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Source of how you go into the Rhine. What
you do when you are cooling down in the Rhine is exactly the same in meditation.
Meditation is nothing but exactly the same process which you do when you go
and take a swim in the Rhine. When you sit for meditation first of all why do
you do that? Your intention, your feeling that you are hot from all the
stresses of your life and you want to cool down or simply just enjoy the
silence of the meditation. Then the next step taking off your clothes. In
meditation this means that you intend to put everything that is belonging to your
personality aside. When you sit for meditation you put aside what your name
is, where you come from, how you look like, what your titles are, your culture, your
background, everything you put aside. You take the complete persona complete
personality of yourself and for a few minutes you put them in a bag. You don’t
need them during the meditation. Who you are, where you’re from, what your roles
are, what you already know about life, what is good, what is bad everything you
put aside into a bag. Third thing, the river what is this river? This river is
your inner silence. There is a silent River, an inner silence flowing in all of
us. We only need to tap into it, we only need to take a dip into it, we only need
to access it. It’s always there, it has always been there and it will always be
there. Only you somehow forget the way to it.
You forget that there is something like that within you and the moment you find
it, the moment you are tuned to it you see that you get the same cooling effect
that you get when you are in the water in the in
the Rhine. The next thing when you are going into the water into this silence
in the Rhine swim you hold on to the fish bag. What is this
fish bag in meditation? In meditation the fish bag is the object of your awareness.
You hold on to an object of your awareness and that awareness is that
which which keeps you afloat in the water if you are unaware you sink you
fall into sleep you fall into your thought process you fall into an
unconscious process that happens in your mind in your being so the idea is to
remain always afloat always aware and to hold on to the object of observation to
the object of awareness as your fish bag when you are in meditation when you are
floating in meditation when you are floating in meditation means when you
are in awareness when you are completely bringing your awareness to the object
and effortlessly remaining silent that is floating in the river of silence you
continue you see that while you are becoming more and more effortless and
not really trying to swim you see there are things that come to your notice just
like the people at the side of the Rhine you will see while you are floating in
meditation you would have thoughts coming in you will see images coming in
you will see your emotions coming in you will have plans that would come out from
the past or from the future so many things would come out and what do you
have to do not get stuck with it just like while you’re floating in the Rhine
you just continue floating what should take a look at it move on don’t get
involved is the same process you don’t just like while you’re floating in the
Rhine you don’t try to control what the people on the side are trying
to do you just observe or you don’t even observe them or you simply just float
look at the sky and Roy relax hold onto the fish back in meditation if you have
to observe something if these objects are coming along the way then you just
observe them don’t get involved don’t get caught up keep flowing in silence
keep flowing with this floating bag with this object of your awareness when you
learn to do that it becomes more and more effortless you don’t have to use
your hands you don’t have to use your legs you just remain afloat with the
object of your awareness remain in silence flowing as long as you want and
comes a point where you can even let go of this fish bag I don’t know if you
have ever tried to float in a river without any holding on to any object in
meditation it’s possible that you’re not holding on to any object of awareness
after a certain period of time and you’re simply aware you’re effortlessly
in silence and aware and you’re floating in it as long as you like when this
establishes as a practice the entire life becomes like that in your entire
life you effortlessly float without holding on to something without trying
to struggle with with things and remain always established in silence which is
flowing which is not stagnant which is not dullness which is not static its
movement it’s flowing it flows along with the flow of life with the natural
flow of life all you need to do is put your hands up let go and just float with
awareness we will use this analogy in our
meditation session today where the object of our awareness is breath this
is a very simple technique that has been used for thousands of years in all
different kinds of traditions all different kinds of practices where you
simply remain aware of your breath we will take the same steps you do to when
you go in the Rhine first of all you decide that you want to sit down here
that you are here for the next 30 minutes 35 minutes you’re going to
meditate you’re going to not think about this or that you are here for meditation
then you will take your personality your mental clothes off put them aside for a
while you’re not concerned with who you are what where you’re from what you do
what your descriptions are put them aside for a while and just create an
intention in you that you’re going to sit down in silence you’re going to
effortlessly float in silence which is already in your system it’s already
there inside of you all you need to do is tap into it and then you know what to
do it just float with the with the with the breath as the object of your
awareness remain aware of your breath throughout the meditation until I ask
you to even leave that any questions before we start how we do that are you
ready all right then


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  1. Kristin Garg

    August 17, 2018 6:59 am

    Great analogy! Especially for people living in Basel and doing the river floating in the Rhine on hot summer days 🙂


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