NeuroHarmonic Meditation Music: Secret Meditation Techniques

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NeuroHarmonic Meditation Music Programs are
made of both a spoken layer and a sound layer The sound layer contains specially chosen
frequencies and music. The earth year frequency was discovered by
mathematician hans cousto, and is used as a the master pitch or key for binaural beats
on track 1 of each program, and for an isochronic tone on track 2 of each program. Each of these
will be covered in detail on another video. Then the music is added. This music is precisely
tuned using the ancient pythagorean tuning system, and the rhythms are calculated for
theta brainwave entrainment. This makes the music extremely pleasant to our brains. Over top of the sound layer is the spoken
layer, consisting of three sections. relaxation- the first 8 minutes is spent slowly,
gently easing you into deeper and deeper relaxation using a number of safe, but very effective
and powerful techniques. At this point you will be in a deeply relaxed
theta state, and the guided meditation begins. The guided imagery was also composed in a
meditative state. Familiar, gentle, peaceful images allow you to paint a landscape in your
mind. reawakening- the last 3 minutes of the recordings
are used to slowly bring you back to a normal waking Beta state. If you have ever been jarred
out of a meditation by an abrupt ending on a recording, you will understand why we did
this. Each of these methods are effective for reaching
a meditative state… but together they work in harmony to produce a synergetic effect. NeuroHarmonic Meditation Music programs are
available at


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