Mirror Gazing Meditation Technique: How to Guide for Safe Experiences | Dhyanse

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I would like to ask, how many times have you
looked in the mirror in your life by now? Any number? Do the maths. Any number? 100000
times, wow. So a lot of times. So if i tell you that the face that you see in the mirror,
it’s not your face. That’s not your original face. What you see, yes it’s a reflection
of your physical face and your body, but that’s not truly your face. In zen there is a concept
called your original face. When zen masters, they give meditation students teachings, one
of it is to go find your original face. And then the person is spending years and years
to understand what it means by original face. And this is something which is very deep as
a concept, but once you understand it and once you see where it leads to, it becomes
a path for introspection, for understanding yourself and many many more things. So you
must have heard this story once in your childhood where it said that “Mirror mirror on the wall,
who’s the prettiest of them all?” Something like that.. So when you see this physical
appearance in the mirror, what do you think would mean by your inner face? Anybody who
would like to say or must have heard somewhere? What would it refer to the original face?
Any thoughts? So to see the outer face, to see the physical face you have a mirror. But
to see the inner face, to see the inner components of who you are or the original face, there
is also a mirror that you have inside of yourself. And that mirror is your consciousness, your
pure consciousness which acts as a mirror and when you come in touch with your consciousness,
you see yourself. You see who you are, you see everything about yourself in it’s true
nature and in it’s true sense. And this is again a topic which is worth going into and
understanding how do you access and come in touch with that pure consciousness. What comes
in the way of us and accessing this pure consciousness is a lot of dust that gathers on top of this
mirror, on top of this pure consciousness. Any guesses what this dust is? What is this
dust that is gathering on the mirror of your pure consciousness? Perhaps thoughts? Yeah..
or noise? Yeah.. So these are conflicts that we have in our mind which is kind of a dust
that is gathered on the mirror. It’s useful but it comes in the way of really seeing who
we really are and accessing this pure consciousness. If you look at the work of Floyd, the australian
psychoanalyst, who was the father of psycho analysis. He broke down mind into three different
levels. He said there is a conscious layer of the mind which is where there are thoughts,
which is where there are emotions, lots of superficial things of the mind which you are
using for our daily activity like thinking about something right now, thinking about
your work, thinking about your general life. All these thoughts they belong to the conscious
layer of your mind. Then comes the second layer which is known as the subconscious.
This is the layer of the mind where you also have deeper impressions, deeper thoughts,
information that is stored in your mind. For example: if you would log into your account,
suddenly you would remember your password. It’s not in your conscious mind but it’s there
in your subconscious mind and there are many more things that are hanging around in your
subconscious mind. And when you go to sleep, when you are dreaming what happens is all
these things they pop up. All the subconscious thoughts, all the impressions that you gather
they start coming in front of you and you are again in a different state visualising
different stories created or situations. All these are from your subconscious mind. When
you go even deeper, the realm of unconscious, the third realm of mind is unconscious, which
is the deepest. Here you have impressions from traumas, from things that really have
gone very very deep into your mind, in your unconsciousness of your mind which normally
you have no access to and these are creating problems in your life. These are creating
all these patterns in your life, the way you act, the way you decide, the way you think
about things, you will not even know where they are coming from really and how they are
influenced from these unconscious impressions that you have collected for years and even
from say, different lives, from past lives and all that. But even if you don’t believe
in past life and all that just from the day you were born until now you must have collected
so many impressions which are just buried down in this unconscious layer. And this is
what keeps you awake and not able to access your own consciousness state which is completely
relaxed, completely calm where you just simply be who you are in your awareness, in your
awake self. So today we are going to use it in a technique called mirror gazing. It is
a very powerful technique. It directly takes you from your conscious state to the unconscious
state. It travels through conscious to subconscious to the unconscious but mainly it allows the
unconscious to explore and to let the whole unconscious out in front of you. So there
are different components of how we will do this technique. First component is concentration.
It requires you to be very focused. When you are looking in the mirror, you would try to
remain focused on the mirror and what you are going to do is you are going to look into
your own eyes in the mirror. Your eyes are the only way to your entire spectrum of mind.
If you spend enough time looking into your own eyes, you will be surprised by your own
findings. If you look into somebody else’s eyes, you can look into the person as deeply
as possible. That’s why when people look at each other they deliberately look the other
way. Nobody lets you look into their eyes for more than just a couple of seconds. It’s
uncomforting, it’s something which is in a way invasion of privacy. Because you can read
through the person, you can go through and figure out what this person is made up of.
So instead of doing this with the other person you can do this with yourself. You can learn
a lot about yourself just by looking into your own eyes. So first component is concentration.
I don’t know if some of you were here for the meditation session that we did which was
Trataka, where we had a concentration session. In this one also we will go through a similar
process where we will concentrate or focus on our eyes and try to keep our eyes as unblinking
as possible. Of course if you have to blink you will blink but try to keep them stable,
try to keep them relaxed. Just gaze in your own eyes in a very very relaxed way. No need
to start checking your face to see if you are beautiful or if you are ugly or whatever.
So that would be the first part, concentration. Keep a soft gaze on your own eyes. The second
component is courage, is encountering yourself. You will see if you do that sincerely, the
image in the mirror will start changing. You will maybe see something else in the mirror.
Maybe you will see some colours, maybe you will see your own face distorting or other
things. I don’t even want to suggest what you will see. You will see what is in your
mind. Its all created by your own mind. So you just face that. No need to be scared because
whatever is coming out is your own creation out of your own mind. So let yourself have
that courage to face yourself, see what’s in your own eyes, what’s in your own face.
And the third component is acceptance and letting go. When all these things come, don’t
get stuck in them. What does it mean? Or what is it? Just let it go. Let it pass. Move back
to your focus, move back to your concentration. Clear your mind. This is how your unconsciousness
explores and all it’s impressions slowly start to go down. If you don’t see all these changes
that’s also fine. So don’t gazing through your thought process that why haven’t i seen
things. So don’t get carried away with that thought process. Just stay with the concentration.
If you don’t see anything, it will already help you calm down because when you concentrate,
when you look at one object for a certain period of time, your conscious mind settles
down. So you start feeling more relaxed, you are focused. So this would be the preparation
to enter into meditation. We will do this for 15 minutes. I would ask you to do this
for 15 minutes at least. when this practice is done in it’s full format, it’s done in
40 minutes, alone, it’s done in a darker environment created, different ambiance. Here we have
simplified it. Here we will do it in 15 minutes in a very secure way and everybody is here
so nothing to worry about. So do this for 15 minutes, if for some reason you don’t feel
like doing it, if for some reason you feel very uncomfortable. If you feel that you absolutely
cannot do this then just close your eyes. I will after 15 minutes guide you to the rest
of the silence, to the rest of the meditation which would be for another 15 minutes. And
what you are going to do in those rest of the 15 minutes is just try to keep your eyes
still. So close your eyes but try to keep them still. That’s the only thing you have
to do. And while doing that relax, go deeper into it. Allow your body to settle. Allow
your mind to settle. I will guide you through that part. The first 15 minutes i will not
guide because that is your exercise. The next 15 minutes i will guide you through it. Any
questions? Are you guys interested to do this? Interested right?Then you can later on have
a mirror in front of you and you can try this for 30 minutes. When you do this for 3 or
4 days, regularly, you will see that your eyes will stabelize, they are blinking less
when you are concentrating on your own eyes and this effect or this outlet of your unconscious
starts happening even stronger. After 3 weeks of doing this comes a point where this sounds
crazy but the mirror goes blank. You don’t see anything in the mirror. And this is the
point where they say you have achieved what this was for. And in that moment when you
close your eyes, you are yourself. You are finally yourself, with you pure consciousness.
You don’t go that far, you don’t go into it 21 days straight. Experiment, try it out here,
if you like it then continue it at home. It’s a simple technique, but very powerful. The
more you look in your own eyes without blinking, without getting distracted the better it is.
I will suggest you now we will do first 15 minutes so that you are not looking at other
people, maybe what we can do is this row can face the wall so they can turn towards the
wall and this row as well. And you can use the mirror. You will have to stack it somewhere.
So you can sit in a very relaxed posture. You can sit just like that but keep the mirror
straight in front of you. So your hands are stable on the knee and if you just hold it
for 15 minutes, relaxed and look into your own eyes. Try to keep it in a stable position
for the next 15 minutes. Very relaxingly just look into your eyes. Make sure you have your
full face in the mirror. Put it down. Close your eyes. Take your position. Take a couple
of deep breaths. Settle into this silence. Relax your eyes. Remain as still as possible.
Let go of everything. Just remain silent for the next minutes. You can let go everything
and focus on the stillness in your body. Stillness that’s there in your mind. Keep you eyes still
and relax. Let the breathing flow very naturally. Let your eyes rest. Remain still. Still and
silent. Keep your eyes still. Still and relaxed. Remain in the stillness for a couple of minutes
more. Very gently, slowly, come back and open your eyes. How was the experience? Good..
Such a happy face.. Anybody experienced something which you would like to share with us? How
was it? Was it weird , was it bad or was it good? Yes.. A lot of people do that. They
choose the left eye or the right eye.. They tend to choose in the middle of the exercise.
But actually when your gaze becomes softer and you are more focused then you can see
everything. You can see both the eyes at the same time. Yes.. When that blurring starts
to happen, your conscious mind is settling down and you are put into the whole where
your unconscious thoughts go on. So it’s good. When you start and when you meditate on this
gaze it slowly becomes blurry. When we do this gaze with the technique called Trataka
where we use one candle flame that’s when it comes with more concentration, more sharper
focus. But when you do this with your own face it is supposed to blur out. So it’s good.
Was it easier afterwards to move into meditation when you settles down did you feel that something
had cleared out? It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t. Perfect.. Any other questions? Anything that
was unclear? Did you like the technique? Was it fun? Okay then if you have no more questions
then i wish you a lovely evening and i will see you next monday. Thank you.


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