Meditation for ADHD ADD Dyslexics, 3, Processing Speed of thought

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Meditation of ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia, etc Hi guys, welcome back. So you now know
which it is. You’re either a visual thinker; a little voice in your head or a
digital thinker; an auditory thinker, (unlikely if you’re hunter but possible); or feeling as an emotions thinker,
kinaesthetic. You know which you are. Great. You’ve watched, by now hopefully, the
concentration video. You know how to concentrate… with your eyes with your
ears & get into that state. If you haven’t watched that video this one here but it
should be up in that little icon, that little i up here, Go and watch that
video and then come back. I would also recommend that you have watched the
other video I recommend it about loving yourself, self esteem and self confidence.
If you’ve done those or when you’ve done those come back here and we’ll move on.
Right you’re going to… with your eyes closed…. you’re going to focus on your
dominant style of thinking… Got it? Keep your eyes closed. In meditation the
whole idea is we have to learn to slow these down. So obviously let’s start
slowing them down. NO! What we’re gonna do we’re gonna go the other way.
We’re going to start speeding them up first. So bring them in, bring them into
your mind. The one that it is, whether it’s that voice, whether it’s those
images, whether it’s the feelings. Speed them up slightly. We are not talking about doubling
speed. Just beat them up slightly. Got it? Good… If not keep practicing. Press pause…
once you’ve done it press play. Speed them up a little more. Good…
back down to the original speed. Did you manage to? If not press pause,
when you go… press play. Now… slow them down ever so slightly. Got it? If not
press pause… I’ll continue…. Bring it back to normal speed. Speed them
up. We’re looking for about 50% increase. I know this might start to feel
uncomfortable but it is a very fast and powerful process, if you can just accept
it. Don’t fight it accept it. Let it happen. Speed them up by
about 50%. Got it? Bring them back down to normal
speed. Slowly. Once you’ve got them back to normal speed take them back up again
to 50%. Let your mind wash over you. It’s gonna
be so fast. Obviously you’re not going to be consciously processing at all. Just
let it happen. Get it faster. Take it up to double the speed. Okay, have you managed to double the speed? If
you haven’t… press pause… keep working on it. When you’ve got it press play. We’re
going to keep going. Double the speed. Your mind is absolutely
nuts right now. I know, just focus on my voice, listen to
what I’m doing, we’re gonna get there. Okay bring it back down to a normal
speed. Is it back down? If it is, how are you
feeling now? Is your normal speed already feeling better? If it is I’ll tell you
why it is. If you drive, then you’re driving at…. it doesn’t matter kilometres
an hour or miles an hour… If you’re driving at 50 and you’re driving at 50
and driving it 50 then you take it up to 100… and then you take it up to 150 and
you drive at 150 for 20 minutes, half an hour
and then you slow down back to 50. 50 relative to that hundred, hundred fifty,
two hundred seems very, very slow. Just this exercise is a very powerful
technique to help you and during the day when you’re not doing a meditation. If
you get to a point of saturation… Take five minutes. Just simply by doing this
will help you…. We’re gonna go on. Now is the big one… because we’re not just going
to double the speed. We’re going to keep going. Don’t start yet. You
can open your eyes if you want to right now. Keep them read it if you want. What we’re gonna do now is we’re going
to increase it. If you start to feel tense, if you start to feel anxious, if
you start to feel stressed… it’s because you are fighting the exercise. To be able
to do this you have to fully accept it, from the word go. If you accept doing the
exercise, consciously and subconsciously then this is going to be a very powerful
little exercise for you. If you start to feel anxious or highly stressed it means
you haven’t fully accepted doing the exercise.
If you start to feel anxious and you start to feel stressed and you cannot
instantly choose to accept doing this, come back down to your normal speed. Stop
the video. Have a rest. Decide to accept instead of fighting it…
and go again maybe 30 seconds later, maybe tomorrow, maybe in a week’s time.
When you’re ready to do it! You want to do this comfortably. I cannot stress that
enough. I don’t want you to be fighting yourself. I don’t want you to feel any
anxiety when doing this. You have to trust yourself when doing it.
Okay, so when you’re ready… Close your eyes again. Focus your
attention, whether it’s that voice, those images, those feelings… We’re gonna start by slowing them down… 10%… and if you can by another 10%. Okay
good… Now… Bring it back up to normal speed and
we’re gonna go for it. Start bringing it up…
50% faster…. Accept the process… Accept the speed.
Don’t try to process the information. Just see it, feel it, hear it. If it’s that
voice, the voice is going to get very, very fast…. doesn’t matter you’re not
trying to recognize what it’s saying. 100 percent, 150 percent, 200 percent… So now
within your mind the process of speed is going at two hundred percent. Focus on my
voice… let it happen… Feel comfortable… Accept the process. Now
your mind is going at 200 percent. Feel it comfortably. It’s still within your
head. Now we’re gonna increase it more. It’s gonna start getting so big that you
can’t retain this feeling, these images, these words within your head… That’s fine…
Let them go bigger. Let them fill the entire room.
Push it up make them go faster… until your thoughts are filling the room…. are
they’re there? For an ADHD they should be there already.
Add.. it might take you a little bit longer that’s fine. If you’re an ADD er
or a dyslexic it might take you a little longer… that’s fine… Okay push the speed
to fill the building you’re in or if you’re doing this exercise outside or on
the train or… make it fill the bigger environment. If it’s a building let it
fill the building, if it’s in the park let it fill 100 square meters, if you’re
in a train let it fill the whole carriage. By letting it out of your brain… it will
ease the tension…. but it’s going superfast… Make it as big as the city or
the town or the village you’re in… Make it as fast, as big as the country you’re
in… Make it as big make it as fast as you can contain within the entire planet. Get it faster… get it bigger… get it all
the way out to the moon. To the planets… All the planets in our solar system… As
big as the galaxy… If I’ve lost you great… If you’re not quite there get it as big
as the galaxy… As big as our cluster of galaxies…. As fast as the universe can
contain. You’re now obviously processing this if
you’ve done it correctly…. This speed of thought is so infinitely fast… Your
conscious mind has had to let it go. Only your subconscious can deal with it.
If I lost you go back and do it again. Keep doing the exercise until you can no
longer keep processing the information consciously and it goes to the
subconscious. All right, now somewhere floating around in your
subconscious is this hyper fast processing going on. It could be within
your brain it could be slightly outside your brain. Mine personally is just
inside my brain here. So this feeling… You’re now literally
gonna reach in. Pull it out or grab it from wherever it is and you’re going to
throw it as far as you can. How do you feel? Do you feel better? Stay here, hold on to it
for as long as you can. This is the first step for us to be able to learn this.
Whilst you’re here… this might sound silly… I want you to pull your ear quite hard a
couple of times… To help us ground this feeling… Okay…
If you liked this video… please like it. please subscribe to the channel. please
comment on it. Did you have success the first time? Did you have to do it 10
times? Did you have to do it 30 times? How is it going for you? Share it with your
friends & anyone you know who’s got ADHD… This is the first step… The next step
will be going right into… You’re not going to see my ugly mug anymore on the
screen. We’re gonna go into meditations. Do not start these meditations until you
manage to get that hyperspeed going on in your brain. Out of your conscious, into
your subconscious and you’ve managed to move it. When you’ve done that move on to
the meditations. If you have any questions put them in the comments below. See you
in the next video…


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