New Moon Meditation with Angels ✨💜🙏🏻😇


Greetings from Archangel Michael, Uriel, Gabriel
and Raphael – Indeed, we connect with you now on the horizontal plane with divine love,
healing frequency and divine light energy. As you relax, begin to tune into four great
pillars of light around you, anchoring the Archangelic energy into this present point
in time, creating a sacred space, a divine container for you to experience the love and
healing frequency. Indeed, we step forward with frequency, light
and blessings. And as you simply allow yourself to relax
and let go, you’re able to allow this divine transmission of light, healing and blessing
in, the specific frequency pattern, the specific divine soul tone, the harmonic resonance,
patterning and energy that will most serve you now in replenishing your energy, rejuvenating
your etheric energy form, the etheric body which is the bridge between your physical
form and the realms of spirit which we are able to infuse with warmth, light, color and
sound, to nurture and rejuvenate your physical body and indeed, to open your perception to
the realms of spirit, so you are able to receive direct from source, Christ light, all that
is, the love, blessings, inspiration, insight and wisdom available to you now, to guide,
support and uplift you as you embark on this new beginning, this new timeline, new possibility
of living in harmony and perfect crystalline coherence with your highest divine light. And so, at this time, tune in above your head
to a golden orb of crystalline solar light, golden prana energy which has the ability
to cleanse, heal and transform, to realign you, re-harmonize you, recalibrate you, bring
you back into sync and oneness with the divine love of the infinite that is all around you
now. And as you relax and let go, let go of the
attachment and focus. Let go of the pain body just for now, the
part of you that worries. Let go. Just for now, let go of attachments to anyone
in your life. Let go of attachment to the collective consciousness. Let go of whatever else you have to do today,
whatever else is coming up, whatever else is on your radar. Let go of the mental body. Let go of thought. And tune in now to the warmth and feeling
of love glowing within at your very core, the core truth of you which when tuned into,
emerges to the surface, rises like a golden tide of light. The truth of you, your core of light raising
in vibration, rising to the surface, emerging and recalibrating you to receive the blessings
of divine light available to you in your life. Broadcast now through this great golden orb
above your head which lowers down through your upper energetic centers, paving the pathway
for your direct connection and communion with the higher dimensions and realms of spirit,
with the Archangels, with your Guardian Angel and your Guides, paving the pathway for your
expanded consciousness, embodiment of divine mind, brilliant higher light. And this orb of light continues down to rest
at the very top of your head, your crown chakra, your crown center like an Angelic halo just
above the top of your head, cleansing and purifying your crown center which empowers
you to open, to receive the blessings of divine light. Like a flower opening to the sun, let your
crown chakra open to receive the light transmission of illumination, healing and warmth, of blessing,
peace and love. Feel this light building and growing in your
crown center, illuminating your consciousness, revealing your direct link to the divine mind,
to Christ consciousness, to unity consciousness, to all that is. And yet, you are able to retain awareness
of yourself as an individual being, an individual expression of divine consciousness. And with this, the golden orb of light lowers
down from your crown, into the very center of your mind, your mind’s eye, cave of Christ
light, an inner opening within your mind that is filled and illuminated with the golden
light, clearing your thinking, rewiring your neural pathways, harmonizing your brain, your
consciousness, your mind with the divine I am, with true self-realization, with golden
prana Christ light. Allow this golden orb of light now to continue
to travel down the central column of your being, into your throat, clearing your personal
expression, your ability to clearly speak, listen and hear, opening up your capacities
for higher communication, empowering your every word, tone, to resonate with the truth
of your soul song, the truth of love. Your throat center is cleansed, purified and
blessed with this golden light which not only cleanses and elevates the vibration of this
center, it transforms, transmutes any incoherency, anything distorted, out of resonance, out
of alignment with the core blessings of your soul light and divine truth. Allow this golden orb of light to continue
to move down now through your thymus, your high heart and into your heart center, allowing
your heart to open to the golden light frequency of awakened solar love, allowing your heart
to be cleansed of worry and fear, allowing your heart to be cleansed of past pain or
wound, allowing your heart to come into sync and resonance with the soul tone of your highest
truth, to harmonize with the tone of the core source level song. Allow what has been buried deep to unlock
and be set free. Allow your inner child aspect, the inner child
part of you to step forward now, to as a child with childlike innocence, receive this transmission
of love at the level of your heart, the level of your core, received by your inner child
and integrated throughout your multidimensional being, the love which allows consciousness
to expand, the love which clears your etheric energy and field, empowering you to shine
brighter, vibrate truer, glow more radiantly. Your vibration raising, your energy recalibrated,
your divine healing aligned as you receive the love at the level of your inner child. Your heart light expands around you, so that
your entire being is encompassed with a golden light shield, the shield of love, peace and
truth which blocks out all distortion or negativity, which empowers you to be, to receive, to love
in alignment with the truth you are, in alignment with your core truth, divine I am. Relax and allow this golden orb of light to
continue to move down into your upper abdomen, your willpower center, empowering your will
to act upon inspiration, to act in alignment with your core truth, to act in alignment
with divine love. Your will center is cleansed and purified
with this golden orb of light. Feel empowered, feel recharged at the level
of your multidimensional being and at the level of your individuality now, recharging
your power to co-create positive change in your life, to manifest blessings on your highest
timeline of divine light and love. This golden orb of light expands outward from
your will center, bringing a warmth, confidence and power to your entire being, illuminating
your surroundings and perfectly balancing power with the force of your heart, the force
of love and with the clarity of your mind, the clarity of knowing, inspiration and intention. At this time, allow the golden light to continue
to move down, down into your sacral center, your reproductive organs, your groin, purifying
this creative center, this seat of your soul, empowering your highest soul light, your truest
divine embodiment to anchor down, to anchor in, to embody through your etheric energy,
through your physical being, through your sacral space now. Allow this golden light to move down to your
base, your root chakra, the bottom of your tailbone, your perineum, blessing this center
of survival, security and clarity with golden solar light. Feel your energy ground to your root, stabilizing
the golden light and divine consciousness within your physical body, within your physical
form. Feel and know that you are safe, you are supported,
you are empowered to embody your highest light of love. Now, allow this golden light moving all the
way down through your being, down from your crown, through your mind, throat, heart, abdomen,
groin, base, down through your hips and legs down, through your knees, calves and ankles,
down through the bottom of your feet, grounding this golden light, grounding your Christ light,
your divine I am presence, your elevated consciousness into the physical, into your body, your etheric
energy and now, grounding it to the earth. Feel the orb of golden light move down, all
the way to the crystalline core of Gaia, Sofia, mother earth. Feel your harmony and oneness with the awakened
light of earth. Feel and receive the blessings of earth light
and know that grounding your energy in this way empowers you to lift even higher, to integrate
even more of your core truth, to shine even brighter. Feel your connection to the earth as you simultaneously
feel your core of light along your spine lighting up, shining bright, glowing from within, indeed,
shining light out around, so that you are positively radiant, positively glowing, grounded
to the earth and receiving from above, the golden waterfall of light, of cleansing, blessing,
harmony, healing, the sound, color, frequency and tone that will most serve in healing and
harmonizing your being, that will most serve according to divine will here and now. Your mind clear, your heart open, your willingness
allowing the highest love and highest divine possibilities that can be to anchor and shine
through you, grounding the blessings of love into your etheric energy, into your body,
into the earth, into this present moment, grounding you onto your highest timeline,
a new beginning now, a reset, a return to love, a miracle aligned, divine blessing fully
realized here and now, according to divine will, and so, it is… We love you and we bless you, and so, it is…


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  1. Moa Gustafsson

    September 28, 2019 7:56 pm

    That was such a powerful meditation! Thank You earth angel Melanie❤️ I could feel the sensations in my body as the orb connected to each of my chakra points. It was amazing! And difficult too, since I started to cry as it made its way down to my two lowest chakras🧡❤️ Where I know I have blockages.

  2. Mollie Skeen

    September 28, 2019 8:00 pm

    Thank you, Thank you Melanie.
    This is a wonderful meditation , I absolutely Love it!
    God Bless your Beautiful work.

  3. M Munoz

    September 28, 2019 9:53 pm

    That was beautiful thank you! Just finish it by the pool, and it felt amazing being in contact with the sun, the wind and my inner peace! 💕

  4. Shelley Loewen

    September 29, 2019 1:20 am

    Thank you, 🙏 so much for this awesome New Moon energy meditation. Speaking of Moons, Melodie. I unfortunately never received your free Full Moon ebook guide to help set intentions with the help of the moon. I put in my email and clicked the "yes, send it to me", but instead of a reply that the ebook guide was on its way to my email, it just directed me to an offer to purchase your Full Moon meditations. I planned on purchasing your meditations, but really wanted the Full Moon intentions ebook to go along with the meditations. Could you please give the correct link once again to your free offer of the Full Moon ebook and then I will want to purchase the Full Moon meditations to go along with it. Gratefully Yours, a dedicated follower. Blessings and love & light to you. 💓& 💡

  5. Jay Selden

    September 29, 2019 2:10 am

    Yes the energy i was in earlier was pretty thick & was having a hard time wrapping my mind around the distorted thoughts, the first 2 times i watched it as i said my mind i would not calm so it was hard for me to recieve the true message , all day felt alot of heaviness & pretty much slept alot the 3rd time was definitely a charm i went into the meditation ready to relax & recieve the message & it was amazing, i felt like i was able to breath deeper so when i was centered listening to your voice guiding to relax breath let go for now it all made sense and the energy was able to flow beautifuly, for now what i will say is Thank you>3

  6. Shawnee Spencer

    September 29, 2019 2:19 am

    This was AMAZING
    I Did this while sitting in my spiritual bath. Literally went to outer space THANK U MELANIE

  7. Veronica Martin

    September 29, 2019 3:04 am

    Thank you Melanie! I do a daily meditation that is very similar to this one! So glad your speaking on how important it is to form a connection to Mother Earth🌎🦋❤😘

  8. Joan Word

    September 29, 2019 12:12 pm

    I would like to buy some crystals can you give me a few tips on which five I can start with I am blocked financially, and have food addiction

  9. C C

    September 29, 2019 2:26 pm

    Was feeling very disrupted by Ascension Symptoms and the Equinox energy. I listened to this during the New Moon exact. I never expected this meditation to be such a blessing. All symptoms lifted and I've felt so clear since yesterday. So much love and blessings to you for giving this to us for free. 🙏🙏❤️

  10. david orlan

    September 29, 2019 2:51 pm

    wow i'm so greatful to you!💛
    i't's such an amazing healing, and as you said, i feel it's a new begining.🧡
    i wish you and all of us living beings much much love from my heart.💙
    let there be peace💚
    om shanti shanti shanti🙏

  11. Kevin Rupp

    September 29, 2019 7:28 pm

    Hi Melanie just wanted to to explain something in Tex about a month ago I just came to a point where I decided to live my life like I did before all this started so I get a message from you and to me I did something that some people my have taken the wrong way just living my life I'm not trying to get people mad I put my ear plugs on yesterday on my way to a wedding and listened to music my wife was listening to her music on the car radio I also tried to do something I read and acted out a situation like I read in a book yes they said pretend so I did first time I did ok what I read said to do this several times I let people know about a month ago that I was going to live my life like I did I'm just doing what I would normally do this is the last time I want to try to explain my shelf I'm just being me yes at times I get frustrated but I'm not playing music are doing things to try to make people mad I just want to live a normal life so I no longer pay attention to what's going on around me at times I feel like I need to explain I don't want to do that anymore what I do in a hotel room are on a dance floor are what ever I do is not ment for other people so I don't know what are if I offend anyone this was a problem before but I no longer think that way is people taking every word are everything I do and picking something out I said are anything I do to say nevitive about me I don't know but it's so hard to do anything I think that is right are try to Tex,,say,are act but I try maybe to hard at times to Tex something that would make them happy yes at times I get discuroge do and Tex something but don't hit send,,, I'm just being me this is extremely hard for me I Don't in anyway want to make anyone think I'm doing anything to make them mad ok Im being watched and listened to 24hrs a day I just want to be me and some will take anything and turn it around that's just how it is so I'm not doing anything at least not trying to act like that this is hard not sure if people understand I want to live my life peaceful as I possibly can if people want to turn this into something nevitive that's there doing not mine all I want is to be a peaceful,caring,loving person like I was before all this started I'm a human I make misteks if someone video recorded and taped every thing I do 24hrs a day they can turn what they wanted into a negative this been going on over 4yrs now so let me say I don't want anyone to be mad I don't but it seems like that's what they want I could be wrong I just want people to try to understand what I do like play my music is for me only I'm living my life and want to bring good to this situation I always liked to volunteer to help people I really like doing that I like to listen to music on my phone I do this for me not for other people I just think that there's a good chance that we all can make this a special situation and help out a lot of young,,old, anyone that can use the help,,A Chatty,anything good that can help that's what this was supposed to be can't people understand that we all have a great opportunity to make this something special why does this keep going on why please everyone reading this that knows the situation let's bring good to this you can never go wrong with doing good for someone never so please let's all of us bring peace and good to this it's easy please let's all make this a really good thing that's all we want so please we can all do this bring good ,,I just trying to live my life as normal as. I can ok let's all biring this to a end with a positive and help people make this a very special loving,, caring,, good ending please PESCE ,,LOVING,, CARING,, ending you can't go wrong when we all do this ,. So I pick the good in this I hope pray other people do the same why pick any other way lots of love ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Vickie F. Brown

    September 30, 2019 4:52 am

    Thank you Melanie, so very much for this and the angels too! How refreshing and wonderful that felt! Perfect timing for me, it felt. I love you and blessing to you and all❣️💖🙌🙏✨✨✨✨✨💫💫💫🌟

  13. Natasha Powers

    September 30, 2019 9:51 am

    Wow!!!! Just wow!! ❤💗💞💕 I have been following you a few years now I think, and meditations have always been amazing. Recently, though, I was further opened and I had a huge wave of ascension I guess you could call it. I have had some amazingly profound meditations and this was the first channeled meditation I did with you since my leap. It was just on a whole other level! 👼 Just wow!!! I am so excited to experience your meditations and guidance going forward on this even deeper level. Thank you so much for all you do! You have done so much for me in my life, I can't even begin to explain or thank you enough. I love you! 🙏

  14. Renée Guenette

    October 1, 2019 7:16 pm

    Thank you Angel, Melanie Becker. Your voice, your transmission and your work is divine. I cannot thank you enough for this meditation. <3 Blessings to your and yours.


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