Meditation in the meeting room

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All right, so this
morning (inhales sharply) I woke up late, like
slept in by half an hour and then guess what, well your habits, your routine that’s still to get done. I mean, you know, like helping
the kids to get dressed, helping them to eat, doing the dishes, all that but something
has to go when you do that to get on time to work, right? And I skipped on meditation (groans) And two years ago I was
happy to do meditation every two or three days where I thought, “Oh that’s really recurrent.” Now I’m like, I do it every
day and when I don’t do it, I miss it so I got to work, I have to do some meditation (laughs). My mind, it just goes in different places, it jump from here to there and I know that through meditation, I can just relax and then
be able to focus on one task at a time and that’s what gets
me get things done, right? So I’m in a meeting room (laughs), right? And I’m gonna sit down
just for 10 minutes, that’s it, just 10 minutes. And it feels like I could
be working right now, right? I’m gonna waste 10 minutes. No, I’m not wasting just 10 minutes. It’s gonna help me be way
more productive after that. I use Calm, I used to use
Headspace, both are great. And I just gotta do it (laughs) Sorry guys, I gotta go. I’m just gonna sit down
and start breathing and start listening to
the guided meditation.


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