but they lost everything because of the thought process. Because they believed that money is not good
or something so they lost everything. We were living in a single room. It’s not even a house. It’s kind of like a shed, which had four doors. At that time I hated myself for being there
in that kind of life. So I was very rebellious and not able to do
anything. I was full of anger. But my mom was determined to give me education. She believed that through education I could
[inaudible]. She was a teacher. So she believed that education would help
me and I can be a better person at least later
in my life. When I joined Dr. Pillai, I started, I knew
nothing when I came. I just came for a sales job,
which I was not able to do because I never believed in myself that I
could sell something. But that’s the main reason. Had I believed that I could do something,
I could have been a different person then. But I failed. Somehow I was given an opportunity to do translation
and other things which were natural. And I started translating. And slowly I picked up from there. And I started moving gradually. It was like within 10 years. I’d like to mention the particular thing
that happened in my life around December 2010. At the time, I’d been to Goa. And I had the opportunity to be a part of
the morning sessions which was the meditation Shreem Brzee. I started doing that and what happened was
within four months I wasn’t even thinking about buying a house
or it was the last thought may be in my mind but it was possible. Within six months, I started in December
and I started doing that every day from December 2010 until the end… In June I was able to finalize, which was
far beyond my expectations. I never had that kind of money,
but I started thinking about it. But it changed my thoughts. The practice of sounds gave me new thinking. And it changed my mindset totally. And also, at the same time, if has helped
me, that I could do something
because I thought I couldn’t do many things like others. But doing the sounds helped me to change myself. And then, I was part of the Hope learning
centers as Mr. Michael Mulloy was mentioning. I want to help the children to do…
and they can pick up easily and be better persons soon. Because they were able to do it when they
are young. I’m so grateful that I am part of this miracle. And I want to take it that up to others and
help them to realize their dreams. And I want to go for a bigger dream
that’s to help as many people as possible. Not in thousands, but in lacks. That’s my dream. Thank you. Jai Radha.>>GINA: Thank you very much Yadeesh for your
story and sharing as well as the other guests. It is an honor to have all of you here. So now Dr. Pillai will be guiding us through
a meditation. Not only are you getting the teachings,
but you will receive the experience of receiving the benefits of this mind tuning meditation. After Dr. Pillai does his meditation technique,
we will wrap up. And I will let you know that we will be having
future hangouts and give you the dates for those,
so please stay tuned. So we move forward to Dr. Pillai.>>DR PILLAI: Before I give you this meditation
practice, I just want to give you some background about
this meditation. This is the meditation with the sound Ah. What will it do? It will change your poverty thinking,
your prosperity thinking, your abundance thinking. This is the meditation that I gave to
Dr. Wayne Dyer about 12 years ago. So what this meditation does is it enables
you to conceive prosperity, to conceive abundance. Conceiving is really an important thing. Conception is a very important concept. Because you have to conceive in order to create. Even procreation is a conception. Then, you can become pregnant and then deliver. But the inability to conceive something,
in this case, prosperity, is a problem. If you cannot really conceive that you can
become a millionaire, you cannot become a millionaire. So it boils down to conception. Why are you not able to conceive this idea? If you go to Donald Trump and ask him to conceive
of $10 million dollars, he can do it in a second. Because his mind or brain allows him to do
it. But it is not the case with 99% of the people. So I am here only for the consciousness revolution
of changing your conceptual ability through sound waves. And this is the consciousness revolution
that I want to create. So this sound Ah has the ability to make you
or be able or allow you to conceive unlimited things,
abundance. That’s the first thing that you have to do. You have to be able to conceive of $1 million
dollars. Then you we will be able to manifest it. Conception leads to manifestation. So fundamentally, what we need to do is to
enable the mind to conceive. The sound Ah will do it. Because it has the intelligence. The sound equals intelligence is my primary
equation. To me is as valid as Einstein’s equation:
emc2 Sound equals intelligence. Sound equals creation. This is all sound. Even in the Bible, God said,
–let there be light, and the light was there–. And what is the word? It just a sound. Through sound waves you can create everything. Sound waves are consciousness. Sound waves is matter. That’s what the quantum physics is saying
now. Now they’re giving all these theories of particles
and waves they have gone into the string theory. It is, you know, the filaments vibrating. They are the fundamental vibrations that create
matter. But they have not yet gone to the’
zeroed in to what these vibrations of the strings are. That’s consciousness. And that starts with the sound Ah. Ah is a primordial sound. So if you use that sound,
you will be able to conceive very easily. There is no other way that you can conceive. Other than the sound going deep within you. That is the meditation that I am going to
teach you now. Before I do that, I have refined that model. And now I’m able to articulate the consciousness
revolution in terms of our brain, in terms of certain
parts of the brain. So, where do these poverty thoughts come from? Where do the negative thoughts come from? Where do the limiting thoughts come from? They’re all coming from these’ I have a brain
model here. I have been using it recently for my teaching
purposes. I hope you can see this here. This part of the brain is the frontal lobe,
the parietal lobe, the cortex, the new cortex is responsible for the concept
of the self: I’m poor. I’m John. I’m poor. My parents are poor. I have no skills. I have no capital to invest in anything. All these thoughts are coming from here. And they are dominant. And this part of the brain is so huge. It is a brain that we have developed down
the road. This is not our primitive brain. Our primitive brain is a lot more powerful
than this brain, this cortex area. But unfortunately, in our civilization,
we have given importance to this brain. It has to be a servant, that’s what Einstein
said. You know, when he was talking about intuition
and the rational mind. He said, Intuition is a sacred gift,
I’m quoting Einstein, a sacred gift from God. But, we have thrown away that
and what we have given importance is this rational mind. And which Einstein says has to be a servant
to the intuition. So where is the intuition found? The intuition is in the mid-brain area. This is the midbrain. It’s a very small area of the brain
when compared to the cortex area, the new cortex area. So we can pinpoint’
There’s a lot of literature available. So I’m going to be giving more teachings
on how you can get into this area, get into unlimited thinking. More unlimited thinking and by doing so,
by focusing attention here, you can create miracles. And this is how we are going to change the
world. This is how we are going to make everybody
rich. This is how we are going to create the Golden
Age. Because as Jesus said,
–thy kingdom come down to this Earth plane as it is in heaven–. That is the prayer. Because in heaven everything is so beautiful. It has to come down to this Earth plane. And how can it come down to this Earth plane? When we have no suffering. When we have everything. When 99% of the people has good home,
cars, and vacations and whatever they want to do. And what is prohibiting or inhibiting that? The frontal lobe, the parietal lobe,
the whole of the cortex is involved in that. Because we cannot live without the cortex. But that this part of the brain,
the mid-brain is very important. And then, the cerebellum also plays an important
role. And certain parts of the right brain are involved
with giving you the ability to connect with abundant
thinking. These are going to be my new teachings
which I will reveal to you in future hangouts. The most important thing, you know, is to
practice. You have to change our poverty mind to a prosperity
mind. That’s the most important thing. This is what I gave Dr. Wayne Dyer. I’m going to give you a very small, brief
practice. And through this practice you can develop
the mind to conceive, enable the mind to conceive. Like if you are only able to conceive only
$20,000, $30,000, and then want to conceive a hundred thousand
dollars, you can do this meditation. You can go step-by-step. Don’t go –trillionaire I want to be a trillionaire…–
I’ve seen so many people are so out of touch with reality. But I’m a very practical man. If you are just making 20,000 now,
maybe you should put out like 40,000. And then, once you create that,
you will have more confidence within you. The rule is, which I gave to Wayne Dyer,
which he beautifully illustrates in his book –Manifest your Destiny–. It’s a great title. It was dedicated to me by Dyer. The book says you cannot conceive’
You cannot manifest, that what you cannot conceive. That’s the teaching. So, in order to manifest you have to conceive
that. So 40,000 is something that I can live with
and conceive. So what do you do? You just use the sound Ah. Close your eyes. I’m going to lead you through this meditation. Close your eyes. Put your attention at the bottom of your spine,
the coccygeal area. That is where your creative energy is located. And you have to take this creative energy
that is being used for procreation to create something that you want a car,
a home, or a business or whatever you want to create. So this is a very simple meditation. So you are at the bottom of the spine. I’m going to chant the sound Ah. [Dr. Baskaran Pillai chants]
You are at the bottom of the spine, now move it up. [Chanting]
You are now at the sex center. [Chanting]
Now you are at the navel center. [Chanting]
at the heart center. [Chanting]
the throat center. [Chanting]
Now go to the third eye which is in between the two eyebrows
which corresponds to the pineal gland in the physical body. So you put your attention in between the two
eyebrows, on the forehead. [Chanting]
Now you visualize whatever you want to manifest, a job or a car or a home. See it in terms of pictures, images. And you are going to touch them with your
hands. Feel it. If it is a car, touch it with your hands. The home, touch it with your hands. And bring all your emotions. And then, have an affirmation:
–I must, must, must have it. Not having is not an option. I must, must, must have it. I love this reality with all my heart. not having it is not an option–. Now the creative energy from the bottom of
the spine has moved to the pineal gland. And you are visualizing that manifestation. Hold it tight. Embrace it with all your emotions. Now let go. Slowly, slowly you can come back to yourself. I have to tell you the background of this
meditation. I first gave this meditation in a church
somewhere in California about 15 years ago. The priest came in and told me that,
–this church has a problem of poverty. Lot of people who come to this church have
no money. So we invited you because you have been teaching
prosperity techniques for poor people, that’s why we invited you–. So, they wanted me to teach this meditation. That’s how I started this teaching, this Ah
meditation. And after Wayne Dyer picked it up
and created his own CD. There are the millions of people who are practicing
this technique. At one point, I met a woman in New York City. She came to me with her baby and said,
–This is a miracle. The doctor said that I won’t be able to have
a baby at all. I spent a lot of money in [inaudible]. And here is the baby. This Ah meditation baby. This is a miracle. How did it happen? I’m still wondering,
I’m still wondering how this happened. I said, –previously, you didn’t have the
ability to conceive. You went wrong in the conceptualization stage. And the Ah meditation enabled you to conceive. You know, so many people in one particular
program that I had in New York City, were able to create Mercedes-Benz. 15 people were able to buy a brand-new Mercedes-Benz. Because what I did was, Mike who was in the
program, was one among them. What I did for them was enable them to conceive
of a Mercedes-Benz. That I could drive it, that I could see it,
that I could touch it. In philosophical terms, creation can be understood
in two stages. One is called the thought stage,
and other one is the three-dimensional, material stage. One is the name in Sanskrit, which is the
thought form. The other is the matter, which is Ruppa, the
actual material form. Nama and Ruppa. Thought becomes matter. So everything is just the thought. And you should know where to put the thought. And now, as I told you,
I’m more interested in presenting meditation in terms of the brain functionalities. What parts of the brain are involved in thinking
abundant thoughts versus what parts of the brain are involved
in negative and poverty thoughts? So that gives me an opportunity to precisely
articulate the problem of prosperity versus poverty. So the Ah sound enables you to conceive whatever
you want to conceive. Once, you have conceived it, there is no problem. –Yes, I can do it–. Now, the mind is saying, –I cannot do it,
I cannot do it. I cannot do it–. Because it’s negative. Unless we change this negative attitude of
the mind, we are not going to go anywhere. This is how I want to change the 99% of the
people who are not able to control Wall Street,
to go and occupy Wall Street. Politics won’t be able to do it. Politicians won’t be able to do it. Economists won’t be able to do it. Nobody will be able to do it. But you can do it. Because you have tremendous amount of power. You have to move from the frontal lobe and
the parietal lobe, out of the cortex area. And go into the primitive brain,
go into the midbrain area. Go into the pineal gland which is only 5 mm
in diameter. And work with it. It will give you miracles. It will shift dimensions. It will shift time, so that you don’t have
to wait. One of my basic teachings is, –waiting is
a waste of time–. Why are you waiting? First of all, time doesn’t even exist. It exists because of the frontal lobe and
the new cortex. So together they are the culprit. So we can seal them. Even the Bible talks about sealing the frontal
lobe in the Revelations. Prior to bringing in the Golden Age,
because in the Golden Age everybody has everything. That is going to come through the consciousness
revolution, through sound waves,
through changing the way we think, through changing your brain’s functionality. So I will be revealing more secrets, more
meditations down the road. I want to use the Google Hangout,
as a great Avenue to present my ideas. And I’ll meet you again on September 8. By the time, I think I will be in India. And I will join you in India. And then, we will explore the possibilities
of how we can change the world. Changing the world starts with changing your
own self first. Otherwise, it’s just philosophy. Just as Elaine Kueper was saying until she
herself bought a Mercedes, until she was able to do the cosmetic surgery
in her nose, until she occupied a waterfront house it was
all a philosophy. Once she created that, she said,
–why can I share with other people? And that’s important for me. Not that I’m going to dump anything. I want to share with other people–. That’s why we started the Hope Center. Hope is short for Heaven On Planet Earth. It also means hope, giving hope for the people. The hope comes from changing your thought
patterns, inhibiting your stupid thoughts. So I’m also in the process of developing software
called Stupid Thoughts Inhibitors. I have been talking about it for a long time. Now it’s the time that I’m going to release
it soon. So thanks for coming. I enjoyed sharing my ideas with you. I ask you to invite more and more people into
the Hangouts so that we can create a global community
of people who can change their thoughts, change their minds, and change the world. This is my plan. Thank you. I don’t know if you still hear me. We are still novices. We are trying to learn this. At least thanks to Google.>>GINA: Thank you very much for continuing
to stick with us through the technical difficulties. Thank you Dr. Pillai for this wonderful meditation
and teachings. Thank you to all our wonderful guests
who joined us from around the world, literally. And thank you all for joining this movement
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it until we feel that there is major change around
the world. Coming with new energies that are coming through
the end of the year. We’re hoping it won’t be too long. So what are the next steps? Pillai Center is committed to doing follow-up
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other parts of the world. We chose a time that we thought that most
people could join. So thank you again and all our guests can
say goodbye and we will and our session. Thank you all.


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