NEW COURSE AVAILABLE: Mindfulness for Anxiety and Sleep – with Tara Brach

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So there’s all this written on how to handle anxiety; and if you Google on it you’ll find,
within one or two taps, you’ll be at meditation. And yet, it’s very thin, what you’ll get;
because many people find they’re assigned meditation by somebody and they are just way
too… like, the very times they need it – probably a lot of you can relate to this – we are way
too antsy or restless to, “Aaaaahhh,” you know. We’re the opposite of meditative. So one challenge is that meditation doesn’t
match the mood, it’s hard to even start. Another challenge is that sometimes when we’re
in the grip of anxiety, unless you’re really skillful in knowing what kind of meditation,
meditation can actually amp it up. Mindfulness – if you’re mindful of your
anxiety, it can make anxiety get stronger; so how do you work with that? For some people, meditation’s a little escape-like. It does kind of calm down the nervous system,
but then as soon as they’re back in the world of triggers – like going online – it’s
up again. So the real inquiry is: How can these practices
and teachings really transform our experience of anxiety? How can we relate to it in a radically different
way, and actually have a shift in the whole sense of who we are – rather than being an
anxious person – to recognizing the awareness that’s here and that has room for the different
currents of anxiety that naturally go through any human body-mind? So that’s kind of the inquiry. And to even say it more clearly: The goal
is not to get rid of anxiety. The goal is – really, of meditation – is
to awaken our full potential which means to realize who we are beyond the anxious person. If you start getting a real taste of or glimmer
of the presence, and love, and tenderness and awakeness that’s this vast field of being-ness
that “who you are” – your real essence – then there is room for what is in this PTSD society, which is there’s a lot of edginess and there is aggression and there is addiction
and stuff in the air but we can relate wisely.


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