MSIA | John-Roger Breathing – A Fundamental Response to Life

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Individual Peace starts with you individually. It starts with your breathing as a fundamental
response to life. It’s not a radical approach. It’s a very fundamental approach. Next time somebody around you gets an anxiety
attack, or an asthma attack, or emphysema, or something with the lungs, just suggest
to them that they alter their breathing reference. Instead of breathing up here like this oohhoohh,
that’s just making it worse, ’cause you hear it and you go, “Oh, God, I am dying.” Especially when that asthmatic wheeze comes
up here, and goes ra-a-r-a-, and if you have to throw up and you can’t, then you really
feel like you’re lost. So you say, “Open your mouth. Breathe through your nose.” “It’s plugged, I can’t breathe.” “Breathe through your mouth, breathe through
your elbow, breathe through your forehead, we don’t care what’s plugged, keep breathing
it in.” When the peace starts to settle, it radiates
around through the body. It’s a very funny undulating thing. It goes on, it’s not stale. Peace is very much alive. It’s in the asthma wheeze. It’s in the pain in the neck. It’s in the pain in the back and the shoulders. It’s the peace is in there. ‘Cause we didn’t do anything except drop the
pressure and the peace is there. Do you know how we know that Biblically? Here’s this guy, I think they call him Jesus
or something like that Joshua, Jsu, they had a name for him. He got out on a boat with his followers, and
the boat just started going into the stormy weather, and it was really bad. And he said, “Peace, be still.” And everybody else heard him, but you know
what he said. “Peace. Be still.” ‘Cause he didn’t tell the peace be still,
“Peace,” to the other elements, “Be still.” And as they became still, peace settled on
the water and the ocean around them. Baruch Bashan


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