Meditation is this: going from monkey mind šŸ’ to monk mind šŸ˜Œ

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in meditation we talk a lot about the
monkey mind what does it mean and why is it important
hi there meditator my name is Giovanni Dienstmann I am the author of practical
meditation and the creator of one of the fifth or one of the
five most popular meditation blogs on the web and this is episode 49 of master
your mind daily your daily source of inspiration for all things meditation
anxiety and personal growth and today we are talking about the monkey mind meditation is this process of going from
monkey mind to what I like to call the monk mind so the monkey mind is what we
are born with it’s jumping from branch to branch
it is restless it is dissipated the monkey mind is not really present it’s
not really happy here and now it doesn’t have a centered its agitated and it’s
often focusing on external things on things it cannot control and as a result
of this the monkey mind is often unhappy and then to soothe the negative emotions
that it experiences it tries to to soothe them by desiring things and
achieving things and going after things or through negative habits and all of
this is very normal all of this is very human we were all
born with a monkey mind but the opportunity of meditation the invitation
of meditation is to go to a monk mind from monkey mind to monk mind the monk
mind is calm centered and focus the monk mind focuses on what
we it can control which is our own mind choices the stories we tell ourselves
where we choose to focus on the monkey mind seeks happiness externally but the
monk mind knows that happiness is internal and it cultivates happiness
through inner growth through service through connection so the monk mind and
the monkey mind are two different ways to go about in life and it’s not that
black and white we all have a bit of a monkey mind and a monk mind but this is
one way of explaining the process of meditation to go from monkey mind which
is dissipated to monk mind which is focused from agitated to center from
fearful to confident from focusing outside yourself to focusing inside
yourself and if you want a step by step approach to to go through this
transformation to apply meditation in your daily life in a way that it’s easy
to follow effective and personalized then I recommend you join my limitless
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person and through my online courses and everything that I know about meditation
basically everything that I need to share about meditation to a beginner and
intermediate meditator is there in this program step by step
you can think of it as a membership it like a gym membership for your mind
heart and soul so I would invite you to have a look we include the link in the
comments and in the description and if you want to move more from monkey mind
to monk mind then you will need a daily meditation practice you will need to
practice with the three pillars of meditation the daily habit the right
technique for you and transformation which is applying the skills of
meditation in your daily life in a way that is really transformative and if you
can do all of that by yourself that’s great and I’m sure that my blog and my
book can support you in that but the journey can be much quicker and
smoother and more fun if you are following a system and you have the help
of a teacher and you are together in a community of meditators so if you want a
little bit of that then join limitless life right now and
if you know of anyone who might benefit from this then consider sharing this
video with them so this was episode 49 of master your mind daily in summary we
are all born with a monkey mind a mind that is restless and dissipated and
jumps from branch to branch and sometimes falls in the wrong branch and
engages needlessly in negative thoughts emotions and memories that’s normal
that’s human but the opportunity that you have the invitation of a meditation
is to go from monkey mind to monk mind the monk mind is calm centered and
focused it focuses only on what we it can control therefore it feels empowered
and if you want some help going through this transformation consider joining my
limitless life program I hope you have found this empowering
and I’ll see you in the next video happy growing


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