Meditation tips | How to find time in a busy schedule


Finding time to meditate, I think it’s a problem for all of us, right? Life is busy we have lots of things to do, lots of commitments, lots of responsibilities. But the bottom line of finding 10 minutes in the day is an old saying that if you can’t find ten minutes in the day to meditate you probably need 20 minutes. You know if our life is so kind of hectic that we can’t even find ten minutes in the day at what value are we putting on our minds? So our mind that we depend upon for every single interaction in our life, no matter with ourselves or with other people, or with the world around us. If we can’t give 10 minutes to that are we living a life that we are really kind of happy and content with? We might want to think about OK can I somehow create that 10 minutes? For me it was should I get up a little bit earlier. So now with a baby in the house I have no choice if I want to meditate I have to get up a little bit earlier and people say yeah but I couldn’t manage on any less sleep. But actually the quality of rest in the body and the mind that we get from meditation is really a lot more — especially in that later stage of sleep when we’re a bit dozy in the morning — it’s far more effective. So it’s much better to get up 15 minutes earlier and create that 10 minutes than not to do any meditation at all.


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  1. New Future Builder

    June 22, 2016 2:46 pm

    Great tips. I needed to hear this today as I'm doing a meditation challenge for my audience. Keeping me inspired!

  2. Rashmi Pannikar

    November 3, 2017 5:14 pm

    Andy if you are the voice behind the headspace meditation, then your voice is just as soothing as meditation is.

  3. Crystal Campisi

    January 8, 2019 9:42 pm

    Andy…. love your voice!! I've tried a couple other meditation sights, and the voices were irritating high female voice or low british voice, or a voice that's hard to understand… Andy, you are the bomb! Thank you for being the voice I love each day!


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