Mindfulness Meditation Therapy for PTSD | Trauma Relief and Healing | Australian Mathew King

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The contents of the meditation should not
and does not replace the advice from a qualified physician or professional health care provider. Please discuss using meditation with your
health care provider before listening to this audio. Welcome to your meditation practice
Before we begin make sure that you have silenced or turned off your cell phone or any other
devices so that you will not be distracted or disturbed during your meditation practice. Ensure that you are dressing comfortably for
meditation in loose fitting clothing. For this meditation you can choose a seated
position, maybe on a chair or sitting on the floor cross legged in a more traditional meditation
pose. Find a comfortable position for you in this
moment so that you can feel at ease. Then really pay attention to your posture. If you are seated make sure that your spine
is straight and your body is upright. Maybe tuck your chin ever so lightly so that
you get length in the back of your neck. Feel that you are sitting evenly through your
sit bones. Allow your hands to rest gently in your lap. If you are sitting on the floor, really feel
the connection to the ground beneath you and know that you are safe. If you are sitting in a chair, notice how
your feet are connected to the earth, observe that feeling of support and know that you
are safe. Allow yourself a couple of moments to settle
in here. Realising that this is a safe and comfortable
place for you to practice meditation. Close your eyes if it’s comfortable to do
so and go inward. Check in on how you are feeling today as you
begin this meditation. Maybe you’ve had a relaxed day so far or
it’s been busy or hectic. Make no judgements about how you are feeling,
just notice and congratulate yourself on giving yourself this time to meditate. Now gently and mindfully move your awareness
to your breath Noticing the inhalation breath and the exhalation
breath Watching the air moving in and the air moving
out Maintain your focus on the breath. Like an observer, just watching as you inhale
and exhale Becoming aware of the sensation of the breath
as it goes in through your nose, down the back of your throat, and into your lungs. Watching the breath as it leaves your body,
back through your throat and nose. With present moment, mindfully observe this
usually unconscious process. No need to try to change your breath. Just observing your breath and allowing your
breathing to fall into its natural rhythm. Watching as it moves in and out. Air moving in and air moving out. Relax your jaw
Acknowledge any thoughts that wander into your mind, that’s completely normal, thoughts
will come and go. When you notice them or realise you have forgotten
about focusing on your breath, just guide your mind back to being aware of your breathing,
Air moving in and air moving out. Watching the inhalation and the exhalation Observing your natural breathing rhythm,
Air moving in and air moving out Just be with your breath
And relax There’s no where else to be and nothing
else to do Push the pause button on everything else On the inhalation actively drawing air in
AND on the exhalation just release the air and relax… With each breath allow any tension to dissolve
Allow your body and your mind to relax For a few moments continue to follow the sensations
of the breath You can be relaxed but remain alert and aware
My voice is your guide Notice the changes in the breath, as you inhale
and exhale and maybe you can notice a brief pause before the next cycle of breath begins… If your mind wanders and you find you are
lost in thoughts…that’s ok This is a good reminder of how much our untrained
minds roam away from what is real. All that is real right now is your breath! Simply return your focus and your awareness
back to the sensations of the breath Stay in the present moment inside of getting
lost in the stories There’s no need to judge yourself…just
be kind to yourself, focus on the breath That’s all
You don’t have to worry about how well you are doing
Just relax Placing your attention on the sensations of
the breath and if your attention wanders, just bring it back… Watching the air moving in and the air moving
out …. Air moving in
Air moving out Feeling centred…..calm and quiet. Allow yourself to relax
In your imagination see a soft and soothing ray of light descending from above and allow
it to enter the space between your eyebrows Gently move your awareness to the space between
your eyebrows PAUSE
Visualise this soft and soothing light moving down your body and as it does scan each and
every part of your body Starting with your brow
Then your eyes Your cheeks
Your nose Your ears
Your jaw Your mouth
Your chin Your throat
Your neck…. Follow the soothing light as you move your
awareness down and throughout your body spending a few moments now as you become aware of the
flow of energy with your physical body Maybe you can notice that it is more than
something that is happening within you …… it is also a part of who you are…. With mindfulness and awareness scan every
part of your body ….. every cell in your body …. as you keep breathing gently with
intention. Each and every time you inhale imagine how
you are breathing in this nurturing and healing energy. Each and every time you exhale, imagine that
you are breathing away any stress, tension, worries, concerns or anxieties. With love and kindness letting it all go….. Feeling compassion towards yourself Paying attention to the flow of energy in
your body again. Exactly as it is. Making no judgements. Just feel what you feel. Be mindful
Feeling come and come They rise and fall
Notice as subtle sensations. If you become aware of a blockage or negative
energy in a certain part of your body. Then draw your attention to it and allow your
awareness to dwell upon it. Ask your body why it is there and how you
can release it, untangle it, dissolve it now…. Often we hold tension and anxiety in our body
because of the thoughts we hold onto Those thoughts are the past now, it’s gone,
it’s finished and the memory is an interpretation of that life experience In this space of silence and stillness maybe
you can allow the meaning of that life experience appear in your consciousness. What value does it hold? What positive resource is locked into that
experience, which will allow you to create something positive in the present and in the
future? You haven’t come this far to give up now. Life is full of lessons and some of the most
challenges lesson from incredibly difficult situations or events serve as our biggest
resource according to how you choose to think about it. You survived. You are here and it all has meaning which
will allow you to create a positive future. All too often the silence is full of answers. LONG PAUSE
Now return to focusing on sending your breath to any area of your body where you feel tension
….even if the tension is inside your mind and feel that block, that tension melting
away so you can be at ease. And when you feel that you have completed
your scan, take a deep breath in and a cleansing breath out. Deep breath in and a cleansing breath out
Continue to breathe naturally, smoothly and evenly
Relax your body and your mind because there’s nothing to contemplate or nothing you need
to try to do Just sit and be Notice the support beneath you
Noticing your breathing becoming calmer and calmer
You are okay. Maybe you thought you might not… feel okay
right now But you are okay
You might want to centre yourself by turning your attention now to how your body is supported. Either by the earth beneath you or by the
chair you are sitting on Feel the support beneath you See how much more grounded you feel as you
notice the support. Allow this conscious action of moving your
attention to help you feel centred… grounded… maybe even a little bit calmer and even more
relaxed. Realise that the state of your mind and body
is always changing. Each moment differs from the next, even if
only in subtle and the smallest ways. 10 seconds before this moment, you were not
at the same level of tension or relaxation that you are at now. You may have been calmer or less calm, but
in some subtle way, there was a difference. And now… you are feeling different from
then… and now it’s different….and now Each moment passes by quietly, and you are
more or less relaxed it is constantly changing. Nothing stays the same
This change is a wonderful fact. Feeling change moment to moment
When you feel tension then know that it will ease and pass Meditation can help you to find peace and
stillness in your mind and your body You are okay. The ways you feel are okay. You are okay. Thoughts and feelings can be fleeting because
they change and you can use your mind to focus on thoughts and feelings that serve you
If you want to relax right now, you can allow the body’s natural relaxation response to
occur. This response brings your body back to baseline So that your whole body can relax deeply because
there is nothing you need to do Just feel relaxed now
Pushing the pause button on everything else The only thing you need to do and be is to
relax deeply and comfortably. Just drift easily and comfortably and relax
happily Enjoying a relaxed feeling that is so easy
to create and so natural that you may even begin thinking about relaxing even more. And maybe this starts to happen right now
as you notice that you are relaxing. And soon you may notice that you are becoming
even more deeply relaxed. And this might start now and it might start
a moment from now or it might have already begun. And maybe you just feel as if you want to
relax now or you may decide to just drift easily and not even think about relaxing. You may not even decide to relax now or later
but you just find that it is so comfortable and easy to just be right here in this moment
and be so relaxed now. Now that you are fully relaxed, take a moment
to memorise this state. Notice how your body feels and the stillness
in your mind Pay attention to the relaxation you are experiencing. Observe how calm and regular your breathing
is. Make a mental note of the relaxation in your
body and the calm state of your mind. Observe closely the feeling of relaxation,
and commit the details to memory so you can remember and recreate this relaxation again
whenever you want to. Memorise this relaxed feeling. Record it in your mind so that you now have
a reliable memory of this state of relaxation. Now you can begin to reawaken your body. Bringing some movement into your body, slowly
and gently. Consciously wriggle some fingers and toes
and do so mindfully. When you are ready, you can go ahead and gently
blink your eyes open if you closed them And now start becoming aware of the space
around you. Looking at familiar objects around you. Notice any sounds and feel calm and grounded
in the present moment. Moving gently and consciously you are completely
awake and calm as you prepare to continue with your day. You have completed your meditation practice.


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