MY FIRST TIME MEDITATING (Does meditation really work?)


everyone’s all talking about mindfulness
this and meditation that but does this stuff actually work well in this video
I’m gonna talk to you about my first time meditating so make sure that you
stay tuned what’s up everybody this is Chris from the rewired soul where we
talk about the problem but focus on the solution and yeah in this video I’m
gonna talk to you about the first time I tried meditating and I’m gonna explain
how it can help you if you just give this thing a try
and don’t worry don’t worry I already know what you’re thinking yeah Chris
that’s cool for you but I can’t stop my brain from thinking well let me stop you
right there because I actually already called this in a video which is
perfectly titled why you’re wrong about meditation it’s linked right up there in
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it alright so let’s get started how did I even hear about mindfulness so
sometimes I don’t like to admit it but like I was a huge huge fan of BuzzFeed I
don’t really watch it check it out anymore but anyways so like
I remember just seeing like articles one after another after another just like
how mindfulness can help you at work how mindfulness is gonna help you with your
kids how mindfulness can help you in your relationship now mindfulness can
help you in the bedroom and I’m like what the hell is this mindfulness thing
people keep talking about and I wanted to find out so I was about to go on a
business trip and this is before I actually started reading a few years ago
I was like you know what if mindfulness can help with so many things I wonder if
it can help out with addiction of recovery I work at a rehab I teach other
people about staying clean it’s over let’s see if they have something on that
so I go down to my local bookstore and boom there it is and I found this book
called the mindful path to addiction recovery and by the way amazing amazing
book if you are somebody in recovery like go check this book out I will link
it in the description below again if you’re somebody in recovery there is a
program called Refuge recovery I also suggest you check that out but I will do
some more videos about that program alright so anyways I’m on my business
trip I’m in California I’m in my hotel room and I cracked this book open and
the doctor who wrote this book he actually knows a lot about addiction and
he knows a lot about meditation so I’m reading it and like some of this stuff
is starting to make sense okay like he’s relating it to a lot of the struggles
that people who are recovering addicts deal with and their triggers and things
like that and they explain it’s kind of how mindfulness can help with it so as
I’m reading the book I get to a part where it’s like alright let’s try this
thing I’m like oh cool so the first meditation I read in this book was a
body scan meditation alright so after reading all of these instructions it was
like two pages and by the way if we’re gonna do a body scan meditation do not
read the meditation just download a free app and do a body scan because it was
difficult but that may actually be why what happened actually happened so I lay
down I get comfy on my hotel bed close my eyes and I’m really trying to
remember these instructions and they were simple enough like bring my
attention down to my feet notice my feet bring that attention up to my ankles and
my calves and my knees and then my thighs and up to my stomach and my back
and my chest and my shoulders and my arms and up to my head and like when I
when I was done and I opened my eyes I was like what the heck like clicked it
just clicked for me like the one thing the one thing that I’ve been trying to
do most of my life is to turn this thing off it’s one of the reasons why I got so
deep into drugs and alcohol because I thought that that was the only way to
turn this thing off right and I just noticed that after I opened my eyes
after doing this body scan meditation I was like that entire time I wasn’t
trapped in my head and maybe because I was focusing so hard on the instructions
paying attention and trying to remember what the instructions told me to do like
whatever it was thing was not controlling my life for
even five minutes and I’m like I just saw the potential I saw the potential
and I got really excited so as I continue to read this book because it
explained that there’s a big difference between mindfulness and meditation okay
I’ll do some more videos on that too but anyways there was something called
mindful walking so as soon as I got to that part in the book of Mike alright
let’s see what this is about so I go downstairs of the hotel I want I
go outside and I just start walking I just start walking slowly and paying
attention not paying attention to how my feet feel on the ground how my ankles
are moving and pivoting how my legs are moving I start to notice what the
weather feels like hitting against my skin and once I was done I just came out
of it again I’m like oh my god like again two for two two for two I wasn’t
stuck in this thing again I’m like alright I’m so different experience and
a lot of people do but the reason being is I was given instructions and it was
explained to me so the biggest excuse I hear is I can’t stop thinking and none
of it is about stopping your thoughts it’s just about bringing awareness to
whatever you have awareness about whether it’s the way your body’s moving
or different sensations you have or you’re just bringing awareness to the
fact that your brains going a million miles a minute that’s all it is and like
I just noticed this sense of calm and I’m like I’m definitely gonna start
trying this more and more often right so I got hyped up I jumped right on to the
mindfulness train and I was in California a few months later and I ran
into like a second or third cousin right and we were just catching up we hadn’t
seen each other since we were kids she’s asking me what I do and I’m like yeah
work at a rehab center and she tells me she works for this place called mindful
schools up in the San Francisco area and that’s when we just started talking like
crazy I’m like yo I’ve been trying this mindfulness thing and it works and she’s
right and we get all excited and stuff and she she tells me what mindful
schools is about and she tells me about some courses that they teach and she got
me into one of their courses it’s like an introduction your mindfulness course
I’m like sign me up right but anyways um mindful schools it’s it’s something that
a lot of schools are starting to do you’ve probably seen articles pop up or
little short videos on Facebook where they’re talking about how they’re
replacing the tension with meditation and things like that so mindful schools
is a company that teaches teachers how to teach meditation right but the first
thing you have to do in order to teach meditation is to understand what
mindfulness and meditation is all about so I went through their introduction to
mindfulness course and my favorite instructor my favorite instructor on
there was this guy named Matt and like whenever he would talk whenever we would
talk about his experience and how he found meditation like I just clicked
with that dude like a quote that I will never forget that this guy said was when
I was a kid nobody told me how intense these emotions would actually be and I’m
like yes yes like nobody gave me a warning nobody like like when you come
out of the womb and you’re a cowboy you’re like here’s math here’s how to
read here’s your colors but nobody’s like yo
you’re gonna get intense intense feelings of sadness and fear and all
these other things nobody told me that so that’s one of the reasons I find
mindful schools like extremely extremely beneficial tool you know the world like
teaching kids like I know that I would have developed a lot better had I been
taught this at a child as a child um but but yeah so I just went through
their um their course and like they they knew how to appeal to a guy like me they
had a lot of scientific evidence behind it and a bunch of different studies and
things like that but anyways then I went through some of their other courses and
actually got a curriculum and I’ve been teaching my son meditation since he was
about six years old and let me tell you like first and foremost
this is not a disciplinary tool and it’s explained very thoroughly and something
that bums me out is I know some parents who I’ve explained mindfulness to and
they they’re they’re starting to use it as kind of like a punishment for their
kids and that’s the exact opposite what of what we’re supposed to do supposed to
be proactive about meditation okay anyways I’ve seen these drastic changes
in my son and for any of you who are thinking about meditating if you have
kids this is a great way to do it a great way to do it because it keeps you
accountable because you’re trying to help them – so me and my son will sit
down and we’ll just meditate for a few minutes we have little apps that we use
a ton of free ones out there I’ll link to another video about three of my
favorite free meditation apps but anyways like I am edit eight I meditate
for maybe five minutes at a time and depending on how my days go because I’m
always go go go go go sometimes I do like three five minutes
it’s sometimes I only do one and I’ll be honest with you there’s days when I
can’t do a more formal meditation but the overall goal of mindfulness is is
not to do all these formal practices but to have small instances of mindfulness
more times throughout the day so if I know that I’m not gonna have even five
minutes to sit down and just formally meditate I’ll be driving and I’ll just
try to be very mindful while I’m driving right oh I’m having a conversation I try
to be very mindful in that conversation you know what I’m saying so like I
cannot stress this enough some of you have seen me mentioned mindfulness and
meditation in my other videos and you’ve said that you can’t do it or you asked
me more about it and I really need to do more videos on it so this is my first
one I just kind of want to share with you guys about my first experience
meditating but yeah I would love to hear from all of you have you tried it what
are the issues or struggles that you’ve run into because I can’t stress enough
in order to do this practice you need someone to teach you the same way as if
I just handed you a piano and you don’t know how to play it like you’re not
gonna be able to just figure it out on your own
most likely unless you like one of those like super ultra talented
born with musical skills type people but anyways put your questions down below so
I know what to make future videos on okay but again like I said if you know
anybody who is stressed depressed or has emotions that fly all over the place
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mindful and I’ll see you next time


7 Responses

  1. Harmony Within

    April 10, 2018 7:42 pm

    Great video!! I'm thrilled that you are going down a mindful path and sharing as you go. When I first took a meditation class (20 yrs ago, yikes time flies!), I was so wound up it was excruciatingly painful mentally to sit still and not be DOING. I would sit there with fantasies going through my mind of getting up and running out of the room screaming. It was quite a long time before I actually started to feel more peaceful while meditating. Over the years I've been playing with various ways of helping others get over that hump of resistance to quiet and stillness, and I find sometimes that starting with mindful physical movement before going into total stillness can be helpful. It's so cool that you were able to resonate with these practices right away, and the suggestion about keeping yourself accountable by teaching your kids is brilliant.

  2. Ryan Liberty / Mental Health

    April 11, 2018 6:53 am

    I love doing a body scan. I was skeptical about meditation too when I first tried it years ago. It took me longer than it did for you – I had to stick with it for a month. But it changed everything for me.

  3. Firmbie

    April 11, 2018 11:03 am

    stressed,mind all over the place? i know anyone..umm..yea…me.
    So any (simple) tools that will help resetting the feeling of feeling over wealmed would be terrific.
    keep up the great work mate.
    p.s.Hi from all your Australian fans.

  4. SabiLewSounds

    November 20, 2018 5:08 am

    My issue is I am usually really aware of my body because it is constantly in pain… Not sure if that makes sense. The few times I have worked with Apps that lead you through mindfulness I run into this issue. Just as you were explaining what the process is like I was thinking of how I am aware of these parts of my body and I mostly notice which ones aren't hurting. LOL Any suggestions?


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