Meditation and Binaural Beats. Higher Vibrations vs Frequencies.


Meditation & Binaural beats, higher vibration vs lower frequencies. Hi guys, welcome to another video on
Becoming Better you by Skeed. Today we are going to talk a little about meditation
and binaural beats so if you’re interested in this please keep watching…. I am sort of this isn’t necessarily
talking about opening the further but it can also help you with this so it’s
still within the series it’s not that I necessarily used it but I am using them
and for a reason I’ve used binaural beats and for years many many years ago
I actually started meditation with binaural beats and things like that and
I have to say they’re a great help but what I want to talk about is in
meditation when they talk about Tibetan monks meditating etc they’ve
always talked about how the brainwaves go lower so we have a normal state the
better then we go to the Alpha then the theht are in the Delta and they’ve sort
of always maintains that the the Zen monks and everything they just went to
lower frequencies however I’ve always had this thing
because when we talk about being awakened and everything they always talk
about higher vibrations so how come if meditation is a big part of reaching
enlightenment how come the brain has to go to lower vibrations or lower
frequencies if enlightenment is reached at higher frequencies it never really
made sense to me until I read a book called altered trance now go and have a
look at this book I highly recommend it the author if you look on YouTube the
author has even turned it into a free audiobook so if you just want to listen
to the audiobook and you don’t want to read the book or purchase the book the
author has put it free on YouTube to listen to and I highly recommend you go
and do this because they’ve made studies of what they call Olympic meditators
Tibetan monks and things they’ve done it under scientific conditions we’re
talking about researchers from it’s either Stanford or Harvard or one of
these big universities so we’re not talking about you know Garage studies
were talking about major studies and something that they have come across and
other people are starting to find it too now and other studies but with these
Olympic meditators and we’re talking about people who have been meditating
for over 7000 total meditation hours in their lifetime is that so we’re not
talking about the weekend meditator and they discovered the gamma brainwaves
that these Olympic meditators are producing and this goes with the theory
of higher vibrational states now with this said I’m going to come back to
binaural beats binaural beats I highly recommend them they’re great to learn brainwave frequencies there are many
apps there are many courses out there that say meditate all the time with
binaural beats however if you become reliant on the binaural beats you’re
never actually gonna learn to meditate properly by yourself because meditation
is also to do with not just the frequencies your brain emits but it’s
also to do with concentration sensory withdrawal so these things have to be
mastered in meditation but it can speed up the process if you use binaural beats
to give you an example of how your brain feels what waves you’re creating when
you’re doing the meditation and then once you’ve actually felt the effects of
the difference between better and alpha and fetter and Delta you can then sort
of reproduce the same sensations in your brain to greatly advance your meditation
practice now since reading this book it does in the book it doesn’t actually
state what gamma waves they would produce it so I did a bit more research
and I found that a lot of people have practiced with 40 Hertz gamma binaural
beat frequencies with meditation and the other thing here is that these these
guys in this but they found that gamma waves of bridges for example when
you bite into a really juicy apple or it’s a really juicy steak or do
something nice for someone else and you get that nice little buzzy feeling
you’ve done something nice for other people in your head I’ve found that at
least in my own experience that forty Hertz are around the forty Hertz
produces that same vibrational state in my brain of doing a good deed or biting
into a juicy apple or a juicy pear or eating something really nice and you get
that little obviously when you bite into something it’s a fleeting second when
you do something nice for other people and you feel like your experience joy
the sensation lasts a little longer but it’s still only fleeting maybe it’s a
couple of minutes with the gamma binaural beats the 40 Hertz obviously
whilst you’ve got a ton you’re feeling the sensation and then when you learn to
reproduce in your meditation those Satan frequencies I have personally felt the
same sensations as those situations now if you’re gonna do this obviously don’t
suddenly jump up to I don’t know 70 Hertz and go oh you know just diving
because your brain is gonna have a bit of shock you want to work up gently so
I’ve been working up and I’ve worked up to about 40 Hertz so I experienced it
maybe once maybe twice maybe three times and then in my meditation practice I
reproduce in my brain as I said I’ve been using By Owner binaural beats for
many years so it’s it’s quite easy for me to know how to reproduce those
frequencies for some people it might take a little practice how do I do that
I can’t quite explain a component with how I do it but it’s just sort of
playing around with the brain and getting their sense they just like
suddenly saying okay make your brain slow down mega brain relax speed your
brain up make it happy it’s sort of mixed in a little bit with
emotions but yes so I’m up to these 40 Hertz and I have to say it’s pretty
amazing stuff to get that level that vibrational state of joy happiness etc
and be able to have that within my meditation practice obviously as I go higher I will relate
to you guys what is happening between the the sensations I said right now I’m
at 40 my next stage I want to progress up to 60 because 40 they again if you
read the blab about 40 Hertz online it says you do get that general state of
awareness of everything coming together which is sort of like what they say is
the start of enlightenment and so as we go high it would make sense 60 Hertz
would be a good target because they also say 60 Hertz is the genius frequency
okay maybe is maybe isn’t if you’re gonna do this don’t jump straight to 60
Hertz work your way through but as I said I’ve been using binaural beats for
many years they’ve had side effects some of them as I went lower obviously you
did have to sort of work through some negative sensations coming out and you
have to stay at that frequency until those negative sensations are worked out
before you go on but I’ve also had some other side effects and those other side
effects have been for example coordination I become way more
coordinated I realized I could do far more things I’m left-handed and I
suddenly realized I could do other things with my right hand I could never
do before that I didn’t practice I could I could suddenly sort of play tennis one
day I just said okay I’m gonna change hands and I could do it so there are
side effects to using bio-neural beats no negative positive side effects and
yeah so if you’re interested in experimenting with binaural beats or
isochronic tones or whatever I said I’ve used them person if he is and when
you’re looking to gain Sirk certain frequencies and gain control of those
frequencies they are a very good way to be able to speed up the process and with
this new research that I discovered new for me obviously they’ve been
researching it for years and it’s they’re still researching it’s not every
they’re still researching this stuff today it is new stuff coming out in the
medical scientific word obviously new doesn’t mean necessarily three months
it’s the last couple years and so just you know go read the book listen to the
books see what they say I did I found the reason of why we always say higher
vibrations and gamma frequencies it did they just go together it just makes
sense and there is scientific proof finally towards it so again if you’re
trying to get towards enlightenment if you’re trying to wake in a further if
you’re trying to open your third eye then this process will help you I can’t
tell you exactly what frequencies for third eye opening if you look online
there are many theories so far no not really that really worked the ones that
they say faster prediction they are very useful to help they are not going to do
astral projection by themselves because obviously like I said with meditation
you do have concentration you do have sensory withdrawal to be able to do
before you can actually do proper meditation so the same with astral
projection you need to get to a state of peace of balance within yourself you
need to be able to let go before anybody all beats are going to help you in any
way actually do astral projection so okay that is the video so I hope you
like this information I hope you go out and you read this book while you listen
to this book I said it’s on YouTube I will try to remember to put a link in
the description below to that book so you can click through to it please share
this video like subscribe everything I always say and please remember I’m doing
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also please remember I have started my channel in Spanish there spirit though
okay thank you very much and I will see you in another video


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  1. pim kanbier

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    Im using this great app these you can find your own minds binearal frequentie i am using 28hz and 82hz cuz i hear this in my persenal maditation im not saying he isnt right, im saying this might help finding your binearal beats and lvl in this thus might help if u dont agree please commant on my commant of the channel owner van just delete this message thank u for this video it maight help


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