Meditation For Beginners


Hey this is Leo for
and in this episode I’m going to explain meditation for beginners Meditation is the single most important
self-improvement habit you can have. Let me repeat that again,
because i need to stress the significance of this. Meditation is the
single most important habit for self-improvement that you can have. So the question is why aren’t you
meditating yet. Why aren’t you meditating consistently. Now you might say Leo why are you
beating on this point? Because I’m already here i’m willing to learn, here i
am, so tell me how to do it and i will in a second…. but there’s a larger issue here
and the larger issues is that you still don’t grasp and fathom the full
significance of what you stumbled upon here you’re kind of like a man was walking
down the street, or a woman walking down the street, who stumbles upon a little
golden nugget lying on the road and you think to yourself, “oh a golden nugget that’s
great!” and you try to pick it up and then you run off with it never having realized that what you
really discovered but failed to realize is a gold mine! not one little nugget. This thing here…
i’m going to share a nugget with you today but it’s really just a little tip
of the iceberg you’ve discovered a gold mine. So take
what i say here very seriously and i’ll come back to this point after I show you
the technique. So let’s talk about how to meditate. So there’s a lot of different
techniques out there and i actually have episodes that cover various techniques
in a lot of depth. I want to give something simple for
beginners who haven’t done this before or who have tried and failed and now are
really serious about making this habit stick. So I’m going to boil all the meditation
down for you to just like one little simple nugget, and what that is is the
following and I want you to now do what I say with me and don’t just follow
along intellectually. There’s a key distinction we have to make to meditate
effectively, and that is the distinction between thinking and awareness. So we have thinking on the one hand
which is what you normally do which is what you’re very familiar with, and then
we have awareness which is kind of puzzling and mysterious and you know …”Leo
what is awareness?” Well we’re gonna make this distinction
and this distinction is something that you actually make by meditating. You don’t make distinction this
distinction by thinking. See there’s two ways to try to make this
distinction. One is to say” oh okay let me think about
this, oh yeah I’ve thought about it, oh yeah
there’s a distinction between thinking and awareness” So that’s one way and that’s fine you
start there but I want you to go deeper right now with me I want you to become
aware that there is a distinction between thinking and awareness, not just
to think about it but to actually become aware of it. See there is this kind of weird
self-referential thing going on here so let’s try it right now as you’re sitting
there don’t change anything. you don’t change
your posture, don’t do anything, just sit there and listen to me right this very
second and become aware of whatever is happening for you, become aware of your
direct experience. Don’t think about it become aware of it,
and feel the difference between those two things. it’s one thing for example to
be aware that there is a a pressure sensation under your ass because you’re
sitting on a chair and another thing to think about it. ok those are two different things and I
don’t want you to think about the difference. I want you to experience and become
aware of the difference. are you following along with me right?
now it’s hard at first to see the importance of this distinction. it might seem like that distinction is
not even there for you right now. but what’s going to happen after practicing
a lot of meditation and after practicing a lot of watching and being aware of the
difference between thinking and awareness, then the distinction in your
mind gets drawn sharper and sharper and sharper and sharper, then over the years
it becomes so sharp that then you have profound epiphanies and realizations and
emotional releases and all sorts of amazing stuff starts to happen
from this little simple meditation habit so what meditation is, one way to look at
it, is it is simply the using of awareness to draw a distinction in your
mind between thinking and awareness that’s one way to frame it. So the actual
technique let’s practice it right now.,i’ll show
you the most simple, i think, technique that exists for meditating and what this
is this is like.. this is called the no manipulation technique. so try right now
sit there. as you’re sitting don’t try to put yourself into some sort
of meditative position or posture any posture position you take is fine and
just sit and notice and be aware, just observe and watch, all these words like
aware, be observant ,watch, notice these are all synonymous so just sit there and notice what’s
happening right this very second in direct experience. right this moment, not a minute before, not ten minutes
later, not what I’m going to say next right now. so you’re hearing the sound of
my voice maybe you’re, you’re looking at me if
you’re watching this on video and you’re feeling some emotions in your
body… thoughts might be coming up for you so do this right now and just train your
mind on that and try to stick with it no manipulation means that you don’t
manipulate your body or your posture, you just let it go natural and whatever it
wants to do let it do it this includes your mind. so let your mind go natural – so if your
mind wants to think perverted thoughts, let it think pretty
thoughts and if it wants to judge let it judge and if it wants to go crazy and
get angry and upset and all this let it do that and if it wants to
experience some emotion like sadness or happiness or excitement or frustration
let it experience that emotion Whatever is occurring for you. Don’t try
to experience anything because you already are experiencing. there’s never a
moment when you’re not experiencing unless maybe when you’re deep asleep, but
if you’re awake then there’s never a moment you don’t
have an experience, so that’s it your meditation is focused on that this right
now this right now experience right here okay. so do it do it right now while I’m
talking you don’t need to be in a quiet
environment to meditate you don’t need to sit alone by yourself,
I mean it helps, that’s a good place to start. especially
if you’re a beginner but you can do it right now is I’m talking. notice that you
don’t need a fancy position you don’t need to manipulate your
breathing. that’s it. that’s the whole method sounds very simple and it is very simple
and the problem with it sounding so simple is that you overlooked the significance
of it and also you underestimate the challenges of it this whole non manipulation thing is
very challenging it’s actually very very challenging to stop manipulating
yourself because that’s what you’ve been doing for decades now as you’ve been
manipulating yourself and you haven’t been allowing whatever is actually
occurring to actually occur you’ve been fighting it and when you start to practice this one
thing you’re going to notice is that man i am manipulating myself not to
manipulate myself and that too is a manipulation so that’s just something yo’re gonna work through.
you can experience all that that’s the process of learning how to meditate. so
that’s the just of the technique, now let’s talk about how to set the habit
because the habit is the most important part here the habit is going to evolve the
following for you, so you going to start with 20 minutes of this per day. you’re
going to sit there with a timer get yourself a timer, set for 20 minutes
and then you’re just going to sit in one sitting don’t break it, up don’t interrupt
yourself. preferably find a quiet place to start because you’re just beginning. and that’s your habit and you can use
every day. Every single day this is so critical, if you get this wrong oh man… you’ve… you’ve really got wrong.
every single day no excuses. So you have got tp make this commitment what I’m telling you is not just every
single day for the next month, I’m telling you every single day for the
rest of your life. every single day and I mean it really, I mean it it’s like: no vacations no holidays no
sick days no excuses, no emergencies, nothing every single day you commit to finding
20 minutes to meditate, and is it possible? yeah it’s possible. it’s definitely
possible. in fact it’s, it’s so easy it’s so easy to find 20 minutes in your
day to meditate that it’s actually quite ridiculous all the excuses people come
up with why they don’t have 20 minutes I’m pretty busy guy, I run a business and
I’ve been meditating consistently every single day for the last three years, haven’t
missed a single day why is that? it’s not because I’m some
extraordinary individual, I just set it as a priority I just said this is important and so
here it is and it’s happened, haven’t missed a single day, so you can do that too.
that’s the habit, now let me hum let me give you some words of warning and some
guidelines, for this habit that you will be developing over the months and years
to come because if you don’t follow what I’m
going to say next you’re gonna fail, like guaranteed fail, so listen to these guidelines that i’m gonna tell you. so first of all have the expectation
that your first year you will suck at meditating you will. No one is born a good
meditator you suck at it when you first start and you suck for quite a while notice the whole year that’s quite a
long time to suck, so you gonna suck during all that time so be prepared for
that. you come into thinking like oh yeah not manipulation that’s easy i cannot
manipulate myself i can just sit there for 20 minutes and not manipulate
myself and the reality is that no you can’t and it will take you a year or
more to get decent at that and it’s not within your control you can’t control
yourself you can’t manipulate yourself into not manipulating yourself see so that’s not going to work here
your standard operating procedure is not going to work here it’s not gonna help
you in fact it’s only going to slow you down and if the more you try that then maybe
we’ll be two years instead of one year that you’re gonna suck but that’s just
something again you can’t control it’s out of your hands the only thing
you can control is the setting of the habit which is why it’s so freaking
critical that you do this every single day because that’s really the only thing
you can control here it’s just that that’s it. what else will happen to you
is that it will be very very frustrating so here’s your second guideline: is going
to be very frustrating for the first year if you don’t expect that you’re going to
fail the number one reason people failed
meditation is they come into a thing like all meditation that’s going to release some stress i’m
gonna feel nice and feel happy so let me do it and then of course what happens the
first year you hardly get any of that and so you look at it and say well clearly
it’s not working clearly i suck clearly i’m a failure I’m
not cut out for this and so you quit you quit in the middle
of the learning curve you see a meditation is a pretty steep learning
curve the benefit of that is that once you get
past the learning curve it becomes amazing it becomes so amazing it’s hard to even
describe with words one thing you have to learn by hitting
your head against the wall repeatedly through meditation every single day is that you cannot control your
thoughts and I don’t just mean that in the sense that you suck at controlling
your flaws and that one day you will get good at it I mean no, you can’t control your
thoughts that’s not an ability you possess nor
will it ever come into your possession now to fully grasp the significance of
that you will have to meditate for a while so i’ll let you meditate and discover that
on your own I don’t want to spoil the surprise for
you. Also another guideline i want to give you here is that you will have bad
days like really bad days while you meditate some days will be great some days will
be average some days will suck and some days will be really really bad so
I’m talking about those really really bad days when you have those really
really bad days on occasion you might have a couple of
them per month remind yourself that it’s actually
during this very day that you’re growing the most with your meditation you don’t
grow the most when you’re just sitting there and blissing out and being
peaceful and calm I mean those are nice, take when you can
get them but you’re not going to have very many of those days when you start
and what you got to realize is that it’s kind of like going to the gym when
you’re at the gym and you’re pushing some really heavy weight you can barely
push and maybe you even fail to lift it that’s some of the best workout days that’s what you’re shooting for as a
weight lifter is like taking your muscles to the breaking point so that’s what meditation is like and
meditation is going to be up and down and up and down don’t expect it to be just a a smooth
upward progression like this every day you’re getting better and better and
better, no it’s going to be up and down up and down sometimes you are going to feel great
and then the next day you’re going to crash you’re going to be caught in your
mind thinking and being frustrated and pissed off at the world and depressed
and suicidal and during that time I want you to remind yourself what I told you
here, that your best days are your worst days ok and hm for the last guideline is that as
long as you do it it counts. what this means is that some
people they sit down they meditate and they say after 20 minutes they say”well I
meditated for 20 minutes but this session was a bad session i was
i was thinking about sex or something so this session I didn’t meditate it
doesn’t count you know if I’m sitting there thinking about sex for 20 minutes
is that meditation?” and the answer is yes it is because what counts in meditation is
the fact that you sat down and you have the intention to sit there and to be
aware now it’s not in your control whether you will be aware or not and some days like I said will be very
bad days but still count that as proper meditation so the stipulation here is that you
should have this kind of rule in your mind that you can use again to reassure
yourself when you’re failing or you think you’re failing that the only way to
fail here is to not do the habit. if you sit through 20 minutes you succeeded
it’s that simple don’t make it any more complicated.
Speaking of complicated it’s very easy to make meditation very
complicated: I have hour-long episodes where I going to in-depth techniques and
nuances of meditation and you can do that later but remember that what you’re
doing with meditation is your your sort of learning to deal with your monkey
mind and you’re learning to deal with all the distractions and self-doubt and
sabotage that your mind creates for you and one of the ways in which it does it
in the context of meditation is that it creates all sorts of questions and it
wants to complicate everything, it’s like “well Leo what’s the best time to meditate?
Should i meditate in the morning or in the evening or at lunch time? or Leo should i
meditate like by myself? or in a group? or should I take a class? or should I sit on
a pillow? or should I sit in the lotus position? or should I listen to music? or
not listen to music? or should i use technique Y or technique Z.. so what this does is
this distracts you see this is your mind distracting you, this is how the mind sabotages you and that’s why you have a lot of
emotional issues in your life is because you’re not aware of the mind doing this so um here just want to keep it very
very simple I’m deliberately not answering all your
possible questions and covering all the possible angles if you want that you can find that in other
episodes that i have, keep it very simple right your focus here has to be… like
almost a hundred percent on just sitting down and doing your 20 minutes every day that’s your whole focus and what I want
to set for you as a goal with this habit is that your first few months it’s going
to be 20 minutes a day then once you get a little bit comfortable with that raise
it to 30 minutes then a few months later raise it to 40 minutes 50 minutes and
then what I want you to do is by the end of the year in 12 months to be a 60
minutes and then you can stay at that level for a while that’s a pretty good number ok so that’s your your habit goal, make
the commitment make the commitment because like i said this is the single
most important self-improvement habit that you can have I talk about a lot of advance and
complicated and nuanced topics and I give a lot of weird techniques for
meditation for other types of inner development but really this here is
all you really need and if you’ve listened to me talking
about it, my question for you is why aren’t you doing it? I can almost guarantee that you’re not
doing it, why aren’t you doing it? this is the single most important
self-improvement habit that you can have in your life, because the results of it
exponentially grow on you about three years ago when I started
meditating I could barely sit still for 10 minutes
it felt like torture it felt like I was in hell for 10
minutes and now the other day I i meditated for six hours not all in one sitting I broke it up into blocks but they’re
pretty long blogs and it was six hours and it was amazing i mean six hours is
pretty difficult for me it doesn’t come easily but uh overall the effect is amazing the
effects meditation had in my life has been beyond description of words and
it’s only been three years so far that I’ve been doing it last year I bought myself a big flat
screen TV and a playstation 4 wanted to play some video games and you know how
that goes and i just sold my ps4 and i’m selling
my TV this week because I don’t need these things anymore because when i sit
and do nothing I get more satisfaction and meaning than
I do from watching TV or playing video games it’s ridiculous it’s ridiculous it is just like it’s it’s extraordinary
the changes this will have on your mind there are a lot of specific benefits
about meditation I could cite health benefits psychological benefits
emotional well-being benefits and all this kind of stuff but i don’t really
want to go into that I want to let you kind of discover that on your own the important here is that you just
grasp the significant potential here for you right can you see that potential if you’re a
forward-thinking person and you can see the value of investing into yourself
right investing into a habit this habit is going to be difficult to
build initially I mean but not that difficult it’s only 20 freaking minutes a day but
what that will yield for you a year or two or three or ten down the
road is going to be incredible it’s going to be incredible one of
things you are going to discover is that the level of happiness you have now when
you’re doing your favorite most flashy activity like going to a fancy
restaurant or snorting some drugs or playing the newest hottest video game hm whatever right whatever floats your
boat whatever really excites you… that you’ll
be able to get that level of excitement and more by doing absolutely nothing now that’s powerful that is powerful
because you’ve now stop being a slave to all that shit and then you’ve opened the doors now you’ve
opened the doors it doesn’t just end there it’s not just a blissing out you’ve opened the doors to real self
improvement at that point and any problems you have in your life emotional problems relationship problems
business problems these problems just melt away almost by magic they melt away
because this is the power of the distinction between thinking and
awareness and it’s very hard to believe that the this little distinction can
have such a huge practical impact on your life but it certainly can so I hope I’ve inspired a little bit to
really commit to making this a lifelong habit all right that’s it i’m signing off
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you want to achieve in your life is going to be limited by your awareness of
your own mind and there’s a lot of nuanced topics that I need to share with
you going forward including how to meditate deeper how to take what you’ve established as
the foundation here with this habit and take it even deeper and supplement it
with more and more insights and more and more understanding so I’m excited to
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    So like you are aware of the drum of your heart beat in your chest, but not able to stop it or the inflation or deflation of your chest whilst you breathe, where yet again, you are unable to stop the motion unless you stop breathing. So must you be aware of your thoughts – like sitting in the woods, your awareness is YOU and your thoughts are the birds and butterflies going on about their business in the trees and flowers.
    But as soon as you try and catch the bird's(thoughts) you are in fact going down the rabbit hole back to thinking."

    If this made any sense to anyone… I thought it a lovely analogy when I started. Let the mind do what it does. Don't try chase it. It helped me become aware without thinking about awareness.

    Peace and bliss to all 🙏🕉️✌️♥️

  34. allan birky

    October 21, 2018 6:37 am

    Watch this one first.
    Watch "Expose of the National Security State" on YouTube

    Watch this one second.
    Watch "The Cosmic False Flag" on YouTube

    Watch this third.
    Watch OCT 2018 "Contact and the Cosmos (Boulder Lecture Pt. 1)" on YouTube

    Watch this fourth.
    Watch OCT 2018 "Government and Private Projects (Boulder Lecture Pt. 2)" on YouTube

    Watch this last.
    Watch OCT 2018"Questions and Answers (Boulder Lecture Pt. 3)" on YouTube

    Then, YOU will know EXACTLY what WE need to do.
    PLEASE watch them ALL IN SEQUENCE.

  35. allan birky

    October 21, 2018 6:37 am

    If you know how to meditate, please visit, and yes it's True. Even if you don't know how to meditate you should check it out. It'll make you want to learn right now.

  36. Wide Awake With Shanti

    October 26, 2018 12:49 pm

    Thanks so much for this. It inspired me to make a 5 part video series on SUPER EASY MEDITATIONS.
    Id love to hear what you think of it 😀🙏–dD

  37. Nicola Siddons

    November 2, 2018 8:47 pm

    Great to see this down to earth view of meditation.

    Human beings are rapidly moving toward creating an environment which will no longer sustain us. Learning to detach from ego through meditation is THE key.

    It's free, simple (maybe not easy!) and requires no religious or political affiliation. And, if you're evidence led like me, it's now backed by science! So, what are you waiting for???

  38. Giancarlos Rosales

    November 11, 2018 4:42 am

    So awareness is like noticing your thoughts and surrounding instead of like thinking and being your thoughts? 🤔

  39. Aidan Zoldyk

    November 23, 2018 4:48 pm

    I'm really inspired by this video! And I'm committing myself to this habit starting today.
    Thanks Leo :')

  40. Jason

    January 3, 2019 5:37 am

    This video has inspired me to make meditation a daily habit moreso than any other meditation video I've ever watched. Your delivery (in all your videos) is so engaging. Thank you for this.

  41. Marian

    January 15, 2019 11:16 pm

    I fail this habit because I don't know when to meditate with school because after school I got my homeworks so I do it late like at 11pm help me

  42. Frank Thelen

    January 18, 2019 7:10 am

    I meditate for 2 years now like 10 minutes everyday with a few breaks in between and I could feel the benefits already in the first weeks, I I think it doesn't have to be frustrating in the first year 🙂

  43. TheDawQs

    January 29, 2019 7:26 pm

    Hello there Leo, I visited your video as I was googling ''how to not have erection''. One of the options given to me was meditation, but every single time you say about ''do it right now as I speak'' is being really frustrating and agitating my genitals to not leave me be and stay in peace. Could you please guide me how to get rid of unwanted erection caused by third party person aka ''Angel'' thank you very much.

  44. Generic Internetter

    January 30, 2019 9:10 pm

    If I miss my 20min session in the morning does it still count if i do it later in the same day, or does it have to be at the same time of day every time?
    edit: wow that question is a jumble!

  45. Delilah Y Revels

    March 6, 2019 12:20 am

    Leo I had a profound powerful epiphany after only 2 days of 20 minute meditation sessions. The last session I hung in blank emptiness for a long long time. It felt like I was nearly floating or hovering or something in this emptiness for ages. IS THAT the goal??? I sometimes just go blank for long long stretches it feels like an eternity. Not sure I am doing it right.
    I think I have been doing this my whole life, like I used to zone out and space out a lot as a little kid. I remember people shaking me or trying to pull me out of it. Its almost like a trance. I had abuse in my childhood. Once, around 4 or 5 I remember staring at a tiny bubble inside of glass and felt myself rip away to another place somehow but when I tried to do it again it didn't work. I think it's the word "try" you cant really try at all. I was very artistic and into words and history always very introverted with writing and being creative as my background. Please tell me if I should increase the time (I have only done the 20 minute sessions 3 times so far counting today's and it was nothingness) thank u!!!
    P.S. I have been trying to block my thoughts and feelings and memories for a few years by staying so busy I literally can't deal with them. So this meditation is giving me a ton of energy I never had and all this profound thinking..after only a few times!! I'm just blown away right now. Telling my closest friends.

  46. Suri Suri

    March 23, 2019 2:34 pm

    Thank you vẻRG much for the video. How about if I start mediate for many hours when I start and I’m going it now but after when I go for work I don’t that much time to do. Next month I will leave home I won’t have this much time. Will I have problem if I stop or do it only a little time a day after . Thanks and wait for your answe

  47. Gregg Lockhart

    March 24, 2019 3:48 am

    I love your delivery and guidance. I’ve watched Shamanic breathing and The Dark side of Meditation. Totally awesome. I will do it!

  48. susmit dandale

    March 29, 2019 8:11 am

    some one pls reply to this question, is it ok for MMA fighter to meditate, like there are some people think of like if u practice meditation u loose anger completely, that's what we have to use in fighting,so pls someone clarify this thanx in advance

  49. this dude

    April 23, 2019 7:43 pm

    Leo has always been pretty self disciplined, not everyone is like that so don't beat yourself up if it takes you a while to feel comfortable, if you miss a day. I need to shut up and start doing this myself.

  50. Tanya Bester

    April 24, 2019 2:54 pm

    I have a pressing question about this. How "aware" can you actually become through this? I watched this video and started practicing meditation on a daily basis for about two weeks, not even long enough to be even remotely good at it yet. Then last week I experienced a pretty terrifying and realistic-feeling dream; I was in my bed as I was in reality and something came over me and strangled me until I mentally suppressed it. I couldn't help but wonder if this was maybe not a dream at all, but rather me having started to open myself to experience spiritual encounters with negative entities too.

    I guess I want to ask whether this is a completely ridiculous notion. Was it really just a dream, or is it possible to expose yourself to unwelcome sightings and/or encounters through this practice? Because I really want to continue this, but I've made myself paranoid.

  51. victor serrano

    May 15, 2019 4:54 am

    Today is my first day doing 10 minutes of meditation a day, l’ll update by the months and give and overall report and the end of 1 year😃👍🏼

  52. Иван Михайлов

    May 17, 2019 7:08 pm

    Without meditation my life seems absolutely pointless and I feel depressed. Nothing else makes me satisfied.

  53. Marcos Morales

    June 21, 2019 6:21 am

    What if you double the amount of times you meditate?does the process become easier at a faster rate?

  54. Asgardt13

    June 21, 2019 8:35 pm

    NPC talking bullshit about bullshit, stick your head inside your as and all problems dissolve, now you have a bigger one, lol

  55. Toby Gix

    June 23, 2019 4:20 pm

    Hi Leo, I just achieved my first 20 minutes of meditation!! I'm so excited to continue on from this day forward, thanks a bunch!!

  56. chris cameron

    June 23, 2019 10:09 pm

    man you should make a video where you record yourself meditating on a heart monitor and recording your breathing, that would be awesome 🙂

  57. Richard Hanssen

    July 1, 2019 7:54 am

    I need to know, can I meditate if i take medicin like anti depressings or anti psychotics?

  58. Skaidus

    August 8, 2019 8:43 am

    Leo should 60 minutes be the goal of life? Meditating 20 minutes on morning and 20 before bed hasnt worked because i fall asleep or i think about going to sleep so I think concentrating it all in the morning will be quite benefitial.


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