Master Pointing #3: Spirituality Cannot be Taught, It Can Only Flower

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Master Pointing #3 Spirituality Cannot Be Taught,
It Can Only Flower Namaste. I feel spontaneously to speak a little bit about a very important contemplation
that has been going on here. And that is, it seems there’s
a lot of people studying, practicing spirituality, with the aim of
becoming liberated beings. What I have found is that I see
it’s almost impossible for a human being to become, or to find,
their universal being, just by teaching it. It cannot be taught. It cannot be taught! We can help people to be
more aware of each other, but the reflex just comes back, very often, to the sense of the person
and the person’s needs. The person is the main contributor,
is the main culprit, to this washing away of what has been built up. It goes back to this person. As long as you retain
this loyalty to personhood, which is a selfish state,
don’t kid yourself that you are in some universal state of consciousness.
It is not. The only way I have found
that one becomes truly universal is when it comes through grace,
it comes through the liberation that arises from the inquiry
into the nature of oneself, and you come to see,
completely clear in the heart, your true position
as the formless consciousness, to whom all these senses and mind report, or they play out in the presence
of this uninvolved consciousness. It is only here
that the universality of consciousness, in its human expression, begins to manifest. But by teaching, No! Many people, whether Buddhist, or Muslim,
or whatever, Hindu, whatever, Christian,
we see many people practicing. And it produces a certain kind of
spiritual conditioning, which is very beautiful in its own way. But that mystical, universal beingness, that Christ light, or Krishna consciousness,
or Shiva being, that holiness, that sacredness
does not come with practice. It does not come with practice! Most practices help you to
become a better person, to flow better with each other,
to be considerate. It makes you into a better devotee, a better practicer, better seeker,
a better human being. But in the awakened state only does one reflect and
radiate this universality. It does not come with the
most determined practice. One must have a melt-down in grace. You must be replaced. Your personhood must be replaced
by pure consciousness. And pure consciousness is not without feeling. It is not without emotion. But it is functioning in a different way. So I don’t want to talk about it, like there’s something you can emulate. You must die to yourself.
You must surrender everything. Don’t hold anything back.
This is another trick for many seekers. You think you have got to a certain stage. You start to feel comfortable with yourself. But there are still things inside that need to perish, need to burn off –
your personhood, commitments. When I say that, I don’t mean your normal tasks in life,
or your sense of responsibility. That can be there,
inside the bigger consciousness. But any kind of deep faithfulness and loyalty
to your egoic identity, it will not work.
It will not work. It has never worked,
and it will not work! You must completely be replaced. Meaning, you are being replaced
by You. You are being replaced by the God self. You are being replaced by the supreme. You may think that your person is valuable. But your person has no value.
It is only a dream. It is only something very… it is only an apparition, it is only apparent. Only as you come out of it,
you’ll see the deficiency of personhood. Reflect on this, please. Namaste!


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