MOVE! Coach mobile app

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The Department of Veterans Affairs MOVE! Coach
mobile application combines tools and information from the VHA’s MOVE! weight management program.
It will help you track and meet your weight, diet, and exercise goals and provides one
more way to participate in the MOVE! Program. The MOVE! Coach app was created with Veterans
in mind and is available for use on both iPhone and iPad. The easiest way to download the
app is through the MOVE! Coach webpage located at [reading URL]. Once there, just select
the link to the iTunes App Store. The app doesn’t require you to log in, but the first
time you launch it, you must accept the End User License Agreement to proceed to the welcome
screen. On the welcome screen, you will be prompted to enter some information about yourself
so that the app can provide you with tailored feedback. You will then be brought to the
MOVE! Coach home screen which provides access to a variety of the app’s key features and
options. For example, you may use the gear icon to adjust your notification settings
and set up reminders. You will also notice help icons, seen as question marks, located
throughout the app. They provide easy access to additional information and help guides.
Also on the home screen, you will notice buttons that allow you to access self-management guides,
explore resources on how to solve problems, and monitor your goals and progress. There
is also a graphing feature that displays your daily entries. You can use the buttons at
the bottom of the screen to graph your weight, diet, and physical activity, and also change
the time period that is displayed. Before we show you how to enter your data, let’s
take a look at the Self-Management Guides by selecting the “Self-Management Guides”
button. In this 19-week self-guided program, users can learn how to set weight management
goals, and how to follow those goals using tools built into the app. The guides are offered
in a timed-sequential order. The first three guides are each one week in duration and the
remaining guides are two weeks each. Select the “Self Management Guides” button to
review information about the guides and unlock the content for Week 1. Let’s return to
the home screen and use the “How To Solve Problems” button to explore that feature.
Here, you will find excellent resources and articles for many topics related to healthy
living, ranging from tips to real time relaxation practices. There are many additional features
contained in the MOVE! Coach app. Access them by selecting the “My Goals & Progress”
button on the home screen. Here, you will find quick access to your diaries, goals,
graphs, calculators, and additional summaries and reports to track your progress. You can
even print, email, and share your progress and reports using Twitter and Facebook. Next,
let’s take a moment to go over how to add daily Weight, Diet, and Physical Activity
entries. We will start with weight, which is the easiest. After choosing the “+”
icon on the home screen, simply select the “Weight” button and enter your weight.
When you select “Done,” you will notice that your entry is now graphed on the home
screen. Now let’s go over how to create a diet entry. Select the “+” icon again
at the home screen, and choose the “Diet” button. Each diet entry shows you the food
you ate, the serving size, and the number of calories. As you add food entries throughout
the day, the Calories bar will show you how many calories you have eaten and how many
you have remaining. To enter what you’ve eaten, select the “+” icon next to the
appropriate meal. I had an apple for breakfast, so I am selecting the “+” icon next to
breakfast to add the apple. Had I consumed a unique food, or a combination of foods made
from a recipe, I could choose the “Custom” button to enter the details myself. Instead,
I choose the “Search” button, enter “apple” and select “Search.” I then scroll through
the search results to find “Apple, raw.” After finding the apple, I can choose the
“i” icon to review the nutritional details. Then I choose “Done” to return to the
search results and select the “Apple, raw” option which adds it to my diet entry. Next,
I select the serving size to finalize my entry. The raw medium apple has now been added to
my diet entry. I eat a lot of apples, so I select the star icon to also add it to my
favorites. Now, the next time I have a raw apple, rather than searching for it again,
I can just choose the “Favorite” option. If you need to remove something you have added,
you can simply swipe to the left on the food item you would like to remove, and confirm
by choosing “Delete.” There are more features in the Diet Entry section, but let’s move
on to entering Physical Activity. Back on the home screen, select the “+” icon again,
and this time choose the “Physical Activity” button. The steps for adding activity entries
are very similar to adding food entries. Start by choosing the “+” icon. If you track
your steps, you can add them here. You can also search for activities. When you choose
an activity, you will be prompted to enter the number of minutes you performed the activity,
as well as the type of activity. The Calories bar will update to reflect your calories burned.
You can also make an activity a favorite by selecting the star icon, if you participate
in the activity often. Thanks for taking the time to join us as we explored the tools and
resources the MOVE! Coach offers to help you achieve success with your weight-management
journey. If you need technical assistance with the MOVE! Coach app, or would like to
provide feedback, you may reach the Help Desk at 1-877-327-0022 Monday through Friday between
8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Eastern Time. Information about the MOVE! Coach app and the MOVE! program
can be found at [reading URL]. The MOVE! Coach app is just one resource in our suite of mobile
apps. Enjoy exploring the many VA applications designed to help you better manage your health.


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