Meditation To Calm the Mind – 30 Minute Guided Meditation | Ethereal Meditations

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Welcome to Ethereal meditations. The intention
of this guided meditation is to help quiet the mind and calm the body. On average we
have 70,000 thoughts per day. Combined with other stressors or many of life’s experiences,
it can sometimes feel difficult to stay in the present moment without our minds wandering
to the past or future. When we have an opportunity to connect with our breath and tune into the
present moment through meditation, the chatter in the back of our mind slowly begins to quiet
down and feelings of serenity and peace begin to follow. The more that we can practice these
techniques, the easier it will become for us to live peacefully and in the present moment. Before we begin, find a comfortable position.
This time if for you, all you have to do is just be. Take a deep breath in and during
the exhale allow your body to fully sink into this position. When you are ready, slowly
close your eyes. Bring your awareness to your breath.
As you breathe in, allow the breath to travel down into your stomach and into the deepest
parts of your lungs. When our bellies begin to expand with the intake of oxygen, it’s
an indication that we are taking full breaths. Do not strain, do not rush, allow the breath
to flow in and out as it needs to Your breath will find its own natural rhythm
With each inhale, visualize healing energy and fresh oxygen flowing to each cell in your
body Breathing in strength, breathing out tension As thoughts enter your mind, without forming
any attachment and without resisting them, simply let them flow away and bring your focus
back onto your breath. How does the breath feel as it travels through your nose and into
your lungs? What sensations is the flow of air creating? Find any area of sensation and
with each breath, try to keep your awareness on that sensation. Notice each breath beginning to come with
more ease. Begin to bring your awareness to your body,
beginning at your toes and all the way up to the crown of your head. What areas can
relax even more? Can your shoulders drop? Perhaps your jaw can unclench. With each breath,
allow each area to relax even more. Hear the blissful sound of pure silence. You
are here, in this moment, living and breathing in full relaxation and harmony with your mind,
body and soul. Feel the sensation of full-body relaxation flowing from head to toe. All of
the cells in your body receiving fresh oxygen, and your nervous system entering a slower
and calmer state. When you are ready, very slowly and at your
own pace, begin to bring your attention back to your toes and finger tips. Slowly bring
movement back into your body, one area at a time. Do not rush.
Lay here for as long as you need to and when you begin to sit or stand up, do so slowly. Honour yourself with gratitude and kindness,
for the time and energy that you’ve put into your own well-being and health today
as you begin to have interactions and experiences in your daily life, remember this feeling
of full relaxation and what you are capable of achieving within.
Come back to this feeling each day and use it as a baseline for when you feel your body
and mind drifting towards a stressful state All you have to do is breathe, close your
eyes and come back to this moment Thank you for listening to this guided meditation.
We hope that it’s helped you reach a tranquil feeling and a calmer mind. If you are interested
in listening to other meditations, please visit our Youtube channel Ethereal Meditations
and subscribe.


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