Month of Yoga | 31 Days of Yoga | Yoga for Upper Body Strength | Day 20


hi everyone welcome back to Rachel
Pichler yoga and today 20 we are gonna be having a little extra fun today
because we have fun every day so find a little bit of safe to move and let’s get
started all right so we are gonna begin on our
hands and knees and we’re just gonna warm up our wrists a little bit or
stretch our wrists so you could actually do this from seated if you wanted to
bringing the palm forward and just encouraging the fingertips down towards
the floor or you can use the floor just to help stretch those wrists so you can
take the fingertips out to the sides or you can bring the fingertips all the way
to face towards the knees sinking in one hand at a time if you’d like
if you’re seated you can be 100 a time I think you can only do 100 a time but if
you’re coming here you can do both and you might want to rock it out a little
bit if your fingers are pointing towards your knees you can rock forwards and
back if your fingers are pointing out to the sides you decide and if you’re just
sitting and holding the fingers pointing down towards the floor we can stay still
or maybe just put a little bit extra love for your little pulses all right
those of you that are doing one had it one hand at a time and and get you to
switch sides we’re going to take just a few more moments here warming up these
wrists we’re gonna need these wrists a lot today and then whenever you’re ready you can
start to well come off of a hands maybe shake it out a little bit or maybe bring
the top of the hands down for a counter stretch or same thing if you are sitting
you can just pull those fingertips down but bend the wrist in the opposite
direction maybe adding a little rock forwards and backwards so if you’re
doing one hand at a time you can switch hmm
I love these wrist stretches all right so sit on your heels for a second just
do a more another more massage give those wrists a nice big break and then
we’re gonna come on to our forearms so letting those wrists just completely
relax here you can take your palms and place them down and we’re just gonna
start to walk our knees back and find a forearm plank so it could be a half
plank you could keep your knees down or you could come up onto the feet so
wherever you’re at if you would like to add a little rock forwards and a little
rock back we’re just trying to want up the shoulders warm up the core and just
start to move a little bit we are creating strength through the upper body
today and yeah these are all lovely lovely exercises to do that hmm
they’re just rocking forwards and back a little bit warming up those shoulders I
know that core is probably firing up so draw your bellybutton in somewhere so
you can lower to your knees if you aren’t already there we’ll climb back up
onto our hands if your wrists are ready for it and we’ll meet and downward
facing dog unless you would like to take child’s pose so if you are in down dog
you can just do a little rock a little pedal of the feet again continuing to
warm up the body here if you wanna really go for it you can start to
shift your weight into a high plank pull the shoulders forwards maybe even
dropping the knees for your half plank and then sending it back into down dog
rocking forwards again if you want and then sending back into down dog use an
inhale find your plank and exhale downward dog who would rather be in
dolphin for this your forearms could be on the mat you could inhale into your
forearm plank exhale into dolphin inhale to forearm plank exhale into Java a few
more wherever you are three we’re trying to warm up the shoulders
awesome right you guys starting to bring your knees all the way back down all the
way back down sit on your heels shake up those wrists if you need to shake out
those wrists we are going to be turning on to our butts or coming down to seated
I think this is one of those days where I’m not very good at talking we’re gonna
find boat pose so hang on to the back of the legs start to fire up the core we
want to strengthen our core today and you’re just gonna maybe lift the feet
maybe lower the feet whew what happens when we just let the shins and the feet
lift and lower it’s actually a really awesome core stretch
so maybe the knees don’t move much maybe it’s just that lower half of the legs
maybe to come all the way up whoo awesome you guys roll those shoulders
back breathe I don’t know what to do with my hands Oh some work just a few
more here I’m trying to fire up that core breathe so good awesome work so
lift the feet one more time if you can lower them down cross your ankles a
piece same time bring your hands forwards come
on to your knees and we’re new a little cat and cow so as you inhale drop your
belly lift your chest your chin exhale rounding through the spine push into
your palms draw your chin towards your collarbone inhale drop the belly and
exhale around let’s do one more inhale and some job you guys
tucking your toes under as you come back to a nice flat back let’s lift up into
downward facing dog using inhale look forwards
exhale walk step or jump to the top of your mat inhale half lift exhale full
inhale coming all the way up reach up look up and exhale your hands through
heart center down to your sides inhale reach up exhale fold inhale half way
exhale plant your hands step back into your high plank let’s use an exhale to
lower you can be on your knees lose an exhale to lower chaturanga all the way
down inhale lift your chest Cobra or updog exhale downward facing dog
awesome work you guys use an inhale forward exhale walk step or jump to the
top of your mat inhale left half way up exhale fold inhale come all the way up
to standing reach up look up and exhale your hands through heart center and down
to your sides alright we are gonna step our feet out mat width apart turn your
toes out a little bit we’re gonna come into a yogi squat so you’re gonna come
as low as you can go into a squat so maybe your hands can
come together in front of your chest your hearts you can start to bend your
knees bring those hips all the way down as low as they want to go I know some of
you might be up here that’s okay to feel those quads really fire up if you can
come extra low maybe the elbows or the triceps can come to the inside of the
knees but I want you to keep the chest proud awesome you guys at any time you
need to stand all the way up you stand but I’m going to challenge you a little
bit here to stay in the squat just a little longer I thought we were supposed
to be working our upper body today don’t worry we will in a second awesome job
you guys alright so if you do need to stand up and take a break
do so take what you need but we’re gonna work on crow pose today our first arm
balance so your hands are gonna come to the floor yogi squat or a nice deep
squat is a great starting place for a crow pose so our hands are gonna come
about shoulder-width apart and I want you to spread your fingers wide your
fingertips are gonna be like little claws on the mat and a lot of the weight
is gonna go into those fingertips so you can start to bring those hands down
you’re gonna use your triceps as a little shelf for your knees and then
you’re just going to see what happens when you shift more of the weight into
the hands and a little less weight into the feet nice you guys maybe lift one
foot maybe lift the other flap your crow wings that are your legs and then just
bring it back down you bring it back down give your wrists a big break if you
need it this can be a lot of way to swelter whole body weight on our hands
right so if you need to stand up stand all the way up if you’re skipping crow
pose you can stay in your squat just no crow pose is an option it creates a
whole a lot of upper-body strength because
again all of the weight is in the arms the shoulders and the core so bring
those hands down your triceps are a little shelf for your knees so your
elbows are bent and I like to bring my feet together find that balance maybe
one foot maybe both feet want to hover breathe awesome you guys it’s a lot of
trial and error and you just gotta have fun awesome job
okay so we’re gonna take a break we’ll come
back to that one more time in a few moments so if you’re still squatting and
you were here the entire time and you’re still there props to you holding the
squat is a lot of work so let’s stand all the way up well keep our feet out
wide but just turn your toes to point straight forwards your hands can find
your hips or you can interlace your hands behind your low back we’re gonna
fold forward so take an inhale lift the chest exhale tip forward from the hips
you can bend the knees whatever feels good if you are lacing the fingers
behind the back maybe you can lift your hands off of your low back a little or a
lot I’m gonna just let your head be heavy giving those quads a break and
those hamstrings to stretch theirs opening the chest and the heart a little
bit here awesome work you guys are gonna come
back up to standing however you can most gracefully do so but just I like to use
an inhale come all the way up to standing I mean you can release your
hands back to your sides you can walk your feet back in we’ll roll our
shoulders back and down inhale reaching up exhale folding forwards
inhale half-lift exhale plant your hand step back you can go straight into a
Down Dog you can come into a plank you can use an exhale to lower halfway all
the way inhale Cobra maybe up dog and exhale downward facing dog awesome you
guys let’s bring our knees down to the mat I’m just gonna sit on our heels for
a second and give our wrists a nice stretch so the top of the hands can come
down so the floor or you can just sit and use your other hand to help
encourage the fingers down but be nice and gentle you don’t have to put a whole
lot of weights into the wrists nice job you guys so if you happen to be
doing one hand you can switch if you’re doing both and you’re ready to release
you can just come shake it out a little bit so are we reaching our hands
forwards when you’re ready the thumbs will face down so the top of the hands
will be together right hand will come over the left pull the hands up through
that hole that your arms are making so that your hands find your chin and then
maybe starting to straighten the arms a little bit more drop the shoulders so
that you’re feeling this for that right wrist maybe though maybe the left as
well and then you can just bring the hands back in unwind those arms release
take a little massage if you need a little massage and then reach the hands
back out the thumbs pointing down left hand over top this time pull the hands
through maybe they just stay by the chin back up nice and tape and maybe you try
and straighten your arms a little hmm nice mark you guys all right let
that go bring the hands back through unwind all right so last chance to try
crow pose today if he would rather just be in a squat or yogi squat or maybe
down dog Child’s Pose wherever you want to be you can make your way there I like
to start my yogi squat though I think it’s just a habit your hands can
eventually come to the floor remember to spread the fingers nice and wide and
think about using your fingertips as little claws to take a lot of weight
those fingertips helped us from tipping forwards and they are so strong so using
your triceps as a little shelf for the for the knees for the lower body and
then just play with it maybe lift one toe maybe lift the other awesome you
guys stay in it a little longer come down come back up whatever you need I
also like to dance in my squat get into those hips a little bit a good way to
just give the wrist a break let’s try one more time if you’ve got it
hands down fingertips pushing into the mat knees to the triceps and then float
fly your crow awesome job you guys dropping it back down when you’re ready
shake it out a little bit shake it out we are gonna be having a seat so
wherever you happen to be have a seat bring your knees together
do a little rock from side to side maybe give yourself a nice big hug I’m gonna start to slow it down a little
bit here so this may be closing your eyes and then we’ll either sit
cross-legged or in butterfly so wherever you’re able to sit nice and tall if
you’re really slouching and butterfly just sit cross-legged but if you are
good with the feet together you can come here hmm we’re just gonna reach our arms
out nice and wide and then you can bring the right arm over top of the left
maybe hug the shoulders or maybe findings Eagle arms bringing the palms
together and lifting the elbows just feeling a nice opening through the upper
back and then use an inhale unwinding your arms reaching out nice and wide and
then the left arm can come over top maybe just giving yourself a hug or
maybe wrapping the palms towards each other as you lift the elbow sitting tall my job you guys use an inhale reach the
arms out nice and wide if you are sitting in butterfly or cross-legged and
you would be interested in folding forward
let it go fold forward and if you did happen to hold forward
he’s an inhaler bringing yourself back up
feel free to switch how you are sitting or where your legs are at and we’re just
gonna let the chin fall down towards the collarbone let your head roll over
towards the right shoulder mmm and then bring it to the left and then one more
time bring the chin down and over to the right and then over to the left but you shouldn’t come to the collarbone
one more time I’m using inhale to lift your head back up
awesome work today you guys helped but you had some fun with crow folks today
it is very challenging pose and at all it takes is practice strong on air find
what feels right for you so have a great rest of your day
don’t worry we will experience it again soon I’m sure
so until we meet again namaste you


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