Maverick Yoga: Slow Relaxation and Wind Down

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Hey everyone! We’re in the beautiful
Wellness Center here at UNO, and I’d like to share with you a nice slow
flowing relaxation yoga practice with you all. So this is a great practice that
you can do maybe at the end of the day or when you’re feeling a little bit
stressed or tired. So I just invite you now to come into a comfortable seated
position, this can be with legs crossed, or out in front, or maybe even seated in
a chair. We’re going to take a few moments now just to focus on our
breathing, so if you’d like to.. I just invite you to gently close your eyes. I’m
going to do the same. So sitting up nice and tall, I want you to just take a
moment and take a few nice deep breaths in through the nose and exhaling out
through the nose as you continue to breathe. Just be aware of your breath and
try to slow things down, and start to become aware of any places
in the body that might be a little bit tight or tense. And with the breath just
allow it to settle a little bit releasing any tension starting to feel a
little bit more calm, a little bit more relaxed. You may notice as you breathe that
thoughts come and go. Maybe emotions come up. Just allow those to be, and just take this next short while to focus on nice deep relaxing breaths and to allow yourself to unwind so just take one or two more nice deep breaths now and when you’re ready slowly begin to
open the eyes and we’ll begin our practice so we’ll begin our practice
seated today and again you can do this as well as in a chair or seated just let
yourself be relaxed so we’ll start with some nice shoulder rolls so when you’re
ready just nice big shoulder rolls back in your own time just opening and
closing those shoulder blades just releasing any tension making sure this
whole while that the breath is smooth and even just enjoying this nice
relaxation process let’s do a couple more good and then from here once you complete
those for yourself we’ll start with some nice arms so we’ll take our arms
reaching up nice sunrise arms inhale and exhale down let’s do this two more times
inhale reach and exhale one more time inhale and exhale good from here let’s
stretch our spine so we’ll bring our hands down by our legs at our sides and
we’re gonna do seated cat and cow so we’ll go ahead tuck the chin and arch
the back back towards the back of the room your abs come in pulling in those
abs and the nice big inhale stretch the other way if it’s comfortable look up
towards the ceiling good one more time curve in and reach from here from a nice
neutral spine we’re gonna go into spinal twist so just take a nice big inhale and
then exhale twist you can hold on to your knee just go where you are
comfortable and then center and other side good and
center let’s take just a moment to release some tension up in the head and
neck as well so we’ll take one ear to one shoulder just gently allow it to
come over to one side if you’d like you can touch the floor with your opposite
fingertips or maybe even place the hand on the head very gently breathing in and releasing tension let’s
do the other side float that head up and other side stretch just letting things
settle but slowly flow up and now chin to chest
coming forward feel free if you’d like to move the head a little side to side
any little movements you’d like to do here good and then slowly allow the head
to come up so before we make our way to hands and knees and as I mentioned
before this is a nice relaxing low practice we’re gonna take our legs out
in front of us and just put them wherever you’re comfortable there and
we’re gonna take a nice big inhale and then just reach towards one leg just
floating over where you’re comfy feel that nice stretch in the back remembering to breathe and then slowly
come up and switch just taking a little bit of time to take
care of yourself today in how let’s come to sensor floating forward reach feeling
free to take any movements take all the time you need good and then when you’re ready slowly
start to come up good let’s take our legs together you can do little
movements here just shaking them out feeling a little more loose and then
let’s go into bound angle or our butterfly pose your soles of the feet
will be together you’re gonna sit up nice and tall you can hold on to the
feet or ankles inhale exhale fold just go where you’re
comfortable if you like you can reach forward you can also just have the legs
cross-legged if that is more comfortable good from here nice big inhale let’s start to
walk up nice and slow good and then from here when you’re
ready slowly start to make your way to hands and knees so we start to make our
way here good our stomach muscles are in and then we’re gonna do just a couple
nice cat and cow poses from our tabletop position so when you’re ready inhale
pull the belly muscles in arch up releasing any tension and then exhale
down and exhale lower slowly come to a nice
neutral spine here and then let’s do just a couple nice opposition arm and
leg poses so we’re gonna take your right foot back toes pointing down towards the
floor and then if it’s comfortable to do so take your opposite or left hand out
good so feel this nice stretch with the leg let’s try to bring the elbow and
knee together inhale bring it together and exhale reach two more times and exhale inhale and exhale good bring your hand down and
now just tuck that toe under so that you get a nice stretch here for your calf
we’re gonna go into a lovely side plank here so take your left foot out slightly
reach up with the right hand and get a side stretch on the side body
remembering to breathe exhale down come back to that table and then let’s try
that tabletop balance on the other side left foot out toes facing down right
hand forward from here nice big inhale elbow knee together and reach let’s do
that two more times inhale and reach one last touch reach good let’s give
ourselves that lovely calf stretch now hands down tuck your toes and feel that
lovely stretch we’re gonna go into side plane at the other side so kick that
right foot out slightly reach up with the left hand feel free to do any little movements
here feel that great stretch opening the chest and a side body and hip good and
when you’re ready slowly come down and then from here open those knees wide
come back into a child’s pose now I want you to just take a couple
breaths here feel a nice stretch in the side of the body good we’re gonna do one
last little group of stretches here to get a little bit warmer before we start
to wind things down so from our Child’s Pose we’re gonna look towards those
fingertips and we’re gonna pull through to a cobra or upward facing dog pose so
try this with me what we’re gonna do is look through drop the hips down and then
you can come to a Cobra here with your elbows and hands down a little bit
higher if it’s comfortable for you from here lower down tuck your toes and we
come into a downward facing dog pose so lifting those hips nice and high our
tummy muscles are in if you want to take a moment here and drop one heel and then
the other little paddles with the feet feeling nice and stretched take a minute
maybe even shake your head a little side to side no attention in the upper body
head or neck good lift those hips from here let’s try that one more time we
start from Child’s Pose so we stretch back inhale exhale
good look through your hands and let’s pull the body forward into that Cobra or
upward facing dog pose good tuck your toes lift your hips make
your way back into that dumb dog stomach muscles in lift those hips nice and high
no tension and then slowly lower down and back into Child’s Pose
good from here from your Child’s Pose just reach your fingers over to the
right edge of your mat and see if you can shift the body off to the left nice
side lap stretch relax the muscles of the face let things be calm and relaxed and slowly walk the fingers over and
let’s try the other side fingers to the left shift the hips to
the right and back to Center good from here let’s slowly make our way
down to seated so you can bring the legs out in front good and just take a minute
maybe shake the legs out a little side to side we’re gonna do some nice forward folds
and then start to make our way on to our back for our final meditation so from a
nice height our high seated position let’s go ahead and take our right leg in
towards our inner thigh so from here we’re gonna sit up nice and tall inhale
and exhale fold bring your head to me and just take a couple nice deep breaths
here take your time to let that leg stretch feel the stretch in the back of
the leg as well as you’re swamped breathe mm very slowly when you’re ready begin
to walk up we’ll add a nice twist on here take that knee up hug that knee
towards your chest and gently twist to one side looking over that shoulder good and
release and let’s switch sides so we’ll take our left foot in towards the thigh
sit up nice and tall inhale reach exhale fold head to knee
take a moment here as well to just again if you notice any where you’re holding
tension maybe in the shoulders or the face or the head just lad things soften
keep that focus and attention on your breath one last nice breath here and then slowly start to come up we’ll
do that spinal twist on the other side Sony will come in hug that knee in
towards your chest and gently twist other direction good slowly start to come back and then
from here bring your legs out in front so from here everyone we’re just going
to start to make our way onto our backs for our final shavasana resting pose if
you would prefer you may remain seated just find yourself a comfortable
position so as we start to make our way on to our backs or posture of choice I
just invite you now to start to let things go you can have knees bent or
extend the legs out long if you prefer just take a moment now to close the eyes
and breathe let go of any tension let go of any stress allow yourself to just be supported by
the seats or the ground beneath you let’s take a few deep breaths together relaxing in our shavasana pose I wish
you peace relaxation and a moment of stillness. Namaste.


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