Multidimensional Manifestation: BEYOND the Law of Attraction (with Meditation)


this video I’m gonna be showing you
multi-dimensional manifestation this goes beyond the law of attraction and
this may be a game-changer of something that changes your life forever welcome
back to another video my name is Erin and I help people expand their
consciousness now in this video I’m gonna be sharing with you
multi-dimensional manifestation understanding a process that I believe
to be even more powerful than the old-school way we go about attracting
what we want in our lives and how this can profoundly change our life when we
get to the core of it so you may have seen on my channel a lot I’ve been
bringing more of the esoteric type information into the channel recently a
lot of this information is things that I’ve been excited about for a long time
but kind of been just not putting out because I didn’t know how people would
necessarily perceive of it but it really what it does is it infuses the law of
attraction with personal development and spirituality and what we could say
metaphysics and when it intertwines all these things we’ll see that some of the
paradigms that we used to use may work like hard work can get you to a certain
spot maybe you eventually tame that hard work and know how to take efficient
action versus just hard working but in general there are many different
paradigms that work so you could do like the Gary Vaynerchuk mentality where it’s
like work really really hard you could do it where it’s the abraham-hicks where
it’s like raise your vibration that works as well
multi-dimensional manifestation is another offshoot of that and in a way
it’s similar but it’s also different so multi-dimensional manifestation has
to do with the awareness of who we are as multi-dimensional beings and when we
have this awareness we can then dial in on a certain reality who want to
experience and we can experience it so much faster because we have the
awareness that that other version of us already exists so the normal way we go
about manifestation is that we believe we are this physical ego structure so
the normally people go about things is they
want to attract something they don’t currently have into their life and they
want to become a better version of them which also emphasizes time-space reality
and emphasizes that this is where I was in my past this is where I am now this
is where I want to get in the future but you see what multi-dimensional
manifestation has to do with is understanding that that’s not just who
we are we’re not just this this 3d physical avatar ego we are spiritual
beings that exist at many different levels and when we bring this
information and this awareness into our ability to manifest things happen even
easier because we’re able to directly dial in on different parts of ourselves
because we aren’t really just the ego when we think we are we will experience
reality as if that’s the case if that’s the case we’ll think that if we think
that we need to work hard then we’ll think it’s all the ego instead of
knowing we can surrender some of that to our higher mind and when we start to
realize that we’re multi-dimensional things become even easier I did this
kind of subconsciously when I decided I wanted to dial in and I in a way it was
like very it was a very spiritual thing for me when I was walking around my
house back in 2017 and and knowing that I wasn’t where I wanted to be I was
working a nine-to-five job I wasn’t passionate about and in February of 2017
then I had this epiphany I almost felt like was my future version of me that
was communicating with me in a way I was there and I was like I had this download
a knowingness said if you make videos every day for a year your life will
change giraffe’s you wouldn’t even be able to it’ll be a completely different
life you will live you’d be living your dream in a way you can’t even imagine
within one year so I said okay I’m gonna make a video every single day for a year
no matter what and in a way I felt like that was the future version of me that
was relaying that information to me let me ask you a question what if the
perfect version of you you doing exactly what you want to be doing in the kind of
relationships you want to be in travelling the world whatever it is what
did that version of you already exists and not only what if that version of you
already exist well what if in meditation you
could connect to that version of you and you could download that vibrational
signature you could download the thoughts emotions and actions of that
version of you and what if you align your inner reality to the inner reality
of that future version of you and that by doing so you then begin to experience
that as your reality what if that future version of you is trying to project
itself back to you to help you along the process you see many times when people
look at past slide future life connections they think Here I am right
now I’m connecting to a part of my past this is who I was in a past life when in
actuality that past life exists right now it’s in a parallel it’s a parallel
life not a past life and because it’s parallel you can connect to it and that
version of you that’s connected to your same Oversoul is also connecting to you
to draw back information from you see it’s a different way of relating to it
but then what this helps us to do is realizing that doesn’t have to be a
completely separate incarnation it could be a future version of you trying to
reach itself back to you have you seen the movie interstellar interstellar is a
Christopher Nolan movie and Matthew McConaughey’s and at the end of it
spoiler but at the end of it he’s in the fifth dimension what they call the fifth
dimension and he’s travelling looking at different parallel realities through
this this type of tunnel bookshelf type unit structure and I think that’s a
metaphor but I think in a similar way he was the one that was sending he was the
there was something where he was sent a message where books fell off the shelf
and all these things happen and he thought it was then it was someone else
that was doing it at the end of the movie he finds out it was himself in the
future connecting back with him you know a lot of these movies that do really
well they resonate with us at a deep level not just cause it’s a cool idea
because at a metaphoric level that could be something that happens for us so a
multi-dimensional manifestation I’m gonna
share with you a formula something that you can do that can change your life and
it has to do with understanding who you are at your core and understanding that
you’ve just been living your whole entire life believing that you are this
3d avatar physical structure and because you spent your whole life believing that
this is who you are a lot of you creating and manifesting from a
multi-dimensional perspective has to do with you letting go of this ego that’s
keeping you with the same problems in the same circumstances over and over and
over and over again the reason it’s so hard to change is because you try to
change something that’s locked in your identity you see with multi-dimensional
manifestation though you detach from that identity if somebody tells himself
a story that I’ve been a smoker for ten years and it’s so hard this smoke and I
knew somebody else I remember my mom was telling me one time she knew someone
else that was that tried that quit smoking cigarettes and then something
like they had died or something like that when they quit smoking cigarettes
it was like the quit smoking cigarettes and they went to a sauna and then I
forget it was some weird story but subconsciously that story may have also
been something it was like oh there must be very very hard to quit smoking
cigarettes there’s a fear behind it because that story that someone else
hold her you see now here’s the thing the stories we have are running our life
especially from the egoic perspective now what happens is our stories are
intertwined with our identities we say this is who I am this is the way reality
works and the key to us really getting into the reality we want is letting go
of the story of the past so for example someone tells himself the story I’ve
smoked for 10 15 years it’s hard for them to change because they’re trying to
change an old identity part of their identities they are a smoker but see
multi-dimensional manifestation is you can let go of the identity by just
realizing that was one probable passed under you new identity of who you choose
to be you’re a new version of you every moment we are constantly shifting and
you could say that your past is who you choose to be your past isn’t
the same pass of the same story you are different because you choose to be the
version of you now that you choose to be and therefore you have a different past
so you never did smoke that was a different identity because every moment
you are shifting to a new version of you new version of you new version of you
right now right now right now right now what story are you telling yourself
what’s why are you telling yourself what’s why are you telling yourself
every moment is a fresh moment but you see we have this identity of this memory
of who we think we are but what we can learn to do is to observe that and then
what we can do is we can be and declare a new version of us right now with a new
story or no story you can become not thing when you are not attached to
anything you become nothing and when you become nothing you can then be
everything or anything see this is the key we normally are trying to change
from the level of the ego if I trying to change from the level of the ego we are
saying that we’re not whole and complete already there’s something wrong with us
there’s something wrong with us and therefore there’s resistance created the
key is detaching from that identity detaching from the belief that there is
something wrong and getting into being get into a state of emptiness
so the Buddha called emptiness and emptiness is not some sorrow filled
place emptiness is when you feel it’s like when Bruce Lee says be like water
when you’re like water your flexible your malleable and things become very
much like they Bend for you so the key to this is not to become a better
identity even if you imagine the future version of you that’s like living this
boss lifestyle instead of just looking at that or you say I’m gonna become this
box that’s still another ego but still filling yourself up multi-dimensional
manifestation is the awareness that everything you see around you is
different rates of vibration it’s only solid because of the belief we have of
its solidity over 99.99% of it is empty and because of that we can start to see
reality more as a flexible type thing when reality becomes flexible guess what
things can Bend for you in a very powerful way when you become more
flexible you’re not so tied onto the ego the ego is necessity to be right the
Eagle gets a payoff for being right – it gets an emotional adrenaline high
because the journalize is yes I am right you are wrong you should not have
treated me that way I am angry about it it gets an emotional high but you see
the ego is what keeps you locked into the current reality that you’re in and
if you want to experience a new reality the key is to become nothing
because becoming no thing no thing no identity by becoming empty but you
becoming present to the moment you can then become anything and everything you
see I realized for a long time I was teaching and trying to help people to
acquire a new identity become a better self-image a better version of you
which can be powerful if you think that you’re a victim or you’re not very
powerful or people always have power over you and you change yourself image
to being powerful and then knowing that you can choose things in your life
that’s a powerful new self-image but what I am trying to show you now is this
multi-dimensional aspect of you you are a divine being in spirit right now
dreaming that you are this eagle body but we forget this when we’re born and
then we do everything we can to make this eagle better to make this ego
structure a little bit more appealing to other people so that other people may
accept this so that we can feel more comfortable with ourselves to give
ourselves more permission to be the way that we prefer to be but you see here’s
the key it’s more about being and understanding that you are a divine
being connected to Source Energy now let me share with you a very
powerful formula that you can apply for multi-dimensional manifestation because
multi-dimensional means that you exist at
different levels at the same time right now and when you realize that you’re
more than this physical body you then don’t identify as much with the physical
body and a lot of you experiencing what you want will have to do with you
shifting and letting go of your past identity and the things that you
identified with and it felt attached to in the past now the formula that I want
to share with you think about this when your focus is on form things are heavy
when you focus on matter you create more matter matter is heaviness most people
are trying to change their matter they’re trying to change their form
therefore it’s very hard because you’re trying to change something that’s very
heavy now wouldn’t you get into meditation what you can begin to do is
you can get to understanding that you can close your eyes and realize that you
are energy you are energy beyond your body when you put the awareness beyond
your body you start to become energy when you become energy from your focus
you become no thing when you’re not no thing attached to any identity you can
become anything and everything so the key to multi-dimensional manifestation
is taking the awareness away from the physical away from the identity away
from the solidity and into the energy which is could be called the quantum
field could be called zero-point energy whatever you want to call it and in
meditation know that you and your energy this is true as well your energy goes
far beyond that of your body it’s not so much that your spirit is inside of your
body it’s more so that your body is inside of your spirit think about that
for a minute it’s just that your body is the slowest vibrational form of your
energy field so if you want to change anything in your reality
first off change your energy field and the way you change your energy field is
you stop identifying so much with the solidity the form and reacting to
everything in life and the more that you’re playing out the identity you
currently have is the more that they will continue to play out like that
here’s what you do is you get into a meditative state and what you can do is
you can take a couple of deep breaths in deep breaths out and we can do this
right now take in a deep breath in deep breath out with me and we’re going to go
through the situating to manifest from this higher point of view this more
expanded point of view you’ll tap into this feeling right now with an
activation so set the intention right now that you experience this activation
and that everyone else listening to it experience this activation as well a
setting an intention like that is extremely powerful because all of those
intentions add up they compound on top of each other it’s like the mastermind
principle with the Napoleon Hill imagine every single person watching this video
sets the intention that we tap into this highest vibrational energy and start to
create from this new template the zero-point energy now let’s take a deep
breath in deep breath out right now and feel our body relaxed let’s take a deep
breath in breathe it out feel your body relaxed more and more and then go ahead
and close your eyes if you like if you can if it’s safe I’ve taken another deep
breath in and a deep breath out breathe it out
feel your body relax more and more now realize that with every breath you take
you will feel your body relaxed you will feel yourself become more present to the
moment knowing that you are about to expand your energy beyond the awareness
of where you were before and what and what you thought you were before now
realize that up until this point in your life you thought you were only this ego
structure you thought that you were the result of your past you were what other
people thought she were you were only capable of what people thought you could
do any of these beliefs you start to see them for what they are simply beliefs and become aware now and put your energy
within your body put the awareness in your feet put the awareness in your
hands but the awareness in your heart and feel the energy in your body the
more you put your energy inside of your body
the more you feel this energy begin to raise put the energy in your hearts now
and feel the energy increase inside of your heart center now you are more
present to the moment then you were a few minutes ago now put your awareness
beyond your body but your awareness on your energetic field the space beyond
your skin understand that you have an energetic field that goes far far beyond
what you can imagine imagine now that your energy begins to expand more and
more now imagine that as your energy begins to expand
you feel that now your body is within you you right now have your body inside
of you of inside your energetic field and you start to feel this spaciousness
you start to feel how free you are feel how free you are now realize that
everything you identify with in your life everything you thought you were is
it really who you are you are so much more than that you are an infinite
spiritual being and you are who you choose to be right now
you realize now that every moment is a new moment and you can choose to be who
you are right now right now you are who you choose to be every moment as a
freshening moment right now you can change the story you tell yourself right
now because every moment you are a new version of you right now now imagine
yourself expanding even further out to where now the whole entire world is
within your energy imagine you sitting here right now everything is within you
you are beyond the 3d you are beyond everything you identified with and
understand that right now in this empty space this emptiness this flexibility
you can be anything you want to be because you are attached to nothing this vibration right here of expansion
of realization is who you really are now set the intention right now
to know that the next time something happens in life you’re gonna be able to
observe it in a new way realizing that it’s just one perspective realizing that
you and remembering that you are eternal spiritual being knowing you can observe
this old identity and that from this point going forward you can remember that you are more than anything you can
imagine and because you can observe and not be so attached you can now be
anything you’ll find it easier to let go of what doesn’t serve you from this
point going forward you’re find it easier to let go of all negative habits
all negative attachments because you’ll see them for what they are just
something that you identified with at a certain point of your life and you kept
it and thought that that’s who you were but now you can let it go so I’m going
to count down now from three to one with every number I count you feel yourself
becoming more alert more present to the moment knowing that your life has
changed you are who you choose to be right now in this present moment 3 feel
the awareness now come more into your body fill it inside of your hands to
feel it inside of your feet now and one open up your eyes now knowing that you
are more than this 3d avatar body this ego and that because you will know that
now you don’t have to be so attached so reactive to it and because of that now
you are free to be anything and everything because the truth is you
our everything so with that being said I recommend you listen to this meditation
at least four or five times really wire in this idea this concept and then allow
yourself to know that from this point going forward your life has a new
dimension to it you’re aware of it at least so with that
being said I’ll see you on the next video peace
much love and Hammer stay


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    I will play this on a loop until it's really sunk in๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜ฎno more attachment to what is already there. TY Aaron!๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ™

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    Wow I never felt like that. For the first Iโ€™m expecriencing how to let go. How to be nothing, to be everything. I literally feel like a hovering feather right now. Thank you aaron this was the most effective meditaion on me.ย 

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    October 16, 2019 11:05 am

    Wow! Not going to lie my ego fought me on this but anytime that happens I know that I need to stick with it because there was nothing that you said that was wrong. It was on point! I am so happy I followed my heart and listened to the meditation and it was so powerful. I didn't realize how much I was identity with the old story about myself. When I finally surrendered, I started crying tears of relief becuase I see how much was identifying with separation and the separate self. Now I see that that isn't those stories and identies are not real. Thank you so much! This was the breakthrough I asked for.

  7. Jamii Briggs

    October 16, 2019 11:18 am

    Can the higher self see the ego? Because it is the lie how could it be aware but higher consciousness is aware of all because of their XP. So now I get it. My higher self is the audience member of my life…

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    I've learned that we are always in the moment where is no past and no future we cant go back or go ahead even tomorrow is in the now when we arrive I'm always in the now my past never happened I can change my past by not reliving it so let's say I had a bad past only if I relive it I remember myself as a great man I've learned from my past and changed my memories I'm staying focused every minute

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    This meditation really set a beautiful free intention for me as I was preparing for a gig tonight! I tuned into an energy that was wrapping the universe up in an angelic healing loving melody. And then it became a blue light and went into my body. I feel changed for the better thanks Aaron

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    Thank you again listening for the 4th time I am now able to clearly see a visual that helps me put it into perspective: a 2 plate scale. I am seeing my higher my truest self in one. The ego which ever transforms into the current 3d thing that triggered my ego as long as ego is present in the other. Increasing the size and weight to be bigger on the scale permeates resonance of raising my vibration. My dimension. The ego inflates the other side of that scale which only seems to be shrinking the higher self. The higher self of us can only be inflated never deflates which is pretty cool to think about

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    What if we were taught to put ourselves in cold situations call it *hard work the key to success*.
    Mold ourselves in a box (an ice box) and be rigid like an ice cube.
    Then from that cube formation, we force ourselves into glass bottles. We then see the world happening around us from that transparent bottle and then HOPE to come out, however:

    1. From the pain of trying to fit through that small mouth of the bottle as rigid ice, we get scraped, scratch and our edges break so we make sure that we don't go through that pain again to come out that bottle, we stay watching, waiting and hoping.

    2. We have a 'melt down' BUT convince ourselves that this environment is for us so we reshape ourselves to that glass bottle and tell ourselves the story that this is who we now are.

    What if through meditation ๐Ÿง˜๐Ÿฝโ€โ™‚๏ธ we can always remain a fluid state, moving from one shape to another.
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    Within the very first day people I didn't know engaged conversations with me on the street, smiled at me.
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    October 16, 2019 7:27 pm

    Thanks so much for the awesome video Aaron ๐Ÿ”ฅ This will definitely help me improve my Mindset, and Manifest way faster!! Keep it up! ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ™Œ

  38. Sara Sasic

    October 16, 2019 8:37 pm

    I listened to this last night before sleep and had the most beautiful dream EVER ๐Ÿงš๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿงš๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿงš๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ
    And now I just did it again and when I took my phone after, it was 22:22h ๐Ÿ˜

  39. Elizabeth Kayne

    October 16, 2019 10:07 pm

    I've watched hundreds of your videos and this one resonates with me so deeply. Also I wrote a song based on your starseed videos. How do I get it to you?โค๏ธโœŒ๏ธabout the smoking thing I've found that you really have to want to quit smoking to quit otherwise you create resistance and usually fail.

  40. Saskia Del Rey

    October 16, 2019 11:21 pm

    I love you because it's all true. Thank you for sharing. My soul understands everything and needed this reminder. California full moon made me crazy and anxious

  41. King Ariyan

    October 17, 2019 2:29 pm

    Is this what the author of attack on titan was trying to tell us!? He must watch your videos๐Ÿ˜‚ jokes aside this is some very deep and interesting stuff! Reminds me of the concept that time isnโ€™t linear, but happening all at once.

  42. Anonymous Person

    October 17, 2019 5:14 pm

    I don't know if you know but there is a YouTuber Teal Swan a woman who put up in her video saying as "fuck law of attraction" idk can you explain what does she mean ??? Just a question.


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