Manifesting Love When It’s Over: The Truth (Law Of Attraction)


hi this is Eyvette from my world of
metaphysics bringing you another law of attraction metaphysical lesson today I
want to speak to you about manifesting love when it’s over the truth this is a
topic that comes up over and over and over and over again and today I wanted
to speak about it I wanted to bring it to you because you asked for it so watch
this video to the end if you’re one of those people that’s trying to manifest
love or trying to manifest love in a relationship that is no longer there and
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most of all hit that Bell okay so let’s talk about manifesting love when it’s
over I’m gonna give it to you as it is yes people manifesting love now everyone
once at one point in their life or all through day life to be in love to be in
that great relationship that’s just going to take you out of this world
everyone has been there everyone want it it’s part of human nature there is
nothing wrong with it what do I have to say about manifesting love when it’s
over there’s nothing wrong with wanting love there is absolutely nothing wrong
with wanting love but when that relationship is over that’s where the
problem comes in in there are so many of us out there looking for love but
looking for love in the wrong areas I’ve been there we all been there
okay okay so there’s times that a lot of people just don’t know when to let
go of that relationship let go and move on one thing I would like to say I hope
this helps you out there if you’re one of these people you cannot move on or
allow God to bless you with a relationship that’s just for you if
you’re holding on to a close door if you’re holding on to a relationship that
is no longer there I know you probably saying
well even I just love him Oh Yvette I just love her okay
I understand and I’m not shooting you down but the thing is no matter if it’s
relationship of job or anything else you cannot move on you cannot let God work
through you to bring you something better if you’re holding on to the past
people the pass this to pass but if you’re holding on to it you are actually
bringing your past to the future now I tell people when they send me these
emails or messages about love and wanting to get someone back you can manifest
that love you can but is it really love is it really what you want or is it the
moment of now not having that person that is attracting you or making you
want that person more and more if the relationship wasn’t working then that
relationship wasn’t for you now a lot of people like the bad boy
the the bad girl the relationships that keeps them on the edge but at the
same time is that relationship for you now you can manifest someone into your
life but that doesn’t mean that relationship was for you so you could
decide if you’re going to allow God to bring you the right person or are you
going to demand that you get a particular person that may not be for
you listen we’ve all been there you thought that person was for you and then
when you finally got that person you were miserable yes
plain and simple people because you didn’t let God bring that person to you
you brought that person to you the ego brought that person to you not
God and it’s a shame because so many marriages are built on this same
foundation so manifesting love when it’s over is the topic for today you might
get that person but most likely you won’t be happy so let’s talk about
relationships where you tried to manifest that person I’m going to tell
you basically what you can do to manifest that person okay first of all I
want to tell everyone everyone has free will
who are you to demand or manifest some someone in your life when you know it’s
over you everyone has free will maybe that person is a little confused
too because that person has to have some kind of attraction to you in order for
it to work but you can manifest that person in your life
by visualizing being with that person by visualizing that person calling you
saying affirmations wishful thinking I call it these are the things that’s
going to place you in that person’s environment so that person can be
attracted to you more it’s just like that car that you want all of a sudden you
see that car and you just love that car and then all of a sudden you start
seeing that car all over the place well when you are attracting someone into
your life and your using the law of attraction deliberately being a
deliberate creator you tend to see that person more and more now however it
works said you guys get back together it’s because you willed it now these are
some of the things that can happen once you use the law of attraction to attract
that love the relationship was over there was a reason for that relationship
being over just because you attracted that person in your life that person
still has free will the live is life or her life the way she
wants to so you just attracted that life or that
situation into your life was that person abusive and you just attracted that back
into your life why this is where mirror work comes in
and I go back to this over and over and over again you have to love yourself if
you truly love yourself and you love that person in the mirror you will want
only the best for that person because you love that person and that’s why I
advise people to do mirror work you attracted that love of your life
so-called love of your life into your life and he beat you up he slaps you he
embarrasses you in front of your friends he isolates you from your family
whatever the situation was that caused you to break up with this person
it could have been you and that person could have fled from you either way no
matter what side it’s on it was like oil and water it does not mix but you still
wanted to attract that person into your life so you just attracted like so many
of us attract bad situations in our lives it’s time to move on it’s time to
manifest real love and allow God to work through you to bring it to you that’s by
going out there having fun going where you love to be so you can meet people
like-minded like you in the spots where you are this is the time to get out and
God brings someone to you that you least expect it
manifesting love when it’s over can lead you to live in a life a misery for many
many many years some people never get out of it and they leave this earth in a
relationship that they knew wasn’t right for them how are you going to live your
life are you gonna be one of those people
that write me and say I want him back I’ll say hey visualize do affirmations
do scripting whatever it is you need to do but remind you he has to be a little
bit receptive to what it is you’re sending out and for in order for it to
work because he has free will but when you get that man or that woman remember
you get what you asked for this is Eyvette from my world of metaphysics always
sending you the most updated true like the girl-next-door information that
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it’s over giving it to you as the truth again this is Eyvette namaste


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  1. My World of Metaphysics

    November 15, 2019 11:58 am

    Hello and Thank you for watching. The next video will be on how to manifest love Sunday Priemer. I will be there with you

  2. tricia talking

    November 15, 2019 12:51 pm

    Good morning Eyvette, i learn to let go, and let ALL MIGHTY GOD…we all make mistakes,we have to learn from our mistakes.we should allow…..All Mighty GOD to manifest in our lives, so that he may lead, guide order and direct our footsteps through a positive path.,🙏💖💜💙❤

  3. Vegan Priscilla

    November 15, 2019 1:27 pm

    Yes mam!!! I prayed GOD give me a sign & you was indeed that sign this video was for me. Thank you🙏🏾💫

  4. Katherine Doree

    November 16, 2019 10:13 am

    Can you do a video in bringing the right person in your life or bringing in the right relationships/friends in your life?

  5. alii Obaro

    November 16, 2019 4:51 pm

    Madam i have been thinking about manifesting love in a relationship cause im 17 and never had a i was thinking when is eyvette going to one day make a video about it cause i dont want to watch anyone else videos cause your a professional and you make good content and now you made it🙌🙌


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