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Hello, my name is Asita, I teach
meditation, vipassana which is the spirit, the mind anapanasati which corresponds to the
breath and the respiration. I guide by my voice and I also use
Tibetan bowls like this one for its sound and its vibrations. If you are trying to, understanding, or to know more about meditation, today I will give you 5 keys. that you will be able
to work on and understand how to do not longer suffer anymore how to move forward in your life. The subjects I will cover are as follows:
The first one, something is preventing you from being happy, but what? I will illustrate it
by telling you the story of the bottle. The second, what is the purpose of meditation?
It’s simply, not being in pain anymore. The third, what is detachment and how
to reach it? I will illustrate it by telling you the story, that Mrs. Helena who came to meditate with us exprerienced, how she managed to free herself and became detached. The fourth, how to evacuate your thoughts when we are beginners ? I will guide you and explain you how to achieve it. The fifth, I will end up with the most important subject which is to let go. How, to let the mind go, and find deeply
what is in your brain. I invite you to go and see my first video
and I let me just say : see you soon.


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