My “Secret Weapon” for Happiness & Calm


Hi, I’m organizing and lifestyle expert Lorie
Marrero. I’m coming to you from my comfortable favorite
chair. This is a love sack and I just sink into it
and get all comfy. This is where I sit to do my important reading
and I also sit here when I practice my secret weapon tool of choice for reducing my stress
and for remaining calm under pressure and staying really happy. People always ask me how I do all of that. This is the secret. It is meditation. Now before you click away and you think meditation
is not for you, believe me, I used to think that too. I had a picture in my head of this person
right here, that you see on the screen, which is someone who’s burning incense and they’re
sitting this very special way and you have to be a hippie or you have to believe this
kind of religion or some spiritual belief to do meditation. None of those things are true. What we know now about meditation is that
it is a scientific practice that is literally training your brain. Think about when do we ever train our brain? We work out with weights for our body. We run and we eat right and we do all kinds
of other training for other things we do in our life, but our brains we don’t pay attention
to. However, our brain is running the whole show. So what I like about meditation is this. When I’m going through the day I have various
stimuli that are happening to me. Something happens in my business, or the phone
rings, or someone asks me a question, or the doorbell rings, whatever those different stimuli
are, I in the past just like everyone else would react to that like a reflex, like if
you hit your knee and it kicks, right? Just a reflex, something that you don’t think
about. You might actually get angry. You might say something you regret. What if you had practice in pausing a moment
before you respond? What if you respond versus react? When you mediate you learn that you are the
observer of your thoughts and you do have the choice of which thoughts you’re going
to have. This is a wonderful practice. And if you don’t believe me about the science
just google science on meditation and you’re going to find a lot of studies about stress
reduction, anxiety reduction, immune system response. There’s a lot of actual body benefits, not
just mind benefits. I would encourage you to look that up. But I want to give you a few resources to
make this easier for you. You do have time. It doesn’t take any more than 5 minutes, 7
minutes, 12 minutes. Sometimes I practice for 20 most often. But it just takes very few minutes to exercise
this muscle and work on this to improve your response during the day. There’s an app called Headspace that you can
get on your phone. That’s how I got started. I really like Headspace. The meditation narrator is called Andy and
he’s very pleasant to listen to. There’s another app called Insight Timer that
a lot of people enjoy. I practiced with those until I developed the
habit. Once I did that I rewarded myself with this
really cool gadget that’s called the Muse. You do not need one of these to meditate. In fact, you don’t even need an app. You can meditate anytime anywhere by yourself
and you don’t have to do it any special way. You’re not doing it wrong. But if you have one of these it’s pretty cool. This is sort of like a heart rate monitor
for your brain. You put it on and you have it across your
forehead here, and you can see on the screen here the kind of readout that you get for
your brain waves. It lets you know when your brain is in calm
state, neutral state, or active state, and you get auditory feedback in your headphones
so that you know what state your brain is in and you can listen and immediately change
it and you start to learn how to adjust your pattern so that you get to be in calm state
more percentage of the time. It’s a really great tool. You don’t have to have it but it sure is a
lot of fun. I would love to hear in the comments if you’ve
tried meditation, what you find challenging about it, what kind of myths you have dispelled
about that personally, and how it’s helped you in your life. I love it. I’m sure you can tell I’m very enthusiastic
about that. Let me know what you think and I will see
you next time. May you always be happy and grateful for having
more than enough.


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  1. Let go

    February 3, 2017 12:28 am

    Yes meditation is incredible if you practice and yes you don't necessarily need to have any gadgets. Try purposeful meditation it works 100%, it is amazing and mind blowing if you do it right. Good luck!

  2. sewgatormomm

    February 3, 2017 3:18 am

    Yes! As an RN working with chronic pain patients, this is one of the first things we would tell them… that meditation would help create new neural pathways and help deal with anxiety/depression/chronic pain (they are interrelated). The book 10% Happier by the ABC news anchor Dan Harris is a great book about his journey with meditation. It has plenty of humor as well.

  3. M2brSaA

    February 3, 2017 4:33 am

    Thanks for sharing! I think I've instinctively meditated for much of my life. I believe happiness and calmness is a choice. Before bed I take some quiet time to calm any negative worries, thoughts, or issues I may have.
    I'm definitely going to check out the apps you recommended. Thanks☺️✨

  4. Treasa Gavin

    February 3, 2017 9:54 am

    hi Thank you Lorie for sharing your intro to medn. … so clearly all the benefits … can u add link for details on ur Love Chair ..plz ?

  5. MOM OF 4

    February 3, 2017 12:18 pm

    meditation is a everyday must for me. my video that I will be uploading in a couple of days will be talking about meditation too.

  6. Judith Wallace

    February 3, 2017 5:24 pm

    Thank you! I have been studying meditation for more than 20 years. One of the practices I have developed is to have a small, quiet meditation room in my home. I really enjoy closing the door and clearing / decluttering my thoughts.

  7. Tippy Toes

    February 3, 2017 11:24 pm

    Audio Dharma is a great website for meditation of all kinds, emotional, physical, body scans, relaxations,  etc.   Just google Audio Dharma and when you go into the home page a large selection of topics are on the left side.  The "Pain" topic has a series of meditations for overcoming physical pain and I'm telling you, it does work to take the edge off of intense pain.  Also, the emotional guided meditations are great, too.  It teaches you to overcome strong emotions by noticing the body and relaxing the body.  The talks on emotions, thoughts, and all are even calming and reassuring even without the meditation.  If you have favorite speakers, sometimes you can also find their talks at other websites, such as Dharma Seed and Against the Stream.  Some of them are here on YouTube but very limited..

  8. Michelle Sunshinestar

    February 17, 2017 12:22 am

    I like guided meditation.  The Muse thing sounds interesting though.  You can get guided meditation on YouTube.

  9. Just Me

    February 18, 2017 12:08 am

    I really like that, respond instead of react also The Muse.  Didn't know about it before this video.  Very good info~ Thanks so much!

  10. hieuwey

    March 17, 2017 8:17 pm

    I meditate daily for about 45-60 minutes before work. I've been practicing this for the past 4 months and its been Amazing. I combine it with stretching and massage, so you can imagine how relaxed I get after my session. I have been offering this to my friends and they too have made great progress in their lives!! I love helping people and showing them how to improve their lives.

  11. Barbara Faison

    March 19, 2017 4:47 am

    Lorie, I am so excited that you posted this your meditation practice. I've been meditating over 12 years and love to hear people share their experiences about meditating. If you haven't checked out (they have awesome apps and podcasts), Kelly Howell, Davidji and also have a few short meditations on my channel, Barbara Faison. It is so important to train your brain and meditation is one way to start that practice. Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. Diana Westrup

    May 7, 2018 1:40 pm

    Thanks so much, Lorie! I personally enjoy the sound of crystal Tibetan bowls, which produce pure notes. There are many videos on youtube to make your own choice.

  13. MoiNokaOi

    March 16, 2019 11:01 pm

    Past 3 months I was under unbearable stress from losing my job due to a few minor mistakes that my boss was all too glad to use against me adding many fabrications 😟 my final resignation didn't happen until this month, .
    So , the stress was greater than I had ever experienced. I found an app from Abide that I started listening to at night with ear plugs. Still trying to find my feet (I joined a gym last week and that is helping, as well as doing a lot of yard work) I'll check out your suggestions also.


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