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According to the sleep health foundation
insomnia affects at least 1 in 3 people. The good news is, hypnosis techniques
have proven effective in helping people overcome this disorder. This hypnosis is
designed to assist you to transform your mental emotional and physical
environment to help you fall asleep and stay asleep easily and effortlessly. I’m
Ashley, the Clinophile from Self Health Hypnosis, which is the medical term for
someone who loves being in bed. Our passion is to guide you to help yourself.
So take this moment for yourself and let’s do something amazing together! Self Health Hypnosis. Please do not listen
to this content whilst driving, operating machinery or when it is not safe for you
to relax or fall asleep. So now, when you’re ready and in your own time start now to take
some deep relaxing breaths slowly inhaling deeply and slowly exhaling deeply in whatever time that feels right for
you now and using whatever length of breath that
feels most comfortable that’s right there is no right way or wrong way to do
this just breathe deeply in whatever way
works for you that’s right and as you continue breathing in deeply
and out deeply you might find yourself relaxing further
with the sound of my voice well perhaps you relax even deeper in
the silence between my it’s totally up to you this is your trance and you are in
control of how you will end her trance now that’s right and I don’t know if you may be aware of
your hands resting or perhaps the feeling of your legs and
feet where they are but perhaps you will find it’s so much easier now to simply allow
the feelings to continue as you listen to any sounds around you or perhaps notice the silence within you or perhaps you can feel the surface
beneath you as you pay close attention to the
relaxation spreading throughout your body and perhaps now you might notice the
experience of a deep trance beginning that’s right and now is you relax with your eyes
closed and allow your trance to deepen further in your own way and in your own time you can take your time now to allow that
letting go and relaxation to spread throughout your
entire body and perhaps you’ll experience a very
light state of deep trance now or perhaps you’ll experience a very deep
state of light trance now it doesn’t really matter how and you are in control
of your experience of trance and I wonder if you are going to go into
a deep trance now while your conscious mind has already begun to drift down and
to let go for a time allowing the body to relax in the mind to relax with it and I’m not sure if you were aware of
this but it’s wonderful to realize as you continue going deeper into trance
now that your conscious mind can do anything it wishes while your unconscious mind continues to
hear and understand the things I might say so you can relax now and allow your deep
state of Trance to continue throughout this hypnosis while your unconscious mind is alert and
receptive to absorb and integrate whatever is
useful for you that’s right and I’m not sure if you are aware that many
disorders are not something that just happens to us and while we are all doing
our best often it’s simply that we have not yet
learned the strategies we need in order to move past these and disorders us
simply that a state of dis order and we can easily restore order and it’s nice
to realize that it isn’t you insomnia is not a part of you it is not a fixed state or a part of
your personality it’s just a program that you have been
running and we can easily learn strategies to overcome this or to change
the program to a helpful habit a habit that serves you and there are skills that you can learn
to combat insomnia now you can remove the insomnia program from your life now and replace it with healthful helpful
habits now because only you are in control and you
can choose the programs you run and the strategies you enact and it may not always be conscious to
you but you do have a choice and I am offering that choice to your
unconscious mind in this hypnosis because insomnia is not something that
just happens to you insomnia is generated by our response to external
stresses and you are in control of your responses and reactions and you can learn skills and strategies
to overcome insomnia now and there are many strategies that you
can implement now to overcome insomnia and remove it from your life and there are many skills and strategies
you can integrate to promote a deep restful sleep now a sleep that continues
throughout the entire night and there are many simple changes that
you can make now and you can implement these with ease now you might turn your attention to your
sleep hygiene and it’s wonderful to realize there are
many simple strategies you can implement now to clean up your sleep hygiene and
diminish cognitive arousal before bed perhaps you can choose now to eliminate
sugar coffee big meals and energy drinks at least four hours before you go to
sleep your body will relax and your mind will
wind down faster perhaps you can reduce blue light
exposure from screens and technology used consciously choosing now to switch
these off two hours before your bedtime now allowing your circadian rhythms to
operate just as they are designed to and reduce your cognitive arousal to a level
that is healthy and promotes deep restful sleep and now your body can
release the perfect amount of melatonin required for your mind to naturally
unwind you will limit your exposure to social
media entertainment and other information when you reduce your
technology use and you will be calm and relaxed in the hours before you
experience a deep peaceful sleep now and remain in a deep restful sleep knowing
your unconscious mind will alert you only if you need to be and in the hours
before you enter a deep restful sleep perhaps you might now choose to take
time for yourself to analyze the day that has been you may use this time now
to review the interactions you had the thoughts and feelings assess any
experiences make any decisions you need to or plans for the following day make
peace with anything on your mind and then let go give your mind and body permission now
to switch off as soon as you have completed this review and you can do
this in five minutes or you might take ten minutes that
choice is yours and you are in control of this time and I don’t know what it will look like
for you but when I am reviewing my day and planning for tomorrow before bed I like to imagine my mind is like a filing
cabinet and each memory thought feeling is a single file that I choose to
compartmentalize now in each night before bed I review these files make any
decisions or assessments I need to and when I have finished with each file I mentally file them away in the drawer
they blow compartmentalizing them now and letting
them go and when the last file is away I closed the filing cabinet of my mind
and lock the drawers until it’s time to open them again tomorrow or the next day
or in the next week remaining closed and compartmentalized until then and as
you’re laying here now you might like to imagine packing away any files that have been
left out for you any file still open closing them now see yourself closing
the file now pack all of its elements into a neat little folder now see
yourself filing it away compartmentalizing now and watch as you
close the last drawer the filing cabinet of your mind
and as the drawer closes shut and you lock it up your mind can relax now knowing that everything is packed away
for the rest of the night you don’t need to think about anything else
now you’ve thought of it all all decisions have been made and there
is nothing left for you to think about nothing more to do now no amount of thinking is going to make a
difference now and you cannot do anything until tomorrow ruminating or
not to be helpful your mind is free now to relax and rest now and drift off to
sleep with ease and I don’t know what your new relaxing nighttime routine will
look like and I’m not sure what strategies you will implement to reduce
cognitive arousal or what strategies you will introduce to switch off and relax what choices you will make to eliminate
stresses like noise technology light and information and there are many
strategies you can implement now perhaps you can keep your sleep and wake
time consistent daily perhaps you can improve your sleeping
environment by blocking out all light now keeping the temperature cool and
removing electronics you have the power to choose these strategies and you are
in control of the strategies you will implement and I don’t know what is going
to work best for you but I do know that when you start your routine now and
implement the strategies that resonate with you you will be so happy with the
changes you’ve made and the routine you have now that promotes deep restful
restorative sleep while your conscious mind continues now to relax and drift
off to deep restorative sleep you might already be there or perhaps you will be
in deep restful sleep in the next few minutes and you can relax and let go now knowing
that your conscious mind can do anything it wishes while your unconscious mind
allows you to fully enter a deep restful restorative sleep and trust that you
will remain in this deep restful restorative sleep through the night while your unconscious mind is alert and
receptive and will only awaken you if you need to be and your unconscious mind will continue
to absorb and integrate the strategies and suggestions from this hypnosis and we’ll make changes where they are
required and in ways that serve you best to eliminate insomnia and these changes are easy for you to
make now and these strategies will serve you greatly as you implement them now and I don’t know whether you will notice
the improvements straightaway or if you will notice the improvement in the first
few days but I know when you do you will find yourself falling asleep easily and
effortlessly and staying in a deep relaxing and restorative sleep now


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