Month of Yoga | 31 Days of Yoga | Gentle Full Body Yoga Flow | Day 18


hi everyone welcome back to Rachel Pichler yoga we are on day 18 and we’ll be doing a nice gentle flow today so find a
little bit of space to move and let’s get started so let’s begin in a nice comfy seat
finding your way into a place that just allows you to sit tall to get comfy
enough to close your eyes take a nice big breath in and out do that again
inhale and exhale awesome you guys and seeing a little
twist to just sit up a little taller as you inhale and as you exhale start to
turn your chest turn your upper body over to the right side just be nice and
gentle here we go as far as your body lets you go using it in him
let’s turn back to face fronts and go right to the other side it’s doing nice
small differences awesome work use an inhale bring yourself back to the front
see one more each side going over start right side finding that
nice long spine inhale brings you back exhale takes you
to the left mmm nice we’re using it inhale just
bringing yourself back to face in front take your hands and rest them on your
knees or in your lap keeping your eyes closed you just breathe for a moment I
think some stillness throughout the body if you can study your shoulders fall
from the ears your date let’s be right here right now you your yoga mat or
maybe just the floor whatever you’re working you say one more breath here bring your hands to the floor beside you
nice big inhale reach your arms out wide lift them above your head in the future
exhale bring your hands then through hard center awesome refuse
to open up your eyes will bring your hands to the floor in front of us
finding table top position spreading the fingers nice and wide here bringing your
knees under the hips as you inhale drop your belly will flow through a little
cat and cow lift your chest in your chin exhale straighter and draw your chin to
your collarbone and he’ll drop the belly lift the chin and exhale rounding
pushing into the palms and hey let’s do one more and exhale inhale again come
back to a nice flat back we’re gonna tuck our twos under whenever you’re
ready for downward facing dog you can lift your knees off of the mat check
that you’re still spreading those fingers nice and wide and if you want to
take your dog for a little walk start to bend one knee straighten the other
switch inside try to bring the chest towards the bottom through Matt’s low
shoulders and let your head be heavy see if you can just check in with the breath
even though we’re starting to move a little breathing beautiful using an
inhale looking forwards between the hands exhale walk your feet all the way
to the top of your mat take an inhale that’s halfway exhale fold forward
inhale halfway lift just that justice coming up exhale forward one more inhale
half-lift exhale fold planting your hands walk your feet all the way back
into downward facing taking just another few moments few breath here so if you
wanna pedal the feet go for it if you wanna find stillness
still let’s all just feel our breath awesome job you guys we’re gonna walk
our feet to ya there and use an inhale bring your right foot up looking between
your hands as you exhale bring that foot all the way to the top of the mat set up
a lunch so help your foot get all the way to the top and then you can drop
your knee for a moment sinking into those hips get nice and low into those
hips we’re gonna come for a little twist here so the left hand is gonna stay
planted the right hand is gonna find the knee or reach all the way up if you do
want to lift that back knee you can but let’s keep those hips nice and low think
about hugging or encouraging that front knee towards your stomach and towards
your chest drawing the belly button in take one more inhale exhale let’s bring
that right hand down inhale start to look forwards
exhale bring your back foot to the top of your mat inhale half-lift going for a
nice flat back exhale fold inhale halfway exhale folding forwards inhale
one more half lift stick your boat see if each time we do
this you can get a nice hamstring stretch exhale fold forward plant your
hands walk your feet back into your downward facing again a few breath here
take your dog for a walk or find some students whatever you need and if
downward facing dog is not a rest pose for you you can always take child’s pose
bring your knees down rest your forehead wherever you need to be just be gentle
with yourself today we’re flow and removing but we’re still trying to be
gentle so you take what you need walk our feet back together whenever
you’re ready use it inhale bring that left foot up exhale bring it to the top
of your mat set up your lunch feel free to drop the back in here if you can keep
it lifted but let’s sink into those hips find those hips and then the right hand
will stay down we’ll take the twist maybe bringing the left hand to the knee
but think about turning that chest and if you want to reach up you can reach
all the way up and then if you did lift your knee you can lift your knee but
breathe feel whatever’s going on through your body you would say one more inhale
and exhale drop it down take an inhale to look forward lift your chest a little
exhale bring the back foot to the top of your mat inhale half-lift remember stick
your butt out lift the chest so most like you’re
arching your back a little bit exhale to fold inhale halfway and find those
hamstrings exhale full-forward one more inhale half-lift
just a little more than you think and exhale drop it down planting your hands
step back into your downward facing dog awesome you guys take it trust another
inhale and as you exhale bring your knees all the way down onto your mat you
can just lift up we’re gonna stand on our knees for a second or me extending
the right leg out to the side so it’s gonna be nice and straight so you can
get your foot your leg and then the other knee all in a nice straight line
so I like to turn my toes on that straight foot straight forward you’re
gonna get a bit more stretch to that through that leg as if or instead of
letting the toes kind of come up the side of it up to you play with it though
so you can stay here you can bring your hands
to the floor let’s keep the hips high so don’t try and sit back on your heel you
can keep dropping your chest or you can start to walk towards your foot walk
towards your foots maybe actually grab it lower your left shoulder now I’m
creating some length through that left arm maybe feeling this is a shoulder
maybe even it’s the back and if you’re able to rest your head somewhere just
let it relax taking a few moments here just feeling your breath
whatever stretch or work you might be in right now and then if you have your foot
or your hands came in the direction of your foot you don’t have to actually
grab it you can start to walk back lift that chest up bring that right knee back
in and let’s switch sides that left legs gonna come out try to find that a
straight line between your entire lower body and then you can drop it down maybe
you’re staying here maybe you’re finding your forearms or
maybe you’re trying to get your shoulder a little twist even or you just want to
go for it try to grab your foot and then relaxing for just a few breaths wherever
you are nice job so whenever you feel ready to
start to come back just slowly using your breath and inhale to lift yourself
back bring that knee all the way back again bring your hands to the mat
tabletop tucking your toes under lift up and find downward facing dog breathing
so you guys using an inhaler and shift our weight forwards into a plank so you
can be on your knees or you could stay on your feet you can even find your
forearms quickly this is the one and only plank we’re doing today so take
what you need settle in find your breath
draw the belly button back towards the spine we’ve got one more inhale exhale
slowly lower yourself all the way down slow slow slow once you get onto your
stomach I’m going to talk with your feet and spread your feet out to the edges of
your mat so our hands are going to stay under shoulders unless you’d rather be
on your floor arms but we’re gonna take a cobra so wide like a cobra so using an
inhale you’re gonna lift your chest roll your shoulders back and down and then
squeeze your elbows and your triceps into towards your ribs
so those elbows are tucking in they like to flare up but tuck them in roll those
shoulders back again let the hips be really heavy on the mat
so you can stay nice and low or you can come a little higher or we’re gonna lift
up and down a few times so just take what feels good what feels right for you
today let’s take another inhale wherever you’re at right now I’m using an exhale
to bring your chest down nice and slow inhale lift it back up maybe just a
little maybe as far as you can drop the shoulders soften glutes take one more
breath in drop it down inhale lift up squeeze the
elbows and the arms into your sides exhale lower one more inhale lift the
chest drop the shoulders and exhale lower yourself all the way down you can
slide or scoot your feet back in so your legs are closer together you need to
take some weight out of the hands of those wrists go for it whatever you need
but eventually we’ll be pushing ourselves back into downward facing dog
so you can tuck your toes you might push up onto your knees you might push
straight up into your plank and then all the way back into downward facing dog
eyes so walk your feet together when you’re ready use an inhale bring your
right foot up exhale send it through we’re all gonna lower our back knee to
start and we’re just going to scooch that front foot over to the right side
for it lizard for lizards so take that foot up to the right side of your mat
bring your hands under your shoulders sink low into those hips anybody wants
to lift the back knee you can you can tuck those back toes and lift the knee
but I still want you sinking nice and low into those hips so if you want to
take a twist for feel free to join me if not you can skip it the right hand is
gonna find the neat start to turn the chest to the right side and if you want
to reach up you can reach up beautiful you guys take one more inhale if you’re
in the twist exhale drop it down if your knees lifted bring it down as well and
let’s just take another moment here and lizard maybe finding the forearms into
those hips awesome job you guys so we’re gonna be
climbing back up onto the hands if you aren’t already there tuck your back toes
under can we send that right foot back up into a three-legged dog so it might
look awkward it might feel weird but let’s try it
tuck your back toes start to push lift just send that right foot all the way up
into the air and then drop it down feet are gonna come back together inhale your
left foot up exhale let’s send it through to the middle of the mat drop
the heel down or me and then insert the heel toe your foot over to the left
set up your lizards get into those hips and then if you didn’t lift your knee
you could do that as well on this side and then let’s take the twist if you
want it open that chest sink into those hips and just breathe
one more inhale for twisting and then exhale to bring it yeah you can lower
the knee get a little comfy and maybe find the floor arms whatever feels right I said get one more chance to transition
into that three-legged dog lizard so yeah it’s probably not gonna be super
graceful it might be but you can climb back up onto your hands and whatever you
got to do to get your leg back up in the air go for it and then drop it down so
you guys take another inhale down dog and exhale
let’s bring the knees all the way to the side all the way down so we’re gonna lay
down all the way down and you can keep your feet planted for a moment or you
can start to pull the knees into the chest maybe do a little rock from side
to side and then we’re gonna be sending our feet up towards ah so you can stay
here the hips down the legs up in the air if you want to come into shoulder
stand with me we’re just gonna lift the hips bring your hands to your little
back and send your feet up towards the ceiling that is if plow poses in your practice
you can slowly let the feet fall behind the head or as far as they want to fall and then slowly slowly we’ll be bringing
our hips all the way back down nice and slow sometimes I get a little nervous
when I’m doing weird pose this because my microphone microphone gets too close
to my chin I don’t want you to get loud so once your hips come back down so
that’s why I got really clotted on you guys you can start to bring your feet
down to the floor as well or maybe keeping the knees to the chest and doing
a little rock from side to side just kind of massaging the low back also if
you would like to find happy baby you can come into happy baby as nice words letting the eat go they can
find the floor but your knees bent and reaching your arms out to the sides will
let our knees fall to the left we can snap the knees you can cross the legs
whatever feels good for a few breath here in this twist if you want to get
into your neck a little bit you could turn your chin towards that right
shoulder then with your next inhale you can start
to bring the knees back arm gets down and then we’ll switch sides so just take
the same option with the legs if you cross them you can cross them the other
way if you just stacking them stack them I don’t know what it is but whenever I
come into this twist I always get the urge to just like stretch my upper body
and then when I do it feels so good it’s kind of bizarre it’s like every time so as you become ready let’s use an
inhale to bring the knees back up mm-hmm feel free to bring them to the chest one
last time or just Rock the knees side to side we’ll be letting the legs go out
nice and long and making our way into shavasana
so spread those two feet out nice and wide take your hands clasp them behind
your head and just lift your chin towards your collarbone creating some
length through the neck and then keeping that length as you gently place your
head back down your ponytail if you’ve got one out of the way resting your arms
at your side so you can I speak inhale then exhale let it all go your body be
still be heavy for a few moments staying here as long as you can or have
time for today and until we meet again tomorrow have a great rest of your day
namaste you


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  1. Esther Coperías Jiménez

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    Great class for this rainy saturday in Madrid!!! Namaste Rachel 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


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