Marriage on the Spiritual Path | Insights from the Master


You see, every relationship where
there is love, God is present. As long as you love each other,
the Divine is there. You see – here she is going
to get married tomorrow. You are all married. As long as both of you are
on the spiritual path, there will always be
an understanding. That’s what is very important,
you know? In a relationship understanding
must be there. And understanding
comes with… with? Audience: Love. Nah. Audience: Communication? Eh?
Audience: Communication? No. Audience: Experience. No. Audience: Understanding.
Listening. Respect. One word, man! Eh?
Audience: Patience. Trust. Trusting each other. If you trust each other,
respect will be there, understanding – all what
you just said, will be there. But if there is no trust
with each other, then it’s difficult. So, the base of a relationship is the trust
that you give to each other. And through that,
the love will grow. And, as I said, if you are both
on the spiritual path, that’s the best. You can share
with each other, you know, you share your spiritual path,
together. Are you listening that? But if you are not, then this is
a problem, where it arises, also. Very often
one person is on the spiritual path and if the other one is not on the
spiritual path, there is always clash, because there will never
be understanding. And when there is no understanding,
there is no trust between the persons. They will say, “Ah, you are going there because of this.
You are doing that because of that”, you know, there is
always the mind. So to make that – how say – relationship grow if you are both
on the spiritual path, it’s perfect. That’s why I always say
to the devotees, you know, find somebody which is a devotee
and get married. If you want to get married, find someone
which is on the spiritual path and get married and best will be
on the same – how say – same path. This is best, because then
you can grow the same. But if one is on one spiritual path,
the other one is on another spiritual path, that also creates conflict. But if they are open-minded,
then it’s fine. If they have respect with each other,
that’s even better. You can share also different paths,
with each other.


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  1. Sand

    September 11, 2016 2:36 pm


    Vous voyez, toute relation où l’amour est présent, Dieu est présent. Le Divin est là dès que vous vous aimez.
    A partir du moment où les deux personnes sont dans un chemin spirituel, alors il y aura une compréhension et la compréhension vient avec … LA CONFIANCE l’un envers l’autre, ainsi le RESPECT sera là.
    S’il n’y a pas de respect, alors cela sera difficile. La base d’une relation est la confiance que vous vous accordez l’un envers l’autre. Et pour cela, l’Amour grandira. Si vous êtes tous les deux dans le chemin spirituel, alors vous pouvez partager votre chemin ensemble. Si vous n’êtes pas dans le même chemin, alors il y aura un problème. Il y a toujours des clashs, des incompréhensions, des questionnements … car lorsqu’il n’y a pas de compréhension donc pas de confiance entre les personnes. Le mental prendra place amenant des questions inutiles…. Ainsi, je conseille toujours les personnes dévouées à un chemin spirituel de se trouver en relation avec une personne qui l’est aussi. Si vous souhaitez vous marriez, trouvez une personne qui va vers le même chemin, c’est le meilleur pour vous. Ainsi, vous pouvez grandir ensemble. Si l’un est dans un chemin spirituel et l’autre pas, il y aura de nombreux conflits. Alors que le partage de vos chemins spirituels sera d’un grand apport à votre relation.

  2. Kausaleya Das

    November 8, 2017 9:11 pm

    Merci pour cette traduction. Merci pour cet enseignement. Je prie dans la pratique, qu''il plaise à l’Éternel de me permettre et de m'accorder de recevoir toute inspiration, Amour et Sagesse, ainsi qu'une pieuse humilité afin de pouvoir apprendre à offrir dans les vertus propices, ma Vie de service et de dévotion, ma Sadhana aux pieds du SadGuru; Om Jai Gurur Dev. Qu' Il plaise à l'Eternel que je sois ton Bhakta Ô mon Seigneur. Om Namoh Narayana Ya. Om Jai Guru Dev.

  3. Ganesha OM

    December 16, 2019 4:51 pm

    Understanding and trust are two pairs of shoes. Respect is also another thing and shouldn t be nesssery in a marriage when there is love because it is on a much lower level. Respect is too low as to reach for a marriage. Either you like someone or not. If you do you don t need to have respect. It s natural then to be friendly and not hurting.
    Trust is a basis for life, of course.


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