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Manifest, a simple verb often used by
people wanting to use the power of thoughts, feelings and intentions to
create success. It is no secret that what we focus on we amplify, and positive
creativity can lead anyone to discover their own capabilities. But is that the
complete picture? If we look to the Cambridge Dictionary, the definition of
manifest is ‘To show clearly, through signs or actions’. The good news is, the
principles derived from modern psychotherapy and NLP can help us
manifest – choose goals and take the actions necessary to write our success
story. The following sleep hypnosis has been created to help you adopt the
unconscious habits, to be the cause and effect in your reality. I’m Matt, the
overly energetic half of Self Health Hypnosis, where we guide you to help
yourself. So take this moment for yourself and
let’s do something amazing together! Self health hypnosis. Please do not listen
to hypnosis and guided meditations while driving, operating machinery or when it
is not safe for you to relax or fall asleep. I welcome you to this powerful sleep
hypnosis where we aim to guide you to discover the motivation and abilities
that are within you to manifest while you sleep. We are excited that you have taken this
time to join us and more importantly that you have chosen to devote this time
to yourself to find calm,to find comfort now. And I don’t know if this is true for you
but perhaps you have come to this guided meditation for motivation and success
because you know in your heart, in your mind, and soul
that you can do better. Maybe you are certain – positive in your
own capacity to be better still. Many thought leaders and motivational
speakers often communicate that their own individual capacity for success comes
down to individual ability to interrupt our own ineffective patterns. And I don’t know what your patterns are but I wonder if you can be honest with
yourself now and consider them with calm days in the knowledge that you have
taken this moment for yourself and this is your time of silence and sanctuary
and in this moment you can have an open, free
conversation with yourself and you are safe
and I wonder if there are limiting beliefs existing just as obstacles to
what you want and can choose for yourself or perhaps in the past you have
been held back by unhelpful thoughts and maybe fear-based feelings and emotions
that have clouded your ability to see clearly what you truly deserve now and
wouldn’t it be a magical new day of your life when you’re awakened to an
understanding that you can partner with your inner observer and make a decision
to stop behaviors now stop those bad habits you have found
yourself pondering over and over now making the decision when you wake to
this new day with confidence and absolute certainty that the more you
manifest hope and excitement for the future the more you have to look forward
to and imagine how much you will enjoy the
journey that is making your dreams a reality and I hope it is a comfort for
you to know that we create guided meditations that are far more than just
positive affirmations or suggestions that are accompanied by a clear calm
voice and I don’t know if this is true but
maybe you want more for yourself and more from life then calm rest safety and
a deep sleep I wonder if you would be curious to
explore how much easier it will be to bring your abilities into conscious
awareness by committing your focus to the proven modern hypnotic techniques
and ericksonian language patterns designed to help you choose change perhaps you have joined us to begin the
process of deliberately focusing your attention with the intent of directing
your own life experience and I wonder how surprised you will be
when you start to focus your intention within and utilize the infinite power of
your unconscious mind to empower you to make useful choices
and to take clear action I’m sure you already know in your heart and mind that
your focus needs to have purpose and that it is up to you to choose what you
want and take the necessary action and it is wonderful that you have taken this
moment for yourself to discover the resources within within you that you can
bring into being all the visions and dreams you have chosen for yourself I
will suggest that you take time now for yourself to find peace and find an environment where you can
focus on you and allow yourself to relax and in your own way
find calm it’s very positive in comforting to know
you are in control of this experience and I am grateful you have chosen me to
be your guide and my voice is here only to guide you perhaps you can find a
place where you can sit or lay in comfort maybe you want to use this time as a
stepping stone to come to let go and experience a deep restful sleep the
space you have chosen maybe a chair in a quiet room where you can be alone with
yourself or it could be the warm soft comfort of a bed whatever you choose it can be anywhere
that you can find a comfortable piece it’s up to you to find the place the
time and a comfortable position and let yourself enjoy comfort and an
experience of complete calm so when you are ready
and in your own time find comfort in the way you have chosen what I suggest you do is to just allow
your eyes to comfortably close and I will gently and simply explain what you
can expect as you enter a relaxed state of pain
a simple state of focused awareness a pal for everyday state therapists often
call trance and maybe you can be aware of your eyes and of how you are in
control and how you could open that should you wish and that’s fine because
I really wouldn’t want you to not relax too quickly for this session we have crafted for you
something special because we believe you have everything within you to create
something special for yourself and I wonder if you can imagine finding your
inner qualities that divine spark inside of you and an awareness to discover how
you can mindfully connect your conscious mind you will power
to the infinite power of the unconscious mind and perhaps come to the understanding
that you can use all of your mind your whole being and bring into alignment
your motivation and inherent strengths a perfect formula of action to manifest
success and to embrace enthusiastically all the possibilities awaiting you I
wonder if you’ll enjoy how naturally how easily it is to let go
of any tension and relax into this guided meditation focused on you maybe
you can feel free to allow yourself to observe your thoughts and anything in
your daily life with a word interest making a commitment to yourself to put a
stop to any judgement I’d like you to begin allowing yourself to approach this
time you have devoted to you differently with the intention to understand and in
full acceptance of whatever may emerge and I don’t know if you would like to
encourage what is deep within you now to come to the surface and enrich your life
and consciousness with its captive energies and as you sit there
you may be aware of any sounds in the background and you might notice the
feeling of the surface beneath you or you might unconsciously notice the
thoughts as you relax into your own experience and as you do you might
notice the beginnings of comfort in days he may hear the sounds of the others
around you all the street as the traffic passes by or perhaps it’s the tone of my voice as
you follow my voice you may even begin to notice thoughts
and feelings emerging and fading and as you do beginning to feel the sensation
of complete comfort in your body and as you sit still you might notice the
sensation of your hands and that amidst any sounds in the background there is
also a stillness and as your breathing starts to slow you might begin to notice
a relaxed calm broaden in deepen and I don’t know if will be the words
that I use or the sound of my voice that will start to open for you a deep vast
world of change and possibility that’s right I would prefer that you discover how
much easier it is simply to allow events to occur in their own time and in their
own way noticing any feelings in your body as you continue to listen to the
sound of my voice and the sounds that surround you paying close attention to
those feeling in those changes now as you find absolute wander at your own
ability to let go completely enter it into a trance well your conscious mind
has already begun to drift off somewhere else allowing your body to relax and your
mind to find calm without you knowing it all how a much more comfortable and
relaxed be calm and I wonder if you can imagine the
power that comes from a full acceptance of the present moment and appreciation
of anything you are feeling in what you perceive to be happening it can be
deeply comforting to know that in these moments there is no need to change
anything at all and you can just allow yourself this moment to breathe and let
go to breathe and let be and give in to having anything be different in this
moment and in your mind and in your heart giving yourself permission to
allow this moment to be and imagine the depth of possibilities that would emerge
when you choose calm and she’s conscious awareness and maybe
it will surprise you to notice the power in control and that you are in control
in that is hypnosis that’s right all hypnosis is
self-hypnosis and I understand how easy it is to get caught up in wanting to
have a special experience or in looking for signs of progress the truth is you
can only take a path to change yourself because you want to do it for yourself
and in that moment that you decide that what you are experiencing now can be
exactly as it is and you can allow yourself to be exactly as you are so
when you’re ready move in the direction your heart tells you to go mindfully and
with resolution in perhaps you don’t know this but you
already have all the knowledge you need to understand how to just be into–into Uline trucks and you have an
experience of entering trucks many times each day and I am sure you can recall
times you have been wondering about your day and discovered that your mind begins
to wander to thoughts ideas and dreams well maybe it’s the experience of
travelling on a bus or a train or a plane or even as a passenger in a car when the journey is long where there is
little need to pay attention and you can rest your head against the headrest or
even against the edge of the window and you can drift and dream and allow your
mind to wander and you may like to imagine as you start
to daydream and now your own experience as you they’re beginning to drift off
into a comfortable relaxed police really have known all along how much
easier it is to learn when you are so relaxed though I wouldn’t want you to
relax too quickly at first I would prefer that you discover now how much
easier it is to recognize the small changes tiny changes happening in your
breathing in the almost imperceptible changes in your pulse rate and just how
quiet instill in comfortable you have become
and that feeling of security washes over you all you have to do in this moment
if give yourself permission to let go giving yourself the freedom to explore
of a part of yourself to know that this is just the process then there is no
right way or wrong way to do this maybe your conscious mind expects to be able
to experience a sense of knowing of knowing time of knowing confort and your
unconscious can expect something even deeper the truth is you really don’t have to
know what to expect but when you take the time to go inside just like you’re
doing now it’s easy to notice that there is a part of you that knows how to
breathe deeply and you can expect that part of you to
always be there so that those deep and comforting breaths just naturally flow
and at this moment take comfort in knowing you have created a sense of very
deep relaxation notice your breathing is smooth your heart rate has slowed and
your muscles are relaxed it isn’t it comforting to know this is a
state that you have created and it is uniquely your experience remember you
and only you can be the hero in your own journey and it is comforting to know
that you’ve chosen me to be your guide and teach you how you can return to this
state at any time in any place you choose and I wonder if you know in your
heart and in your mind the great benefit to you
as you continually return to this powerful state of self-hypnosis a state
of ultimate learning where you can begin to uncover the potential that was always
within your grasp now as you hear my words perhaps you know in your heart and
mind that it is time time for you to return to the true nature of your being
and to consciously live the success that you have determined you desire for
yourself to break free from the past to leave behind any limiting beliefs to
bring front and center you Trude full of confidence and success now I wonder if you can imagine yourself
walking into a room with confidence and calm
and as you went to this room you see a black boy a chalkboard in front of you in written
on this blackboard are uncomfortable labels labels you have been given in the
past and the truth is I don’t know if these were labels that slowed you down
and kept you in your shell perhaps they were outdated labels that
failed to reflect the wonderful strong and good qualities that you possess to
make you truly shine I wonder if you would like to see those labels there on
the board and see yourself reaching down picking
up the eraser and imagine rubbing out the labels from the board and maybe you
would just like to enjoy yourself as you will raise each one as you see yourself
just wiping them away perhaps finding a quiet comfort in the fact they now have
no meaning for you none at all now the blackboard before you is blank
and maybe you would now like to imagine seeing yourself here choosing to write
anything you want to write and I wonder if you’ll be fascinated and
feel a strong compulsion as you imagine seeing yourself take the chalk and
writing the words that really describe you and I wonder if you might hesitate
and resist seeing yourself write the words confident invaluable important
capable and skilled
and you know better than anyone what the other good positive words are that truly
describe you and I’d like you to imagine seeing
yourself clearly and vividly now as you write these words and I wonder if you be curious as you
now look at the words you have written and consider carefully the words you
wrote so clearly confident valuable important capable skilled and
the other words that you chose to write the other good positive words you wrote
that truly describe you those strengths they’re available to you now perhaps
even taking a special kind of enjoyment and assurance as you look at those words and as you observe yourself standing in
that room I wonder if you notice something is happening to you that you can observe yourself standing
tall proud of who you are because you are fine and I wonder if you will learn to
appreciate yourself as you are observing yourself now standing tall in front of
the blackboard full of the words of positivity and that everything about you
the way you look the way you act and how you think and I wonder if you know they’re all
fine and you don’t have to be any different and I don’t know if you will notice how
this Sain exists as a true and beautiful demonstration of the qualities that
contribute to making you the uniquely wonderful person you are and I do wonder if you understand you
are more than your thoughts your feelings and anything from the past you are the presence behind all those
things it might be comforting to imagine yourself experience a new and healthy
energy an energy that helps you to accomplish all that you need to do and as you see yourself standing there in the qualities that embody perhaps you would now like to look
within and to just reflect on all the positive
aspects of yourself your creativity your intelligence your talents you probably
know on a deep level you probably already know that as you expand your
skills the actions you take accumulate the
results of age simple action aggregate and the collective effect of all your
efforts amplifiers and I wonder if you can resist realizing
that hypnosis is effective for positive change and that you are taking the time
now to undertake a process are you not and I am not sure if you are going to
relate to this but I am now going to share with you a story a story for your
unconscious mind to understand and I wonder if your unconscious mind will be
curious to come back in time now to ancient times to the great
civilization of Egypt during it’s golden age at the time of the great pyramids
maybe your conscious mind would like to create a vivid image of yourself back in
ancient Egypt as you find yourself walking down a clean and shiny limestone
pathway to your right and left you notice many Reed’s long grass that is
bright green in the occasional palm you can hear the trickle of the River
Nile and the gentle flow of water that fills the causeway only meters to your
right and you smell the fresh fragrant scent of the lilies and lotus flowers
that grow along its Shore it is the late afternoon and the Sun sets in the west a
large fiercely red orb over the distant sandy windblown mountains in the
limestone path you walk heads west towards the Setting Sun and you can feel
the warmth of the breeze as it caresses your face and after a comfortable and
purposeful walk you find yourself continuing several hundred meters down
the path beyond the fertile banks of the Nile and into the desert now you are surprised to notice a
majestic site that was earlier hidden from your eyes in the shadow of a nearby
mountain ridge you notice the path rises before you and extends between two
pillars where you find yourself before the cave like entrance to a large
pyramid you pause only for a moment to take in the enormity of the pyramid
before you and how the orange red rays of the Setting Sun reflect off its
polished stone exterior your attention now turns to the large
stone doorway before you and you knowingly and confidently into moving
forward along the completely straight downward sloping passageway well lit on
each side with torches filling a sense of security and confidence you follow
this passageway as it takes you deeper and deeper into the pyramids heart at
the end of the passageway at the call you find a vast Oran filled with
treasures of all descriptions and I wonder if you will be surprised to
discover that this is the storehouse of all the vast untapped resources or the
potential for good and for achievement all that is before you that you have not
yet turned to your advantage it is so nice to know all of this
treasure is rightfully yours for it has been stolen from you through force of
circumstance the resources you always possessed that was stored up that were
cast aside as you were consumed every day by different choices and I wonder if
you can notice that your valuable possessions the valuable items in this
inner chamber of resources they have gathered dust and in this moment you nod
to yourself choosing to be self-aware conscious of the fact your resources
were always there here now watching time drift by without being utilized
and as you stand there surveying your chamber of resources one thing is
abundantly clear for you know better than anyone that unless you carry it
back into the world outside to enjoy and to share with others it will eventually
be sealed up within the room and lost forever and I wonder if you will
naturally decide to gather up this treasure for it is rightfully yours but
as you decide to gather up your resources
you cannot some force is preventing you a force emanating from a huge black
statue in the center of the room you walk over to this statue and notice
that it is magically powered by a brilliant red jewel embedded in its
forehead perhaps you recall having seen this before or heard about it from the
mystery stories of the past and you recognize that this jewel is the
embodiment of all the negative forces of failure and a fate within you
I wonder if you will be reminded that it has been placed in the room as a
guardian of the treasure making all other guardians unnecessary and it can
be comforting to know here and now that all the treasures stored up in this vast
storehouse of your potential can be freed so that you can become the person
you’re capable of being and that you can easily and effortlessly access your
resources and that you must be self aware and use your strength of mind and
ability to act and here now overcome the negative
tendencies the forces of failure and defeat within you which are acting to
prevent this these 10 disease that are personified and embodied in this
guardian statue with deep certainty now maybe you feel a strong compulsion and
you simply go to the statue and knock the jewel from its forehead and the
feeling as you stop negativity fills you with satisfaction now as it lies on the ground you noticed
its luster fades so that it looks ugly and dark like a piece of burnt coal and
I wonder if you choose to move forward and step on what is left of the jewel
crushing it into black dust and I wonder now if you notice its power gone and that you must take the next obvious
step and use your strength to push the black statue and watch as it falls and
breaks into many pieces and it must be so pleasing that you have taken the
action required and you are now free to gather up as many of the treasures as
can be carried taking it with you as you retrace your steps up the passageway to
the entrance and it will comfort you to know that there is no need to attempt to
take all the treasure because your choices will allow you to return to this
treasure room whenever you need and no matter how much you may take or
how many times you return the room will always be full of exactly what you need
to manifest the outcomes you desire and as you step outside you are surprised to
feel the warm radiance Sun upon your face and notice it is a new day maybe
there is an excited spring in your step as you return to the world of your
everyday life with the treasures you have gathered your personal treasures
which can be anything you want them to be and you will marvel in your ability
to step out every day with an attitude of opportunity and that your storeroom
of treasures will reveal themselves in new habits new ideas and new directions now I would like you to have a new
experience and on any occasion when you feel a lack of confidence in your
ability to do anything think of the pyramid and the treasures it contains
and as you do perhaps you’ll connect with the confidence strengths
and power surging through you filling you with the certainty that you are
capable of completing each step and walking a path to success for a wise man
once said action without vision is only passing time vision without action is
merely daydreaming but vision with action can change the world and I don’t
know if you have considered this before but as human beings despite all our
strengths skills and amazing abilities we only have control
over what we say our behavior the decisions we make and the mindset we
bring to those decisions and that confident attitude is the
energy to propel us forward now I wonder if you will be surprised to
discover that these are all the same things over which you have controlled and that these are the factors you can
use to set goals and that a healthy goal is one formed around what you say think
feel and do and those are the only goals you can initiate and maintain on your
own as everything else is outside your control I wonder if you’ll be reminded that the
best goals are those that you can organize into a process and that will
probably remind you of other experiences and of other feelings you’ve had and
maybe you would like to consider the process of entering trance and your
willingness to be guided by my voice to visualize and rediscover the amazing
abilities that are already within you and that is a process and I wonder how
motivated you will feel knowing that you have made a decision to commit this time
to your self change and you know better than anyone that a decision isn’t a
maybe or an I’d like to or even and I might
in that those words a purely a matter of preference and I wonder if you know that the word
decision in Latin literally translates to a cutting off one of the things I’d
like you to discover is that when you make a decision you are
cutting off yourself from being absorbed in other thoughts feelings or
circumstances that were not helpful and perhaps it is now clear to you that
a person is able to make the changes they want and allow them to be permanent
a person is able to discover meaningful changes simply because you want to do it
for yourself I wonder if you had considered what it was that in your past
has held you back from reaching your goals and for now bring the positive
energy of success into your being perhaps you would like now to have a few
moments to think about what needs to change what you need to shift what you
need to cut off and let go and exactly what it is that will enable you empower
you to walk that path to success the truth is I don’t know what for you
needs to change and you know better than anyone the actions required to meet your
goals and I wonder if you are going to give
yourself permission to change and if you would like to begin taking
responsibility I wonder if you would like to be the one in control of each
day and that each moment you can choose to think about your day differently and I wonder if you will be willing to
experience and begin to imagine a perfect kind of day the day that you
will wake into and you just know it’s going to be the kind of day where
everything is just right it’s going to be a pleasure to notice that everything
just falls into its place and perhaps you feel good in your body you feel at
peace and you feel content and I wonder if you can reflect on what is
comfortable about your day and I don’t know if it is comfortable because it is
familiar or if it is what you expect and within your control perhaps you might notice that you have
found comfort and protection within the boundaries that you yourself have
created or perhaps the perfect day you imagine will be something entirely
different and you will feel an empowering sense of comfort and
assurance you have chosen to move past the day’s limited to same outcomes and
that you will find a deeper comfort that you have expanded your horizons and
moved forward past by the barricades you created as you break free from the old
patterns you chose to find comfort to deal with
the limits you know now existed only as boundaries to new possibilities just imagine yourself pushing back those
barricades pushing back the barricades you created and instead expanding your
horizons expanding your goal reaching forward higher and higher feeling
comfort with your new goals perhaps feeling a renewed sense of absolute joy
with your expanded boundaries have you begun to notice that yet perhaps
discovering a renewed a better more profound feeling of safety security and
confidence that warms your belly because you now know you have the control and
power within you to change to change your limitations and be the successful
person you were meant to be the successful bait you want to be you
choose to be now imagine taking that special day and placing it a little bit
in the future and I don’t know if this will be a day or two a week a month just
a little in the future or if it will be sooner or later that you will be free
from the emotional burdens of your past but I can imagine you will move forward
and notice sooner or later that you have resolved issues any problems and easily
dismantled obstacles that are now long past and I wonder how satisfied you will
be to imagine yourself at this future time now seeing a broad smile on your
face perhaps even taking some special kind of enjoyment in your internal
feelings of calm acquired confidence in the strengths you have come to recognize
in yourself and enjoying pace and contentment in the
knowledge that you create change and that you can calmly go within and find
solutions and is very positive and comforting to know that with your
conscious mind your willpower your planner your inner critic that you can
set aside at will and just focus on a goal or project you would like to
accomplish that you can consciously focus your mind in the positive energy
of action of targeted work and see yourself completing tasks and I wonder if you will be surprised to
discover that your unconscious mind will observe and direct you enthusiastically
to see new opportunities to think about each task you will complete in pursuit
of your goals differently with opportunity with positivity and sooner
or later you will discover the unlimited benefits of this hypnosis sooner or
later you will become aware that this hypnosis is an efficient way of reaching
your goals that you can use the infinite power of your unconscious mind to make
choices that are right to choose the path to a success to the life you know
now and as each moment passes on this new
day these wonderful invigorating feelings increase and become a part of
you perhaps you already inherently
understand it because you can clearly remember the path you chose the story
you wrote each day and so as you deliberately relax right now breathing
deep giving yourself permission to drift off to sleep to a delta state we are
unconscious mind can combine your internal resources with your conscious
awareness where you will choose to manifest while you sleep and wake from
this hypnosis to live we’ve expanded possibility
you will form together aggregate your resources your strengths and you will
begin to gradually but surely remember how all aspects of your energy manifest
success and I can only imagine how wonderful it
must feel to experience a resonance with the absolute truth as you remember them
now and experience the results the positive outcomes manifest in your life
here and now you


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