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Hi everybody and welcome to day one of Self-Caremas.. My name is Heather Evans. I’m a self care and empowerment coach. To join me for Self-Caremas remember to subscribe
to my channel and click on that bell to get notified when I release a new video every
other day in the month of December. Welcome to day one of Self-Caremas, and thank
you so much for joining me. I wanted to share a practice with you this
morning that I recently started and I can’t take credit for this. The idea for this practice came from a colleague,
and I started doing it, and I’m noticing that it’s making a huge difference in how I set
up my day, in terms of my mindset, in terms of how I’m feeling in my body and in terms
of how connected I’m feeling to the things I want to achieve throughout the rest of the
day. The practice is this. I’ve been getting up a little bit earlier
than usual. Now by a little bit earlier, a lot of times
my getting up is dependent on when my toddler is getting up, so I’ve been carving out time
around 5:30 to wake up in the morning and spend 15 minutes by myself and what I’ve been
doing with those 15 minutes is lighting a candle and doing a bit of a variation of a
candle light meditation. Now, for those of you who are familiar with
candlelight meditations, you know that typically you would light the candle and then the idea
is that you stare at the flame, it gives you something to focus on. That’s great. But I have been finding lately that my meditation
practice hasn’t been as grounding or nurturing as it usually has been in the past. So I’ve been working with something different. So what I do now is I light a candle and then
I sit for 15 minutes with a journal. Here’s another thing, if you’ve watched any
of my videos, you know that I am not a journaler. You know that I am not somebody who typically
writes things down, but I’ve been sitting with a journal and what I do is I take time
to let whatever needs to come out come out. I may or may not write it down. I’m not requiring myself to write anything
down at this moment, but I am taking time to allow my thoughts to go where they want
to, instead of focusing on the flame or instead of focusing on my breath. What I’m finding is that it’s giving my brain
some freedom to roam. I’m getting some new ideas and I’m also giving
myself permission to let go of the thoughts and things that are taking up space, that
are cluttering up my mind so that the things that really matter come to the forefront. This is a practice I would like to invite
you to participate in during the month of December. Try it out for yourself and you can set your
own timing for this. If you have five minutes in the morning, if
you have 10 minutes in the morning, if you want to sit for a full hour. Permission to explore what timing works for
you, you may need to get up a few minutes earlier. I typically do this in the morning before
I move into my typical morning routine. And if you haven’t seen what that looks like
yet, it’s Ayurvedic-inspired. I’ll include a link to that video in the corner
above, and in the description below. But let’s walk through what this might look
like. So I do sit on the floor. Sometimes I’ll sit at my dining room table
if that’s what I’m feeling. And I use this particular candle because I
love it. It’s really nice. So I just take the tea light out and the lighter
doesn’t work. I’m going to go get another lighter. Okay, I’m back. So you take a lighter and you would just light
your candle and you can use any kind of candle that you like. I’m going to pop mine back in the holder and
I’m going to leave this lit as I take time to let my mind wander. Again, I might write some things down, I might
not. It really depends on how I’m feeling that
day, what’s coming up for me that day. I use a candle a lot with my clients, particularly
when I’m teaching workshops and there’s a few reasons why and I just want to share them
with you in case you happen to find them inspiring, and you might come up with your own reasons
for lighting a candle, but the name of my business is the Inner Fire, and I chose it
for three very specific reasons. One is that a fire is heating. It gives us the energy we need to do the things
that we want to do. It gives us the energy and the fuel to make
the changes that we want to see in our life. The second thing is that fire is transformational. When a fire burns, it creates something new
when it’s extinguished, and that’s the whole process of transformation. The third thing is that all of us have our
own inner fire. We all have a spark in us. No matter how small. You have something that’s in you that is propelling
you forward to do the things that you’re doing, and your spark might be your family, your
spark might be making a difference. Your spark might be nature or something else,
your creativity. But all of us have a spark and it’s important
for us to remember to light that spark, to come back to it, to remember that it’s there. So those are the three main reasons why fire
is so important to my personal practice, to my business, to what the inner fire means. And it’s a good reminder. As I’ve been doing this morning practice,
sitting with a journal and lighting this flame, it’s brought me back to that. And it’s been really nice to ground myself
and to remember that I have that inner spark, that I have that inner heat and that I am
transforming along the journey. So join me in this candlelight meditation
variation. Let me know how long you’re planning on sitting
for. And maybe an invitation to commit to doing
this every single day during the month of December, and just see the difference that
it makes. Stay ignited out there. I will see you soon for Self-Caremas day two. Bye.


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